Getting a UK Tourist Visa in Thailand

Has anyone tried to obtain a Visa to the uk for their Thai girl recently? Or even a long time ago? It’s not easy is it?

A few weeks ago Miss Tim complained about being cold when I had the aircon on, on the lowest power setting. The cold air was softer than an Angels fart that hit her. I told her that she doesn’t know what cold is. If she wants to know about being cold, then I’ll take her to England. In hindsight, I could have chosen to just stuff her into a refrigerator for 20 mins. It’d have been easier and cheaper for sure. And having taken measurements, I know she can fit.

It turns out that the internet doesn’t just have porn. There is also information on there about applying for a visa. There are forums where people talk of their experiences. There are good news stories, there are bad news stories. There are agents out there who can ‘guarantee’ an issue of a visa and there are sites where people say it’s impossible. We checked it out. Continue reading “Getting a UK Tourist Visa in Thailand”

The Bridge on the River Kwai – by Graham

One of the tourist attractions in Thailand is ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’. Apparently named after a movie or something?

It’s one of those famous bridges. Like the rope bridge in Indiana Jones or the bridge on soi 2 where Jonas and the ladyboy…… well… it’s a famous bridge right.

I can’t say that looking at a bridge was top of my list of things to do. Not when the list had items such as sleeping, drinking and stabbing myself in the leg with a fork on it. Driving 19 hours to see a bridge was not a priority. Continue reading “The Bridge on the River Kwai – by Graham”

November Gathering! **UPDATE**

Gents – November is almost upon us – and I am sorry to say that for one reason or another, many people are dropping faster than a perverts pants at Vacuum cleaner convention.

Having said that – we don’t need many people to have some fun and there ‘core’ team will be in attendance. (I hope)

I am going to kick things off and see where we go from there……

How about – Friday – 1st November

Meet at Muligans` for some ‘welcome beers’ and to set out the route of the crawl. (can change venues if anyone else has a better idea)

Then head to RCA for a go-kart race

After – head to Soi Cowboy and visit the best bars that we came up with on the soi cowboy crawl last year.
Sound like a plan?

Now, as I live in HH, it’s not like I could just tell Miss Tim I am popping out for some toothpaste and then return 3 days later (a la Rolln) – so she’ll be coming with me. But as most if not all of you know her, she’d like to say hello too. And besides, the food at Mulligans is so good, she’d go regardless.

After Mulligans we’ll all head over to RCA. If you have a girl and want to bring them along – then do so. It’s fun to have more karts on the track to practice our over-taking manoeuvres.

After the karting, I’ll give Miss Tim a fist full of dollars and tell her that it will be illegal to buy/sell shoes in Thailand as of the next day. I suggest anyone else with a girl does the same.

Not that the intention is to be bad, but well, girls just can’t drink, burp, swear and fart like we can. Although it has to be said, some come pretty close

I don’t know who is available for this so I’ll kick it off with people I know ‘should’ be up for it.
Graham, GamblinMan, CompanyMan, RainMan, Miss Tim who is not a Man, Bubba Steve?, CTG, Milosh Parker and I’ll see if Jonas is allowed out to play too.

Anyone else up for it? No times planned yet… open to suggestions –


********  so then,  Thailand is in a state of mourning and (apparently) all ‘entertainment’ places are going to be closed for business for 15 days.

Which day is all back to normal then?  10th November?    Do we reschedule?

Bars/Restaurants are still open, so the 1st part of the evening is o.k.  What we do in the night time is anyones guess?

Ideas / suggestions anyone?

Mulligans and gokarting is still on.     Or do we put it off a week?

I just don’t know?!?!









The Unseasoned Travellers

I’ve been hoofed out of some bars in my time. Sometimes for being too drunk, sometimes for fighting, sometimes for peeing in the ice bucket. Whatever. I’ve never though, until about an hour ago been told to leave the bar as we are coming into land and I need to take my seat. This has to be one of the more pleasant reasons for being asked to leave. Having a few drinks on the A380 is a pleasant thing – but I am in a foul mood that will take another visit to the bar to lighten. Only, at 5am in the Emirates Lounge in Dubai, surrounded by who I am, I will more than likely get kicked out (and jailed) for fighting. Continue reading “The Unseasoned Travellers”

Bit of this… bit of that….

It’s been a few weeks since an update… so what’s been going on?

The Mango closed – waiting some info as to what will become of it. There was a buyer lined up, but it turned out (like so many other people in Bangkok) he was a timewaster. When it came to telling him the deal was off as he was just too high maintenance, he then asked for a job! Odd. Continue reading “Bit of this… bit of that….”

Lomeo’s ‘Cheap Charlie’ guide to Bangers – by Lomeo!

Smut Free .. ‘What to do with the girl when you get her’. I get the gist, let’s see how I go.

Like many before me, my first trip to Thailand changed my mental outlook on life and what I wanted from it – I kept returning to Australia and booking another trip back to the Kingdom as soon as possible, counting down the days. As I type this I am eyeing a permanent move there next year, a big step but the whole back and forth is getting a bit old. So I’ve clocked up a lot of time in Bangers, and being a cheapskate by necessity, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to get by and save a few baht. Continue reading “Lomeo’s ‘Cheap Charlie’ guide to Bangers – by Lomeo!”