The Hangover Part IV

Lomeo, Lomeo.. why thy fuck are thy getting married Lomeo?

If you didn’t want to have sex anymore, you could have just told Juliette. There is no need to get married.

However, as you are all hell-bent set on it then we all wish you well. What’s more, we want to come join the party!

So what are the options? We’ve done pretty much all the shit there is to do. Hell, Lomeo has done all the shit we don’t want to do. So what can we do?

Well, being Aussies, maybe hire a boat and just anchor offshore a little way and have some beer and shoot the shit? That might be nice and civilised for an hour or so.

But what after that? I suggested we hit the Pattaya Moto-cross park, but that maybe a little selfish of me – as I am a biker and would probably be he only one at the end of the day who hasn’t a broken wrist or ankle.

Yes, we could do the usual bar crawls, but we kinda do that each time we meet up anyway. So what’s the difference?

Ultimately its Lomeo’s ‘Bachelor party’.. but if we were to let him have final say on what we get upto, he’ll opt for something that he’ll no longer be allowed to do once he’s married.

– Like eat fry-ups and sleep in all day.

We have only one day – as everyone seems to be scared of their girlfriend. Or the cops. Fortunately Miss Tim encourages me to get the fuck out the house so she can clean up all the mess I make. And when I say ‘clean up’, I actually mean she can make room to store more shoes.

Jonas as a really nice girl and has amazed himself how he has not ‘fucked it all up’ yet! He has a good thing and doesn’t want any drunken behaviour to spoil that. This is not the Jonas that I remember, but I do understand!

GamblinMan doesn’t have an official girlfriend at the moment, but I am sure if he goes out for a day away from his usual gaggle of girls, he’ll end up with another girl.

Lomeo seems to get in trouble with Juliet everytime he goes out, so regardless of what he does, he’ll get it in the neck.

Fortunately for our girlfriends, if Lomeo has his way, we’ll spend all day/night in a ladyboy bar. Although that will be unfortunate for Juliet.

I propose we do a Pattaya in 12. Start off with breakfast somewhere in Bangers and then head to Patts for the afternoon/evening. Return to the Mango for 2am pizza.

Safely tucked up in bed by 3am.

So what can we do in Patts? Motorcross? GoKart? ATV? Golf? Robbery? Minor surgery?

12 thoughts on “The Hangover Part IV”

  1. I’ve started dreaming about being spit-roasted by LBs again .. I’d better stop drinking that warm milk before bedtime.

    That 12 month marriage visa is just too tantalizing .. I hate visa runs.

    Gonna be a great afternoon / evening down by the sea. Counting the days ..

  2. I’m a master of getting things fucked up,and I usuall have some “good” friends helping me doing that, Right Graham. 😉
    Pattaya in 12 sounds fine to me…god know what’s gonna happen when I get home though. Well I blame Graham. 😉

  3. Pattaya-in-12 suggestion: why not scout out a likely location to open a Pattaya branch of the Big Mango? Maybe somewhere on Soi LK Metro, or a similar off-the-beaten-patch locale? Or just invade and annex an empty place, declare it soveriegn Mango territory in the name of HM, and start selling bottles of Leo from the nearest Family 11 or something. I don’t know, It’s Fri afternoon here, -1 C, and I’m not even drinking yet! Goddamn economy!!!

    1. Debtstar. I have to admire your enthusiasm! However, I am well and truly glad the Mango chapter is behind me! I can’ see me going down that road again. I do have another little venture I’d like to pursue but I need to do some more research 1st. more on that later. 🙂

  4. Just the thought of breakfast in BKK and 12 hrs in Patty sounds like a good start to the day.
    All the best to Lomeo and Juliet.

        1. Brilliant ! And i bet they taste great with that ‘special sauce’ you put on them 555.

          1. Great night last night. As always, there were more empty seats on the way back from Parts.

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