Riding along in my Automobile…. – by Graham

When Jason Bourne opened up his safety deposit box in Zurich, he found all he needed for international travel that was before him. A pile of money in various currencies, various passports and most important of all, a gun. Perfect. However, I think if it were to be more convincing, he’d have in there – an iPod or some ear defenders too. Why? Continue reading “Riding along in my Automobile…. – by Graham”

A Sober Day in Bangkok… Almost – by MiB

I’m fortunate enough to have a well paying job. I’m also fortunate to work for a company that pays for most of my daily living expenses while I’m at work. International travel, accommodation, food and even train and taxi tickets. So for 6-8 months of the year all I have to do is buy a couple bottles of shampoo, some toothpaste and the odd cake of soap.

However this means when I do get time off in the real world I do like to let rip, getting smashed off my face in 3-4 different countries isn’t out of the question. However today was going to be different. Today would be a day of no alcohol in Bkk. I feel keeping busy would be the key to success. Continue reading “A Sober Day in Bangkok… Almost – by MiB”

The Farang speaks too much!

The Farang Speaks too much.  We know this.  But the Farang should be aware that the Thai girls speak a lot too.  The difference is, they normally speak amongst themselves and not with the Farang they’re currently scamming out of money.

Having the top seat at the Mango, I get to see and hear a lot.  A lot more than most people.  Wanted or not, I have an insight to the whole bar-girl network that is buzzing around.

I rely a lot on the girls in the Mango to give me some info on a customer.  I’d like to say I remember the name, face and nationality of every person that comes through the door and I speak to, but it’s just impossible.  So when a guy comes through the door who has not been in for a while, one of the staff will tell me his name, where he is from, what he does for a living and if he and I have chatted before.  It’s amazing.  They remember everything.  They also remember which girls you’ve been with. Only stupid people think bargirls are stupid. Continue reading “The Farang speaks too much!”

Driving in Tunisia

Many moons ago,  I found myself working for a major oil company in Tunisia.   About 1km from the beach and it never rained, it was pretty nice.   I was part of the Project Management Team for a load of engineering modifications at an Oil & Gas Terminal.  All boring stuff.

There was a bit of a problem with our Engineering / Construction Contractor back in London, so the ‘team’ had to all head to London for a few months.  All of us that is, except a pal and I who recommended we stay at site and man the fort.  Any why not?  A beach in Tunisia knocks spots off rainy old London.  In addition to our team of two was Mick, – a Cockney geezer from our Engineering Contractor in London sent out to do a couple of little jobs.  Ha.. the fools!

With everyone gone, this left Geordie, Cockney and I to pretty much do what we wanted.  Of course, we did all the work we needed to do, but after work was play time! Continue reading “Driving in Tunisia”

Bangkok is still cheap. Go to the Red Tiger for a bargain….

It’s been said that Bangkok is getting more expensive. Maybe it is. If the price of a beer increases slightly, is it really a big issue? Now, (thankfully) I am no Economics Professor , but over the course of a week how many beers ‘down’ are you? 1? 2? And lets face it, at the end of a drinking session, you probably wouldn’t miss (or remember) those 2 beers anyway.

I am constantly getting bombarded with emails from John Brown complaining about my expenditure. He seems to be troubled that I may be wasting my hard earned baht.

For me, it’s all relative. Bangkok is cheap. Hotels are cheap. Food is cheap. Women are cheap. Shoes are cheap. Drinks at the Mango are cheap… John Brown is cheap…. Continue reading “Bangkok is still cheap. Go to the Red Tiger for a bargain….”

A November to Remember III

It’s a few months away I know, but a little planning may be in order for those that want to par-take.
So.. with a few of us in town… what could a bunch of drunken fools get upto?

For those who have not joined us in the November to Remember...

Well, how about a Soi Cowboy Challenge II? Yes I know we’ve already done it, but can any one recall anything of what went on that night? Not me.

What I am thinking is carry this out over 2 night. One side per night. It could be a Friday and a Saturday, or maybe Saturday and the following Saturday. Ideas please.

Remember us?
Remember us?

Completing both sides in one night is a bit of a marathon. It can be done, but it leaves little time to socialize and take in the surroundings.

So that’s one event.

Also.. a Pattaya in 12-24? These are always fun. Or maybe just a Soi 6 bar crawl?
But what about something new?

For the petrol heads among us – I am going to head out and do some go-karting.

If there is enough of us, we could get a little championship race going. We can even have a little collections type thing for the winner.

So this is now over to you. Ideas are appreciated, encouraged and NEEDED!!!

Let’s make it a November to Remember!

So first off… who’s ‘in’? Let me know and I’ll add you to the list on this post.