Weekly Update


Miss Tim having me as her boyfriend gives her many things. Apart from the sexy time (which I am sure if I were to wake her when I am ‘at it’ she’d enjoy), Miss Tim is happy knowing that her Mothers eyesight will never be at risk, her buffaloes – when sick will get the best medical attention money can buy and the three appedix’s her Brother had removed was done so by the worlds most expert (expensive) Doctors. Apparently.

The only thing Miss Tim has to put up with is my constant bitching and moaning about Thai driving standards. I could go on for a long time but there is no need. If you’ve been here then you know exactly what I am talking about. I’ve tried explaining to Miss Tim that most (bike) riders have not undertaken any formal training. An example is when driving between HH and BKK I see 99% of all bikers riding on the hard shoulder. The bit of road which has all the crap and lose stones. The bit of road where other vehicles ride towards you! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! Grrrrrr. It’s not like they’re going slow or there is no room for cars to overtake. I spend most of my time on the road shaking my head when seeing people riding one-handed as they are carrying a BABY under the other arm. Shocking. Continue reading “Weekly Update”

HH, Lomeos B’day drinks and driving a Tank in Bangkok – by Graham

(as stated, I will only post once a week. I don’t want to spend too much time on a computer. I have to work on my tan! Got a couple of reader submissions to process that will appear in due course…. and we’re off!)

Unlike the lounge-lizard – you’ll not see me sitting at home all day waiting for the next free buffet.

Always searching for something to do or somewhere to go, we set off to the new(ish) HH Waterpark. As we got there, it started to rain so we didn’t go in as we didn’t want to get wet.

Next to the water-park is the Wake Boarding lake. I’ve never seen one and perched up for a spot of lunch to watch. The (man made) lake has a big zip-line cable going around with ropes for people to get pulled along the lake by.

What we found funny was the launching of people into the water. 8 out of 10 people took a nose-dive into the water in comedic style. I am sure it not the easiest thing in the world but man, it looked funny. So funny that we’ve planned a picnic on the grass just to watch the people take a head dive. Funny stuff.

Lomeo and Juliet arrived on Thursday for a bit of a bbq. Into the town in the evening for a few drinks. Continue reading “HH, Lomeos B’day drinks and driving a Tank in Bangkok – by Graham”

Saturday 10th August

Gents – it’s Lomeos Birthday in a few weeks. This Saturday has been designated the ‘night out with the lads’.

Now, I am unsure what ‘the lads’ means, but I’ll be open minded.

– all plans of leaving ladyboy stories out of this blog may get flushed down the bog.

Jonas, pmmp, Gamblin Man and myself are signed up. Anyone else in the hood for a piss-up on Saturday?

My Top 5 Places – by Graham

There are many things in life I can recommend that you shouldn’t do. Many. But I’ll give you my top five.

1) Never, and I do mean NEVER try and attempt to squeeze out a fart when you have been suffering from the squirts.

2) Do not attempt a donut in your Ferrari infront of some girls when there is chance of clipping a kerb and busting a wheel.

3) Do not pick a fight with an Irish Doorman – when in Dublin

4) Never say to the Waiter in an Indian Restaurant ‘your curry isn’t hot’ when ordering

5) Do not enter a Muslim kebab shop in deep Africa and ask for a Pork kebab. Just don’t. Continue reading “My Top 5 Places – by Graham”