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After 8 years of absence from the Christmas dinner, my parents asked the question ‘where the fuck is my present’? No, they asked where I’ve been.

My parents grew up in the East End of London. They’ve seen and done things that would make your teeth itch. I’ve no reason hide anything I get upto in Bangkok or indeed my passion of the Mango Bar.

With this year being my wind down of the Mango year, I have decided to bring them over to Thailand to check it out.

But here is the thing. What do I do with them? I know how to entertain my Dad, but my Mum and my little Brother? Actually, I know how to entertain my little Brother also.

The plan is to meet up with them in Dubai and fly to BKK. These are the parents, so it’s only right that I fly them business class.

Booked into a suite at the Marriott (not bad at 15k per night). I thought it only right they get pampered a little on the flight and the hotel before I subject them to all the rats, hookers, drug dealers and criminals. – or as we know it ‘soi 4’.

After a few days – take them to HH where they can kick back and relax. But then, will they get bored?

What on earth will keep them entertained in Bangkok and HH? I never really did the touristy thing.

So I am throwing this out there to the masses. Please let me know what my parents could do when they come to Thailand.

They’re old… like late 60’s

Keep it sensible… they are my parents.

I might just open up a free bar on their last night 😉

15 thoughts on “Meet the parents…. – Big G

  1. An easy trip to fill at least one day is a trip on the river – combined with a couple of temple stops and lunch in China town,
    Otherwise, Mums are always happy with massage and spa experiences, and that gets her out of the way for a few hours so that you can entertain your brother and introduce your dad to some ladyboys !

  2. BG. Have a read of Stickman weekly for 20/1/2013 and 3/2/2013 for details of a good day for the folks. Stickman may also have some others tips to offer for them.

  3. Hire Stick to be their tour guide. There are tour guides you can hire to take them around.

    Chao Praya river dinner cruise is good. Enjoyed it myself. very touristy.
    A drink @ Skybar (Lebua) is a good one.
    Took the old man to Wat Pho recently ; it’s the easiest wat to do. I prefer Wat Saket myself, or Wat Arun for the adventurous.

    A wander around JJ markets is great on a weekend afternoon.

    Day trips – Amphawa, Kanchanaburi, etc

    plenty to do that does not involve a trip to soi 7/1 🙂

    • Hire Stick? Why? If I want to take them to the LB bars – I’ll just follow you 😉

      I’ll take a look at his weeklies for some ideas.

  4. I really enjoyed a day on the Chao Praya ‘hop-on-hop-off’ tourist boat which starts at Saphan Taksin BTS and stops at Wat Arun and The grand Palace. The final stop is Khao San Road and whether you love or hate the area, it is good fun to have a stroll down the streets.

    Cocktail and/or a dinner on top of the Lebua tower is an unforgettable experience for more reasons than the final bill ….

    If you want to go further a field a day trip to Ayutthaya or the bridge over the Kwai might be of interest to your parents.

  5. Ring Nikki at EcabbyThai, & ask her to do a day tour. She is very good. Also a day out the River Kwai. The old uns love that.

  6. Hey, how old are they, can they take the heat and humidity for four or five hours, hows their health, I’m talking about mom and dad. What about food can they handle Thai? Do they know what a bomb sight squater is? I would not trade places with you for a ton of money. The river trip sounds good but I don’t think looking at or listening to a bunch of back packers would be fun. Most temples will water their eyes, just be sure to take a lot of pictures, that always keeps them happy. OH, be sure to take dad to a proper tailor, and turn mom loose in MBK or the Paragon. Five will get you ten she will want to go back to both of them. A good soapy will work for dad and brother, but no more than three hours at a time. That Stickman thing might be a good thing to look into. You don’t and never have struck me as a tour guide.
    Good luck you will need it!

    • @THE MAN – thanks, they are in pretty good shape. The old man still rides a big motorbike and still likes picking fights down the local pub.

      And what’s this about me not being a good tour-guide? You’ve obviously never been on one of my little tours!!


  7. Check out the new Sofitel on Soi 13, nice, really nice, and the food and service will water their eyes. Of course it will put a dent in your wallet.

  8. @ G; oh come on mate, this is a no brainer! Is Tim not going to be in town? Just put her in charge of the touristy shit and looking after you mum for a few PM hours whilst you and the boys do what you do best!!! 😉
    I hope your all waiting till the weather cools & drys, or this may turn out to be a huge bummer. ( flooded streets with no available taxi, nasty traffic @ 40º+100%, indoor AC pneumonia, in addition to all the sights, smells and scum of Suk…)

  9. Sir Jimmy Anderson sounds pretty good I must admit. Give the lad a knighthood.

    There is no doubt UHP is a dickhead and a cricket fan but I am sure his heart is more with the IPL’s Mumbai Indians than with the England test team.

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