Bangkok is still cheap. Go to the Red Tiger for a bargain….

It’s been said that Bangkok is getting more expensive. Maybe it is. If the price of a beer increases slightly, is it really a big issue? Now, (thankfully) I am no Economics Professor , but over the course of a week how many beers ‘down’ are you? 1? 2? And lets face it, at the end of a drinking session, you probably wouldn’t miss (or remember) those 2 beers anyway.

I am constantly getting bombarded with emails from John Brown complaining about my expenditure. He seems to be troubled that I may be wasting my hard earned baht.

For me, it’s all relative. Bangkok is cheap. Hotels are cheap. Food is cheap. Women are cheap. Shoes are cheap. Drinks at the Mango are cheap… John Brown is cheap….

Let me put it into perspective. Where I am right now..

My hotel costs $15k per month.
Breakfast costs $35
(small) Bottle of water $7
Cane of Coke $9
Pizza $30
Burger & Fries $45
Box of Cornflakes $9
Box of assorted peanuts – $10
Tube of Pringles $6
Steak dinner $80
Bucket of Ice (water) $12

It’s not all bad though, – a bottle of Red Smirnoff Vodka is $7!

So living in one of the most expensive cities in the world kind of makes you realize that Bangkok really isn’t that bad.

Especially when you can get a full English breakfast at The Red Tiger pub and restaurant for 200bht! I did complain to the owner that there was just too much to eat.

Get yourself down there for feeding. And remember, I just paid $35 for 2 slices of toast and a coffee.

The Red Tiger

Grand Opening 6th September

Grand Opening 6th September

One thought on “Bangkok is still cheap. Go to the Red Tiger for a bargain….

  1. Ah, yes, “John Brown” … I love expats that hate others that are more successful than they are. As if it’s any mistake (or problem) of your own that he’s a failure.

    How’s his ‘good buddy’, Bill?

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