The No.1 thing I hate about Thailand (today)

Having driven from Hua Hin to Bangkok yesterday – I have a renewed hatred for Thai Lorry drivers.

They just can’t drive for shit.

They constantly drift over the white lines, change lanes without warning and drive as faster than the road conditions allow. They’re idiots. No.. assholes.

I have a solution to the traffic congestion and death toll on Thailand roads. – Police check points in the middle of a long stretch of road with no turn offs. If you don’t have a license (therefore no insurance) then your car is impounded until you have undertaken driving tuition and passed your test. – Of course, that’ll never happen – so crush the cars/trucks and recycle the material.

Lorry drivers should also be trained in how to load a vehicle – and simple truck maintenance. Just by driving past I could spot a number of faults on these trucks that would land the driver in a lot of trouble if it were in the west. I know we’re not in the west and I know I shouldn’t compare – but when I see these people praying for ‘good luck’ and painting symbols on the headlining of their vehicles I can’t help but shake my head.

All they need is some education and common sense.

This is Thailand… blah blah blah… Try telling that to the family of the person I saw lying on the bonnet of a car with his head through the windscreen. – Dead as can be. Not a pretty sight. All because these people have no driving skills.

I had one of the Hua-Hin-Bangkok mini-vans pass me last night doing around 160kph.

Miss Tim says it’s normal.

Yeah, it costs 180bht, but for that you might get a maniac driver and a load of people not wearing seatbelts. Even if you wear one in a crash – the person sitting behind you who isn’t wearing one – maybe the person that kills you.

There is nothing you or I can do about it of course.

Apart from bitch and moan.


14 thoughts on “The No.1 thing I hate about Thailand (today)”

    1. Driving around with Miss Tim…..

      The tuition they gave her is a joke. Nothing on Mirror, Signal, Manover, junctions or even what a handbrake is!

      The thing is.. if I teach her to drive correctly – she is more likely to have a crash – than if she were to adopt the (wrong) Thai style of driving.

      I can’t win.

      I think the only solution is to buy a Hummer.

      1. I remember reading this was the advice of a doctor living here (British doc IIRC), that it was your best defense, and he owned one. The stats are really not on your side, as you probably know.

        I’ve started wearing a seatbelt here now, sure it was fun not to until I realised it was just bloody stupid to do so.

    1. Funny you say that – as ‘tank’ is the nick-name given to Miss Tims Ford Ranger, as it’s bloody huge!

  1. Has the M bar shut the doors? Went past tonight hoping for a quite ale and the shutters were down.

    1. Doc – no idea? I’ve not been there for a few weeks.

      I think someone said it was closed last Sunday too… but also heard some people were in there mid-week.

      I’ll get Miss Tim to send an e-mail to one of the staff… see what the score is.

      1. Too bad you couldn’t hire on some farang type (with experience in the Kingdom) as a sort of 2nd assistant manager to ensure the bar was open and available during business hours and to act as some sort of oversite for the behavior of the staff?

        Just a thought.

        1. erm….. that’s what we did!

          Problem was – they were so used to the ‘Thai’ ways.. that they were just as bad!

          Happily, the bar is now a distant memory!

    1. Gav, I’ve not seen or heard from Walter for well over a year.

      Where did you hear that?

      Hopefully it’s not true.

  2. Roustabout, you’re assuming that it’s those drivers without a license who use the road as if it’s one big lane. Based upon the observed driving habits of a number of Thai friends, family and taxi drivers (with driver’s license properly displayed) I can say that this is not the case.

    The solution of course is concrete jersey barriers for long stretches of highway, with only occasional gaps between them for changing lanes. Note that in Wiki it states the following about jersey barriers,

    “It is designed to minimize vehicle damage in cases of incidental contact….”

    I would propose designing the jersey barriers to maximize vehicle damage in cases of incidental contact, rendering the vehicle of any driver who can’t manage to drive a straight line unrepairable.

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