Gathering..Saturday 14th Dec! – Update!!

Right then chaps….

Jonas, Bubba, Gamblin Man, Company Man, Lachiedog, Aussie Nick and MIB……

Meet up at Mulligans on soi 11 around 4-5pm.

Sound like a plan?

See you then!

11 thoughts on “Gathering..Saturday 14th Dec! – Update!!

  1. please god the situation in bangerz stabilises.happy christmas guys from dublin.I wish i was back there now.have a safe flight loving the new mango website.

  2. I am in!!!

    just back in Bkk and getting back into it. No problem with the situation here from my point of view. Few people with whistles, make it feel like Christmas.

  3. Right then chaps… So far we have….

    Company Man

    Just need to pick a time and place… Ideas?

    • Perhaps a Hilary 4 or even better, somewhere that has the cricket on so I can watch the English cricket whites develop brown stripes when the face the Aussie bowlers on the bounciest wicket in the world. hehe

  4. I will be around Graham. I have to take 2 Isaan sisters shopping, so I’m not sure what will happen! It could be a long day. I am sure I will need a beer or two to de-stress.

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