An average night out with GamblinMan

Just woken up and feel crap. Went out with Lomeo for a drink yesterday for Anzac Day. There was a free sausage sizzle on at the Office Bar in Soi 33 at 5pm so that seemed a good place to start. Sausages were crap but beer was good.

My plan was to go home for a few hours and then go to meet the love of my life, the coyote dancer at Bamboo Bar later. Instead I went to a Mexican restaurant with Lomeo and Juliet for dinner. Nice place right down the end of Soi 18. Continue reading “An average night out with GamblinMan”

Back in Bangkok – by Frank

(thanks Frank, for this 1st submission to the blog. Greatly appreciated!)

Hi Guys,

Thought I give this a go. Been a long time follower of the blog, so here goes.

Some background on myself to set the scene…I am a Construction Manager who has been involved in building bridges and oil rigs in Indonesia, Singapore, Highrise buildings and Government and Mining Projects in Western Australia and Condos and Civil Projects in Bangkok.

I have lived the best of 5 years in Bangkok and am by no means new to the scene and I thought after returning for a two week stint about 4 weeks ago, I would share some observations to the ‘old timers’ that are part of this blog. Continue reading “Back in Bangkok – by Frank”

Songkran? No thanks.

(Written a week ago but been too busy to post it!)

I don’t consider myself to be a violent person, well, not compared to my Brothers anyway. That said,  Charlie Bronson could be considered as an ambassador for fluffy bunnies and feathers compared to them. So it’s not surprising that on Saturday morning, my feeling of hate and rage when I saw a group of young men getting into a taxi fully loaded with water guns. Yes, it’s time to get out of dodge before I punch someone in the face for squirting me with water.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with the Thai’s celebrating their New Year in anyway they like. After all, it’s THEIR celebration. But a bunch of assholes drenching people who are going about their business is not something that support.

At best I could maybe forgive a farang having a water battle (in good jest) with a Thai. But for a farang to chuck water at another farang really has nothing to do with a New Year celebration. Continue reading “Songkran? No thanks.”

UK trip out the way…. what’s next?

We’ve been away for a few weeks, and although we had great weather in England, I am sure as hell glad to be back in Thailand and burning by the pool.

A few weeks back we went to the UK to use up what was left of Miss Tims visa and to purchase some new shoes. Me this time, not her. Has anyone noticed that the trainers available in Thailand are.. crap? For a pair of latest Nike Trainers you can expect to pay around 7000 bht. But expect the colors to be hideous. In the UK, (and anywhere else outside Thailand) you have more selection. It took me all of 5 minutes to enter, select, pay and leave the local Nike shop with 3 pairs of sneaks. – much to Miss Tims amazement. Continue reading “UK trip out the way…. what’s next?”