Another day in Pattaya…..

It had been a month or so since I was last in town. It was good to get away, but it was good to come back.

Landing in Bangkok on Wednesday night I was presented with a couple of options. Do I head into town and get drunk or do I be a good little boy and head home to Hua Hin. I chose to be a good little boy. After all, Friday we were heading to Pattaya for the day so I wanted to be on form for that.

Hua Hin is hot right now. Damn hot. The town is buzzing with tourists and the bars are full.

No time to check out the bars for now, as an early night was needed as the cab to Bangkok Friday morning was picking us up at 7am. Thought it’d be a good idea to give ourselves extra time as the Rice Farmers are staging a protest at the moment.. by blocking major roads. They maybe having a rough time of it late, but hurting their fellow countryman by blocking the roads is just plain selfish and dumb. I’ve no sympathy for them now. Continue reading “Another day in Pattaya…..”

The M-Bar! – Update!

I’ve been into the old Mango premises last weekend to check up on the progress. It was a little behind schedule, but when you see the changes, you’ll understand!

The doors will be opening up on the 17th Feb.

Straight away you’ll notice there is a stairway at the front of the building now, taking you upstairs to an outside sitting/watching area and inside is a pool table. Gone are the walls and in are a load of windows. There are even windows out the back now…. putting and end to me wondering what was out the back all those years.

Downstairs is a big change too. Smaller bar but more floors space. The place is bright with lots of natural light.

Personally, I like it better than the original Mango design. Don’t take my word for it though.. pop along and see for yourself.

Unfortunately I’ll not be around for the opening of the ‘M-Bar’… but will certainly be checking out next month.

– getting some e-mails on this, so let me just elaborate some….

The M Bar is connected to The M Pub and the Pintsman (formerly the Duke of Wellington) The Mango Bar is a thing of the past! – which I am happy about as I just don’t have the time anymore. I do however, have time to hang out in a bar which doesn’t have bar girls hassling me for drinks and music so loud I can still hear it when I go to bed. So I’ll be showing the new owner of The M Bar my support by making it my HQ when in town.

**** Update ****

Was in The M Bar last night having a beer. Seems it’s not going to be ready for tomorrow. They’re close, but I told them to not rush the wiring for the TV’s and Music – as that was a pain in my arse for the last few years with shoddy workmanship. Also waiting on the TV Sport subscriptions to kick in.

Next weekend or the 25th at the latest is a go-er!

Learning to drive in Thailand

Now that Miss Tim has taken her bike test and has licence to ride my R1’s, she has now come to the conclusion that if she has a car license, this will enable her to drive any flash sports car that maybe found on my driveway.

She fails to understand that without my permission, it is theft. And she has more chance of being entered into NASA’s space program than she has being allowed to drive one of my cars. But still, it would be nice if she could drive and I could sit in the passenger seat and sleep, play on the phone and fart. Just as she does. Continue reading “Learning to drive in Thailand”