The Saturday Session

With little sleep on the airplane, you could say I was not at my ‘freshest’ – having been on a bit of a session the night before.

Clearing customs and hitting the outside terminal at 7am I was greeted by Jonas. We drove to his house for a catch-up and to say hello to the wife. For some reason we thought that if she saw us both sober and acting normal, she’d give her blessing for Jonas to spend the next 17 hours in soi 4.

Convinced that we had convinced her we were just going to have a Cognac, smoke some Cuban cigars and review some books – we chucked my suitcase into a taxi and headed for soi 4 Continue reading “The Saturday Session”

Off to the UK again….

As you may know, Miss Tim and I headed to the Northern hemisphere over Christmas and New Year to see what shoes were on offer. Personally, I thought it was to see my family and friends, but Miss Tim had another agenda. It’s not enough that she has filled a bedroom in Hua Hin with shoes, so she is now working on the UK bedroom.

That was a few months ago. Miss Tim is missing her UK shoe collection, so we’re heading back in a few weeks.

The plan is to say hello to her shoes and then drive up from the south of England, to Scotland. A place called Aviemore.

I am told this place virtually guarantees snow. Now, I am not particularly bothered about snow, but Miss Tim (and all Thai women) think that snow is something magical and was discovered by Walt Disney. So, we’re off up there for a few days to freeze our nuts off. They have ATV’s on offer, so I guess it’ll be fun. Continue reading “Off to the UK again….”

Month end session – UPDATE!!!


A few of us making noises about having a refreshing beverage or two.

Due to work commitments, flight times and shoe shop sales, I can only make it on the 31st March. (and probably continue the next day)

I know it’s a Monday – but hey, do any of you actually work when in Bangkok?

Plans have changed.  Let’s make it Saturday 22nd March!! 

If you fancy a few – we’re going to check out the M-Bar and see how they cope under pressure of many drink orders.

Get yourself down….


Robert Downy Jr
Jonas (Morning Night 8am)
Aussie John
Graham (Morning Night 8am)



What does 'M' stand for?
What does ‘M’ stand for?






After the Hangover…

(sorry for the delay… been so busy trying to earn a crust, I just haven’t had time to get to a keyboard!)

after the Patts day out…

Miss Tim was off to join Juliet and her pals for dinner somewhere which left me a(nother) night out with the rats. Cool.

The plan was to meet at Hanrahans but when I arrived (around 19:30) there was no seats available! Well, that’s a bit of a lie. There were one or two seats dotted around, but I was meeting up with Lomeo, GM and Bubba – so we needed a little room.

Standing outside wondering where to go, GM soon joined us. We headed towards the Plaza. Bar 4 was relatively busy but just didn’t look attractive. Big Dogs only had seating around a small table so we gave that a miss too. Maybe Lucky Lukes? Again.. most seats were taken. It was quite noticeable that there are many ‘lone’ drinkers in town. Not many groups of people hitting the bars. Mainly on their own or with a buddy. We didn’t see many groups. Continue reading “After the Hangover…”

Lomeo & Juliet!

Big Congratulations to Lomeo & Juliet who tied the knot yesterday!

I guess that’s the last we’ll be seeing of him then?

– it was fun while it lasted.

Best wishes from all of those (ex)Mango people!