November Gathering! **UPDATE**

Gents – November is almost upon us – and I am sorry to say that for one reason or another, many people are dropping faster than a perverts pants at Vacuum cleaner convention.

Having said that – we don’t need many people to have some fun and there ‘core’ team will be in attendance. (I hope)

I am going to kick things off and see where we go from there……

How about – Friday – 1st November

Meet at Muligans` for some ‘welcome beers’ and to set out the route of the crawl. (can change venues if anyone else has a better idea)

Then head to RCA for a go-kart race

After – head to Soi Cowboy and visit the best bars that we came up with on the soi cowboy crawl last year.
Sound like a plan?

Now, as I live in HH, it’s not like I could just tell Miss Tim I am popping out for some toothpaste and then return 3 days later (a la Rolln) – so she’ll be coming with me. But as most if not all of you know her, she’d like to say hello too. And besides, the food at Mulligans is so good, she’d go regardless.

After Mulligans we’ll all head over to RCA. If you have a girl and want to bring them along – then do so. It’s fun to have more karts on the track to practice our over-taking manoeuvres.

After the karting, I’ll give Miss Tim a fist full of dollars and tell her that it will be illegal to buy/sell shoes in Thailand as of the next day. I suggest anyone else with a girl does the same.

Not that the intention is to be bad, but well, girls just can’t drink, burp, swear and fart like we can. Although it has to be said, some come pretty close

I don’t know who is available for this so I’ll kick it off with people I know ‘should’ be up for it.
Graham, GamblinMan, CompanyMan, RainMan, Miss Tim who is not a Man, Bubba Steve?, CTG, Milosh Parker and I’ll see if Jonas is allowed out to play too.

Anyone else up for it? No times planned yet… open to suggestions –


********  so then,  Thailand is in a state of mourning and (apparently) all ‘entertainment’ places are going to be closed for business for 15 days.

Which day is all back to normal then?  10th November?    Do we reschedule?

Bars/Restaurants are still open, so the 1st part of the evening is o.k.  What we do in the night time is anyones guess?

Ideas / suggestions anyone?

Mulligans and gokarting is still on.     Or do we put it off a week?

I just don’t know?!?!









46 thoughts on “November Gathering! **UPDATE**

  1. I’ve started laying down the foundation for some world class BS to wifey as to my future where abouts, but Nov is too soon fellas. Slow and steady wins the race…

    I am jealous though.

  2. I am definitely in, looking forward to the go-carts again but not sure if they are a good idea after food?

    Of course I am also looking forward to a few drinks and the latest crawl with friends as I have been reduced to a nana tour with a gay mate, best thing was he knew more girls than i did.

  3. Damn economy! Wish I could be down there with you folks. In the meantime, carry on without me (funny, sounds like faint cheering from over the horizon?). Make this November one for the record books. Just make sure you use assumed names in all the entries!

      • Gents,

        I have just received via PayPal, a fist full of dollars from the man who coined the phrase ‘A November to Remember, which is to pay for the 1st round of drinks on the 1st.

        A very kind and thing to do indeed.

        It’s no secret that Debtstar can’t be with us this November due to the economic climate. It sucks chunks for many of us. Hopefully things will improve in the not too distant future and you’ll be joining us soon.

        We’ll be sure to raise a glass to the ‘originator’ next Friday.


  4. Gents, our evening is in jeopardy! Due to the death of the Supreme Patriarch Somdet Phra, Thaild is in a 30 day period of mourning; last night there wasn’t any entertainment, live bands or otherwise, and many establishments were not selling alcohol. Nana and cowboy were both closed as well as numerous beer bars.

    Graham, what does Miss Timm know of the period of mourning?

  5. Most bars in soi 4 closed around 7-8 pm last night but Hillary 2 stayed open but without music. Climax was operating as usual, it seems that if you are linked to a hotel or serve food you can stay open.

    I did hear a rumor that Nana and Soi Cowboy will be closed for 15 days, noooooooooooooooooo………..

    • We can always sit on the steps at 711, just hire a runner to go to the fridge, all is not lost…one problem solved, now women…ahhha, GM, just call your harem up, they do call out? 🙂
      We now have no problem.

      • Looks like the 15 day closure is on the cards, unless you have a restaurant.

        This might just be a November to Remember, but for the wrong reasons!

  6. Last night both Nana and Soi Cowboy were open as well as the bars. Music was turned down everywhere and that seemed to be the only difference.

    For what it is worth I vote that we stick to this weekend. If Friday night in Bangkok doesn’t work out then we can head to Pattaya for a Saturday bender; no way they are going to be closed for a month.

    Will update everyone again in a day or two.

  7. Milosh doesn’t arrive until much later on Friday and, unfortunately, I am one of the poor souls that has to go to work while in Bangkok so Mully’s and carting are a no go. Will definitely be good for the subsequent debauchery.

    In keeping with the last cowboy crawl, perhaps we should establish a home base to meet at later in the evening?

  8. CTG – I’ve heard some lame excuses about getting out of karting in fear of being beaten by a girl but p-lease!

    The Mullys meet is so that we can determine which bars we are to visit and in what order.

    If I have time, I’ll knock up an itinery and post it.

  9. Mulligans 4pm is the go then, everything seems to be normal……. but then, what’s normal in BKK.
    Anyone around who wants to chat about religion, world globalization, quantum physics…thought not, I’ll be at BJ row (educational purpose only) down soi 7/1 or something watching the crazy world slip away. Other sugestions appreciated.

  10. Wakey wakey rise and shine!

    It’s November the 1st and booze must be consumed.

    The plan is to meet at Mullys at 4pm… some of us might be there earlier 😉

    See you then.

  11. What a fantastic night with great company, woke up this morning still grinning.
    November to remember has achieved legendary status.
    Many thanks to BigG, as always, for being a true good friend and keeping this crawl to a despicable level.
    Update on Jonas please, last seen staggering up BTS steps mumbling something about… ‘I’m in big trouble…..’

    • Big hangover this morning.

      Will write a little something on last nights events when I return to the land of the living.

      Heard from Jonas. He made it home safe and sound and spent the day on his sofa feeling sorry for himself!

    • Hey, Thanks for worrie about me Rainman, I came home safe as Graham wrote, took me along time though..almost 2 hours…couldn’t drive that quick…wife pretty impressed when I got home..but it was all worth it to spend a night with you guys.
      Probaply won’t make it next time, grounded for life.. :).

      Cheers and take care..

  12. It was a great night, haven’t smiled and laughed so much for ages. Glad to hear now that all got home in one piece.

    I was moving home the next day but thankfully that was postponed to Sunday.

    So what about the rest of November??????

    • Since when so hangovers last longer than the drinking session?

      Don’t you just hate those long recovery times?

      Good night last night. Lots of fun.

    • CTG… we did have a little chuckle when you left Pretty Lady (sorry, can’t call it Spellbound)… you had to do a double take of where you were… before staggering to the door!

      Sore head in the morning for sure!

  13. You know, I had forgotten about the double take until you mentioned it however now recall it clear as day.

    Anyone see a number 22 after the fact?

    Always a good time gents, look forward to further adventures in 2014.

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