UK Trip continued….Christmas!

I always thought the best time to be in the UK was Christmas time. To be more specific, the week before Christmas. There is a fun, festive atmosphere in the air. The shops are joyful with people shopping, the bars are busy with people getting in the spirit and the restaurants are filled with people on their Christmas works parties. A good time all round. The Christmas decorations give out that warm feeling even though the wind is colder than a soi cowboy gogo dancers heart. Continue reading “UK Trip continued….Christmas!”

Last night in Bangkok, First night in England…

In the two hours it took to get from Hua Hin to Bangkok on Saturday morning, there was only time for a little snooze and to send a text message to my best pal Jonas. It went a little something like this..

(from an unknown number)

“Jonas, my name is Lek, you fcuked me 9 months ago at the Nana Thai Mansion and now we have baby. You have to send me money” Continue reading “Last night in Bangkok, First night in England…”

A new bar on Soi 4 that beings with an ‘M’……

The Big Mango Bar has been closed a few months now. It’s time had passed.

Looking back to when it opened for the first time all those years ago, I feel a little sad that none of the original owners are in contact anymore. Like bars in soi 4, friends come and go.

However, not being one to dwell on persons that cut and run and didn’t hang around to face their responsibilities I soldiered on.

The Mango may well have closed, but the rent is still being paid. The staff are still getting their full salary and there is still beer in the fridge. There is life in the old girl yet. Just because I have no time to run a bar, doesn’t mean it has to disappear like it’s previous owners.

Over the next few weeks The ‘old’ Big Mango Bar will go under renovations. Exciting ones too! I don’t want to reveal too much and spoil the surprise.

Hopefully, before the month is out, the bar will be open once again. Only this time it’ll not be tied to a blog. It’ll not be tied to me. It’ll be a bar that is for the good (bad) folk of soi 4 that don’t want to pay the high prices being demanded on the road side. It’ll be for people that want decent food. It’ll be for people that don’t want to pay through the roof for lady drinks.

So a bit like the old Mango then? Well, kind of. The Big Mango Bar sign will soon be removed. There is a new name for the bar and I like it.

I am no longer in the seat but I will sure as hell be a customer and I am sure the old ‘gang’ will support the new owner too.

The name? Well.. lets just say it starts with an ‘M’ 😉

Watch this space….

North to Darwin – by Lomeo

I’ve spent a bit of time in Darwin, Australia. If asked, most people can’t pick it out on a map. It’s at the top of Australia, roughly 4 hours flight over the desert to anywhere else remotely hospitable in Australia – I kid you not. It’s one of those places where you never intend to end up, you just do. Guess every country has those place. I affectionately refer to it as the ‘Alaska of the South’. On the plus side it’s only a 4 hour flight to Singapore, yep we’re on Asia’s doorstep. Continue reading “North to Darwin – by Lomeo”