1 Week and Counting…..

I am back in the LoS in 1 weeks time.

I arrive at 00:30 on Monday morning.    Do I head straight to Hua Hin or do I head straight to Soi 4 and see what action is about?  It’s a tough one.

I guess I could use the Monday to get my Bangkok chores out the way – then head to the pool.

It’s been at least 2 weeks since Miss Tim has bought any new shoes, so I guess that’s an excuse to hang out in Bangkok for the day.

Hmmm.. so then… Monday in Bangkok… what can I do?

Jonas?  GM?  Bloody Mary for breakfast?

It's a meal.  Fact.
It’s a meal. Fact.





Life after Thailand?

It’s been almost a year since I cut ties with the old Mango bar now.   With Miss Tim and I living in Hua Hin and loving the relaxing, it takes a bit of justification to visit Bangkok these days.

Apart from the cinema and hanging out with the Rats, there isn’t too much that Bangkok can give us that Hua Hin can’t.

So a year on, are we still loving it?   Yes we are. However, all good things come to an end and in the next few years we plan on moving on. I am thinking of heading back to the UK.

As much as I like Hua Hin, I am no longer a fan of Thailand in general. I no longer see the place through a tourists eyes. I am constantly fed up and frustrated by most ways of life there now.

I much prefer here to Bangkok....
I much prefer here to Bangkok….

For those (farangs) that don’t see the issues that I do and can accept the way of life in Thailand, all I can say is that my standards are not that low.

I don’t need to harp on about driving standards, hygiene standards, service standards…etc…   Compared to the West, the standards in general are lower.   I’ve had my fill. Time to move on.


I work with a guy who has been in Thailand (Pattaya) for under two years and is so naive about Thai ways that I have to avoid him so that I don’t tell him what an idiot he is being – and what an idiot he is perceived to be by his girlfriend and her parents.

I have been in Thailand coming up to 10 years and know exactly my standing in Thai society.

I do like the Bangkok skyline - mostly when I see it in my rear view mirror.
I do like the Bangkok skyline – mostly when I see it in my rear view mirror.

So – it was all good fun whilst it lasted but over the next few years I shall be integrating Miss Tim into the bitter, wet, cold dark summers of the UK.

I think she’ll cope fine – after all, London has many, many shoe-shops.

A little humour….

As may know – I work in the oil and gas industry. Currently I am in Iraq, where you could say tensions are a little high the moment.

Each day – one of the Construction Managers e-mails a ‘quote of the day’.

– Here is an example.

“If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.”

Now, to be honest, as long as I have the eBay app on my phone – I do not have time to digest that crap. I can only assume it’s some kind of religious shite?

After 4 or 5 days of receiving these, I just HAD to ‘reply all’ with some quotes that I found on the internet. The Chuck Norris Fact Site to be more specific.

I replied with…

“When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone……………he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris ”

Needless to say, others jumped on the bandwagon and loads more Chuck Norris facts were sent around.

The originator of the ‘Quote of the Day’ has since removed me from his distribution list.

Even in these times of stress and tension… you’ll find me enjoying myself.