A November to Remember III

It’s a few months away I know, but a little planning may be in order for those that want to par-take.
So.. with a few of us in town… what could a bunch of drunken fools get upto?

For those who have not joined us in the November to Remember...

Well, how about a Soi Cowboy Challenge II? Yes I know we’ve already done it, but can any one recall anything of what went on that night? Not me.

What I am thinking is carry this out over 2 night. One side per night. It could be a Friday and a Saturday, or maybe Saturday and the following Saturday. Ideas please.

Remember us?

Remember us?

Completing both sides in one night is a bit of a marathon. It can be done, but it leaves little time to socialize and take in the surroundings.

So that’s one event.

Also.. a Pattaya in 12-24? These are always fun. Or maybe just a Soi 6 bar crawl?
But what about something new?

For the petrol heads among us – I am going to head out and do some go-karting.

If there is enough of us, we could get a little championship race going. We can even have a little collections type thing for the winner.

So this is now over to you. Ideas are appreciated, encouraged and NEEDED!!!

Let’s make it a November to Remember!

So first off… who’s ‘in’? Let me know and I’ll add you to the list on this post.


15 thoughts on “A November to Remember III

  1. if its after november 13th…. IM IN 🙂 …… and i will put in a prize for the panty-contest 😉

    And Graham… i would take offence if u did the gokart without me 😉

        • Companyman… hmmm short one indeed. You’ll have to cram a lot in!

          I’ll be back in the 1st week of December – so we can sort out the go-carting.

          Is there any motocross schools or any other motor events?

          • ive tested the roadracing course with the english guy in pattaya… thats serious biking :-)…

            we can sort some different really fun stuff out in december… 🙂

  2. Never sure when I’ll be in town but try and keep me away if I’m there. But maybe I’ll need to “pre-load” some big bottles of Chang from the 7, as I’m a little fiscally challenged (thinks they probably get sick of hearing that…)

    Did I tell you about the recent “Home Fair ” expo I attended at the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre? Hungover, I was proud of myself for scoring free water and pens (looking at you Rainman) – until I had a rush of blood to the head and bought a 2.8 million baht condo off the plan. Not even big enough to swing the proverbial cat, which is a good thing considering I hate cats (love pussies, though!)

    I got 2 years to get the cash together – business ideas, anyone?

    • That’s £60k in real money. I suggest you film your exploits – sell the CD’s for £10 a time … you need to sell about 9 per day for the next two years – easy

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