November to Remember…pt 2

Part 1

The journey back to HH was uneventful. When the timing is just right, it takes us little over 2 hours door to door which isn’t bad.

Just so happens a pal of mine was in town so we hooked up and went for some beers… We went to the usual places but opted to stay mainly in one bar as it starting peeing down with rain. A storm was coming!

A big storm indeed! For almost two days we were confined to the house. No power. No tv, no aircon…etc. Not nice. What really pissed us off though was that the house opposite was all lit up. I really don’t understand the electrical system in Thailand. Some houses were out and some were o.k. No system.

The internet still worked, so once I had been sitting in the dark for several hours and sweating like a bastard I started internet searching on somewhere else to live. I was done with stoooopid Thailand.

The rain stopped so we headed into town to see how things were going there. Apart from a few puddles everything was normal. Indian people were trying to sell suits, old women were trying to sell maps of Thailand and girls were queuing up for noodles. The wheels of industry were very much alive in Hua Hin town.

After a good feeding and a cool down in the aircon I changed my mind about moving to the Philippines where the conditions are better.

The week passed pretty quick and it was time to head to Bangkok to pick up the next installment of the November to Remember.

We could have stayed at Mango Towers but then we’d have make beds and clean stuff. Much easier to get a hotel and as we’d planned to do a little (ha… LITTLE!) shopping at T21 we got a hotel near by. Actually, next door! The City Lodge Hotel. Priced at only 1500 per night it is clean and tidy. Once checked in, Miss Tim headed for a pre-shop, shop and I headed out to meet the Rats.

The Rats that turned out on Sunday night were Bubba, Vegas Jim, GamblinMan and myself. Tim was going to join us but had to go out and do some shopping.

Meeting up with Bubba, we headed to Too Easy Bar. Ever since meeting the little owner ‘Ja’ we always try and stop by when in the hood. It’s a nice vibe in there and the girls do not hassle at all.
That night one of the girls was celebrating moving to the UK so she put out a big spread of free food. Traditional English food – Tikka Masala! A fave of mine! However, we had dinner plans so thanked them for the offer but declined. They must have thought it odd that people REFUSED free food.

Good friendly bunch in the bar but we were on the clock so had to go. We bought the staff a drink and thanked them for their hospitality and headed to ‘No Idea’ bar/restaurant.

The owner used to own Monsoon, which is (was) my current favourite place for a steak. The food there is excellent. The steak was superb. Deffo worth going back. Jim knew of a dish that wasn’t on the menu and luckily enough they had it. Good stuff.

Out of No Idea and turned left and went to the bars on the corner of 22. Jim knows the owner. She has recently expanded her bar. Good to hear that some bars are doing good when so many are having a shit time of it.

A few drinks in there when Miss Tim showed up. We’re not really too familiar with 22. The main thing that 22 is known for is those cops that keep stopping people in search of drugs.

Anyway, we headed to the Queens Park Plaza. What a shithole. I hope the people who demolished Washington Square are have QPP on their ‘to do’ list.

To put it bluntly – it’s shit! The bars are crap and dirty and the staff are lazy and ugly. Not sure why we went in? In the corner there is a bar called Sport 2000 or something like that. I went there once with my pals and it seemed o.k. Not anymore. No music, not atmosphere and 2 hogs playing pool.
– We’d gone in and I felt sorry for them so we sat outside and ordered

Sitting in the corner, looking at all we could, we come the conclusion that QPP needs a major clean-up. Think what the Nana Plaza was like 3-4 years ago. The place is in dire need of an energy boost. I can imagine the type of person that likes and frequents this place. I am picturing an older long term expat, no morals and standards. A bit of a dirty old bastard. Just my opinion of course.

Having said all that, to the left of us was a little open-air type bar. There was about half dozen girls there and they were laughing and joking. This was something we’ve not seen in the QPP. The bar itself was also clean and tidy so we thought we’d give it a shot and glad we did!

Can’t remember the name of the bar, maybe GamblinMan can? They had the usual YouTube music hooked up which was open to the customers to play with. Feeling a little bit merry, we decided to go a little bit oldschool and see who could come up with the best tunes… Mc Hammer…Kriss Kross, Vanila Ice, White Lines, Bob Marley just to name a few. Good buzz with the amount of booze flowing. The girls were very friendly and hands on. After 45 mins it was time to head elsewhere.

Next off we headed to a place called the Nana Plaza after asking the girls at the clean bar for directions.

Two shakes of a shitty stick and there we were. Ground floor.. what you gonna do? Off to Pretty Lady it is. Oops.. I mean Spell Bound.

Spell Bound, as we all know has had a remodel… and then another one. Not sure how the new stage shape has gone down but I think it’s good as more people can sit at the stage. Only problem is, there are no mirrors on the stage.. so there is no point sitting there.

Whilst we were being mugged for drinks from the urchins, we spied some dude poking a rolled up banknote into the panties of a dancer.. using his mouth! This is the kind of fun we like to see people having. Hang on a minute.. I recognise that military style short cropped hair style.. It was CTG!. It took a minute for him to register all the shouting, name calling, laughing and pointing at him before he came and joined us. This is the 1st time I’ve seen CTG visually drunk. Sure, I’ve seen him drink (a lot) but he never seems to get drunk. We all hung out a while.. lots of drinks were drunk…songs were sung to and boobs were ogled. Fun times. P.L always seems to have a fun atmosphere which is more than can be said for the majority of the gogos. After a while CTG says he has to leave as he has work early in the morning. Poor him. With that statement he upped and headed for the door. Now, Pretty Lady had moved the stage. They moved the seating and they moved the bar. But at no point did they move the door. Something I’d have thought noticeable when CTG walked in from the outside! Standing there… wobbling….he did two or three takes and then figured out where the door was. I am sure he made it to work in the morning as much as I am sure he must have had a sore head! Good to see him!

After the girls in P.L had relieved us of most our money we headed to see our mate DavetheRave in Anglewitch. He wasn’t there. However, we were there just in time to catch some of their shows and we are so lucky we did. As we arrived the intro music was playing, building up the suspense.. we were really getting excited. When the girls came on stage one was dressed up as a man and they performed some kind of massage show. The girls were absolute stunners. Not overweight at all. The show was over really quick but it left us wanting more. Then,,. the suspense music came on and got us really excited again. After a very small wait… some more girls arrived. Not the same girls as the ones we’d just seen, but equally as beautiful. I’ll not tell you the content of the show as I don’t want to spoil it. You really need to go see it. Dave was no where to be seen so we left after 1 drink.

Next up was Bill Board. We were surprised that Vegas Jim was still with us! Props to that man! Bill Board was not too exciting but they did have more than 2 half naked girls there so it was an improvement on the last place. Perched at the carrousel we ordered up some more drinks. The girls on the poles all seemed to be happy and were interacting. There were a couple of nice girls dancing together and Jim couldn’t decide which to buy a drink for so I suggested both. Why not? You only live once.. unless you’re Jesus, and I am sure he’d make the most of it.

GamblinMan had his usual selection of women waiting patiently in line for their shot at the title.. none were successful that night.

What with all this drinking going on, Miss Tim was getting drunk. Very drunk! It was time for us to head back to the hotel.

Both of us being drunk – had the same plan. Go straight to bed. However, being male, I did not have to go via the bathroom to throw up. Usually, I’d do the honourable thing and hold her hair back, provide a damp cloth for her to wipe her mouth and have on hand a bottle of water for her. Being that I was also a little drunk I just laid on the bed and pretended to be able to sleep through all the wretching. At some point she had a little break from the groaning, straining, roofing and moaning long enough for me to fall asleep.

The next day I woke bright and early and proceeded to make as much noise as I could. Miss Tim had a hangover and was getting as much sympathy as a mass-murderer. However, if there is one thing that helps a hangover go away – it’s shopping. It was Monday morning and the world is back to work and all the bloody kids are back in school so It’s a bit less crowded at T21.

A couple of Rats were meeting us for lunch.. GM and Jonas.

After a cheeky beer in Sunrise Taccos (shite) we headed to our fave Thai restaurant of the moment ‘Have a Zeed’ Good troff in there and we ordered so much food we had to empty some plates quickly so there was room on the table for more plates. We do like the food in there and it’s reasonably priced.

Soon after we’d stuffed our faces, Miss Tim needed a nap so we said we’d meet her later and left her wondering off in the direction of a shoe shop. Us Rats headed next door to T21 and had some cocktails outside Argentinian Steakhouse. I’ve been past this place many times but never been in. As we’d just eaten, all we could manage was some cocktails but checked out the menu to see if was worth coming back later.

After hacking off an arm and a leg to pay for the drinks we thought we’d have a little walk down soi 19 and see what’s happening down there. We needn’t have bothered. I got a little nostalgic as soi 19 was the very first place the taxi driver took me to when I first landed in Bangkok in 2005. To be specific – the Honey Hotel. I still have colourful memories of seeing a (real) rat run down the corridors and the sounds of bar girls yakin to their drunken customers as they help them to their room. I was supposed to stay there for my 2 week holiday but I was soon rescued by my pal who took me to Omno Tower – where I stayed for the next 2 years.

Anyway, just past the Honey Hotel is a little beer garden bar thingy. It was a bit of a step-back in time seeing all those huge CRT TV’s tied to the wall. How they are still working is beyond me.

So what if the TV’s and the furniture was out of date, they soon made up for it by having future prices. I’d have expected the booze to be cheap as there was not much in the way of creature comforts or expensive overheads for them to cover. What I was annoyed about is the glass they served my Vodka and Coke in. It was a very thin (cheap) small glass. I felt like a hooker – and Jonas was my customer 😉

Around 3pm we decided to go our separate ways. I headed back to the hotel for a little afternoon nap.

As I said earlier – the Country Lodge hotel is not bad. Reasonably priced, clean, free wifi and even have a DVD player which is good – as the tv channel selections is crap. All was going well until I laid on the bed for a little me time.

This is where I found the problem with this hotel. And it’s a big one if, like me, you sometimes want to chill out in the afternoon – watch a little tv or just doze on the sofa…. T21 is about 100 yrds away., which means there is a lot of traffic. Not really an issue as you get used to that, but what you don’t get used to and what you can’t block out by burying your head in a pillow, is the fucking whistle being blown by the guy directing traffic. I HATE HIM. Having listened to his whistles and watching him out of the window while trying to estimate how far I could throw something big enough to knock him out I found no system to what he does. There is no reason to whistle. He could use some of those glow-battons or a laser pen. Bastard.

There was only one thing for it…. Head to the cinema where they have nice reclining seats. Within 10 mins of leaving the hotel we were both in the cinema and snoring. I’ll have to re-watch the movie on DVD when it’s out, but one thing is for sure, I’ll not be watching it in the City Lodge hotel room in the daytime.

After the movies it was eating time so we headed to.. Argentinian Steakhouse. The place was packed which is always a good sign. Staff running around everywhere. I thought it was called Argentinian steal house as the steak was from Argentina. What a fool I am.

The staff ar Flipflops and seemed to be running around at 100 miles per hour. I ordered a coke and they delivered a Carlsberg. Nice to see that fucking up orders is not just something the Thai’s do.

I ordered a Steak and Miss Tim went for the Lamb Shank. I was hoping she was not in the mood to eat steak because when mine arrived there was no way I was going to share it with her. And the reason for that is because it was just plain shit. I could have made a Pirelli tyre taste better. At LEAST 30% of the steak was just plain fat. If I were a chef I’d be embarrassed to plate it. Fortunately the lamb was pretty damn good and Miss Tim did indeed share it. We thought of complaining but what’s the point? They have so many people in and out they really couldn’t give a toss if I didn’t like my steak. The only way for them to take note is to hit them where it hurts – in their pocket. No tip for them.

All good head chefs check dishes coming back to see what people left and if there is a pattern. I made a point of leaving all the fat and lots of ‘chewed’ bit of meat all over the plate. I didn’t bother putting it in a little pile and hide it under the serviette. Lesson learned. Monsoon or No Idea for steak from now on. That said, there is one place left that we want to try – The Steak house at the Marriot hotel.

After that it was time to get the hell out of dodge… and out of the Country for a little while! My November is done. However, I plan on celebrating a few November to Remember days in December and January. I’ll make some plans…..!

Saturday the 14th will be the next big night out I think….

9 thoughts on “November to Remember…pt 2

  1. A good write- up. Yeah I avoid hotels on the main drag for that very reason, in fact I love the one I first stayed in at the very end of soi 18. A bit of a trek as its a long soi but so bloody quiet, my kinda place. Having said that the AC wasn’t the best, so it’s hard to find everything.

    Is there an upper limit on how many shoes ur Missus can fit in her wardrobe, or do they just spill over into the rest of the house?

    • People think I am joking about the shoe shopping, but I am not.

      ‘er indoors has purchased shoe racks to house her shoes. The shoes she has taken out of the boxes that is.

      And get this – Miss Tim has bought 7 pairs of boots/shoes/trainers in the UK that will be waiting for her when she arrives.

      No lie!

      • I got miffed when I bought a pair of new shoes for Juliet and the bloody things didn’t even last a week before breaking.”Take ’em back I want a refund” I yell. But oh no, that’s not the way we do things in Thailand.

        A week later they are taken to a bloke on the street who charges 90B to fix them. Add another 150B for coffees while we wait. Having said that, that was 6 months ago.

        I reckon those street based shoe fixers should move into manufacturing.

      • well…. i believe u… im dating a persian girl now… and boy they take it to even a higher level of shoes….. my girl surfs the web about shoes EVERY day …. and handbags every second day

  2. Hi Graham. Its been a fair while since I have checked out the Mango blog. I had lots of shit to deal with in the last 12 months or so and reading blogs about people having fun in Thailand wasn’t going to help my blues. I will be in Thailand from December 13 for a few weeks. Do you still have the The Big Mango Bar? I was planning to spend a couple of nights in Bkk and would see who was around for a beer or two. The last time I wrote on the ex site was my tale of a tilac. Funnily enough I will be meeting her in Bkk as she will be coming from her Isaan village where she has been since fleeing the clutches of a old pom pui Irishman. Cheers

    • Lachiedog,

      Sorry to hear you’ve not been having a good time of late.. but that (I am sure) will stop once you hit BKK?!

      Although I still have the Mango (not decided what to do with it yet) it is closed. Unless you know anyone who could be a Manager??

      Anyway, it just so happens that on Saturday the 14th December I was planning a bit of a session. I’ll send out the Bat sign and see if anyone is up for an afternoon/evening get together and maybe put out a little agenda. Keep checking back here for updates!

  3. Back in town at last…. Those beach resorts really take it out of you.

    @G, I cant remember the name of the bar but there was particularly nice girl there that gives me incentive to head down there for a look see. Hope I remember to look at the name as well.

    On the hotel subject, my mate and i have stayed in Soi 18 a lot recently in the Oakwood Trilliant Apartments. Not cheap, it usually goes for around 2400 but the rooms feel nice and are very quiet and comfortable. Use their website and use the promo code RETURN to get a better deal.

    Looking forward to the 14th!!!!!!!!!

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