11 thoughts on “Event in August

  1. Lomeo has a b’day coming up… could have a ‘lads night out’.?

    Only thing is, I kinda know what ‘lads’ he likes a night out with

  2. I’m a reformed LL I swear !! Good to be back in town. On the lam “waiting for a cheque” to come thru – there are worse places to be in life..

    Hope to catch up with a few of you if you’re around. Will pen a few pieces for the blog while on sabbatical.

  3. Like the new site, my prefered colour scheme… May pop over to the mango tonight if you kids are gonna be around. Cheers.

  4. Ah… Mr Bond, we’ve been expecting you…..

    Please hang-fire for the post titled ‘September/October’ event.

    Before the ‘November to Remember’, I am sure we an ‘October to Getover’.

    Another soi cowboy challenge is in the planning stage… details to follow at a later date.

  5. September/October? I arrive 13 September for two weeks, would be sure to swing back through BKK if something was happening at the Big Mango in those two weeks. Otherwise I will just take my chances by dropping in for drinks in the early evening.


  6. I’m there a week later and stay through to Oct 15th – ditto – if something is going on down at or around the Mango you can count me in

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