Saturday 10th August

Gents – it’s Lomeos Birthday in a few weeks. This Saturday has been designated the ‘night out with the lads’.

Now, I am unsure what ‘the lads’ means, but I’ll be open minded.

– all plans of leaving ladyboy stories out of this blog may get flushed down the bog.

Jonas, pmmp, Gamblin Man and myself are signed up. Anyone else in the hood for a piss-up on Saturday?

16 thoughts on “Saturday 10th August

  1. We’ve done the Plaza to death…. Soi Cowboy is just a tourist trap these days and I’d rather shit my pants and sit in it, than go to Patpong.

    Having said that, it’s Lomeo’s B’day so he can make the call.

    All suggestions – greatly received.

  2. Looking forward to the night, I guess Lomeo will have some ideas as to venues. On another topic, i am going up to Chiang Mai soon, do any readers have suggestions for entertainment there?

  3. I will be in the locale and available for a few beers en route. Ring me Saturday am if you’re up and about.

    Thong Lo is a good night on Saturday.

  4. Good thing I’m keeping up with the blog 🙂 just found out about it. Definitely need a night out with the ‘lads’, as yet again I’m doing the whole cost/benefit analysis on this girlfriend thing.

    Sat – Bring it on !

    • And .. There’s a whole bunch of bars on Soi 22 that I haven’t explored fully. Just a thought ..

      @GM the only action at CM is Loy Kroh Rd. A lot of bars near the boxing ring and make sure you stop in at the Down Under pub at the river end of LKR.

  5. Lomeo…. we spoke of it last Friday night!!

    Just before we all headed to the gogo’s and you went home with Juliette so as to avoid getting a beat down from her. Or something like that.

    Saturday night… is party night!

  6. Don Logan is on board for Saturday. Good stuff.

    Now how about Pete? What’s the chance he can break away from his GIRLFRIEND for the night.

    Come to think of it… I know who I’d choose between her as us bunch of loons.

  7. Right then chaps…..

    Miss Tim is going to knock up a couple of snacks for us before we hit the drink-fest.

    19:30 in the Mango… out the door by 20:00 and head to the Titanium Bar.

    Sound like a plan?

  8. Woke up with a killer hangover!

    Good turn out last night. Happily, there were no ladyboys involved.

    Titanium was ‘o.k’. Can’t see me making it my regular – but as a one-off not bad.
    Into ‘Too Easy’ bar after. Good crowd. Friendly bunch.

    Cowboy was the usual mess. Full of ‘watchers’ walking up and down the street.

    Best cure for a hangover? Big breakfast at the Black Swan me thinks!

  9. Thanks to everyone who turned out for drinks last Sat. A good night albeit but it’s taken me most of the week to recover- a busted knee and sprained ankle as well as some cuts and bruises. And that was just from Juliet after getting home @ 4 AM.

    In Pattaya now – terrible place! Look after Bangkok boys if you venture out tonight.

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