November to Remember…pt 2

Part 1

The journey back to HH was uneventful. When the timing is just right, it takes us little over 2 hours door to door which isn’t bad.

Just so happens a pal of mine was in town so we hooked up and went for some beers… We went to the usual places but opted to stay mainly in one bar as it starting peeing down with rain. A storm was coming! Continue reading “November to Remember…pt 2”

Fantasy turned into Reality – by The Crying Game

(This was sent in to me. Normally I’d reject it, but there are some of you out there who are into this. You know who you are 😉 )

I’ll confess straight away, I’m not a ladyboy newbie. I’ve had more than a few ladyboy experiences and while I’ve always been left wanting more I’m already tired of the hanging around the bars trying to make a connection. Continue reading “Fantasy turned into Reality – by The Crying Game”

The November Kick-off… by Graham

Greeting folks….

Thai’s being.. well, Thai have a funny way of pronouncing certain letters and words. R’s are L’s, L’s are R’s and V’s are W’s. I have a bet with Miss Tim that if she can (correctly) pronounce ‘Dwarf driving a Range Rover’ – then I shall buy her one. I think this is a safe bet. Just aswell, as I don’t know where I can buy a Dwarf. Continue reading “The November Kick-off… by Graham”

The Laws of the Land…. – by Graham

Ever notice that people, when abroad, tend to adopt the laws of their home Country?
And that they think the laws from their own Country will either protect them or punish them?

Let me explain. I have found myself in the position when I have to decline a beer because I am driving. In the UK, it’s unthinkable to drink and drive. In Thailand, I don’t think it’s something people concern themselves with.

There is an old guy who has been pissing me off lately, so when I see him, I’ll give him a slap. He thinks he can behave in a manner he wants because in his homeland, the U.S, you are not allowed to beat someone up. That maybe true in the U.S, but he, nor I am in the U.S. These are just a few examples. There are many more. Continue reading “The Laws of the Land…. – by Graham”