Life after Thailand?

It’s been almost a year since I cut ties with the old Mango bar now.   With Miss Tim and I living in Hua Hin and loving the relaxing, it takes a bit of justification to visit Bangkok these days.

Apart from the cinema and hanging out with the Rats, there isn’t too much that Bangkok can give us that Hua Hin can’t.

So a year on, are we still loving it?   Yes we are. However, all good things come to an end and in the next few years we plan on moving on. I am thinking of heading back to the UK.

As much as I like Hua Hin, I am no longer a fan of Thailand in general. I no longer see the place through a tourists eyes. I am constantly fed up and frustrated by most ways of life there now.

I much prefer here to Bangkok....
I much prefer here to Bangkok….

For those (farangs) that don’t see the issues that I do and can accept the way of life in Thailand, all I can say is that my standards are not that low.

I don’t need to harp on about driving standards, hygiene standards, service standards…etc…   Compared to the West, the standards in general are lower.   I’ve had my fill. Time to move on.


I work with a guy who has been in Thailand (Pattaya) for under two years and is so naive about Thai ways that I have to avoid him so that I don’t tell him what an idiot he is being – and what an idiot he is perceived to be by his girlfriend and her parents.

I have been in Thailand coming up to 10 years and know exactly my standing in Thai society.

I do like the Bangkok skyline - mostly when I see it in my rear view mirror.
I do like the Bangkok skyline – mostly when I see it in my rear view mirror.

So – it was all good fun whilst it lasted but over the next few years I shall be integrating Miss Tim into the bitter, wet, cold dark summers of the UK.

I think she’ll cope fine – after all, London has many, many shoe-shops.

51 thoughts on “Life after Thailand?”

    1. I was thinking more like 18 months!!

      – Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still have to make regular visits to Thailand to feed the cat.

      1. I like you have had my fill, pulling out in Oct this year, which just down the road a piece. Mostly for the same reasons as you, tired of the blank stares when you ask a question that they have not been programed to answer. Tired of the the lights are on, but there is nobody home look. I haven’t been back to the states in 13 years, no not even for a visit, so I know that I’ll be in for a little culture shock, great huge overweight heffers with attitudes, but I don’t care. Thailand today is not anywhere close to what it once was and sadly will never be again.
        It once was great fun, those days are over and no matter how long you stay here we as foreigners will never be anything more than just another tourist to be coned, fleeced, lied to, cheated and in general fucked over.
        I wish you luck in the UK.

        1. Blimey –

          How long is it you’ve been in Thailand? Quite a while I know.

          Interestingly enough – Stickmans piece today is about people who have been in the Motherland 10+ years and are giving their opinions.

          The thing is… they write about what they think you need to survive and attitude and all that good stuff, but I don’t see anywhere that it says you should be able to lower your standards, expectations and raise your tolerance levels?!

          For some of us – wanting to leave is not about failure or running out of money – it’s just getting sick of all the bullshit and wanting to go somewhere else.

          It’s those that get stuck there without any way out or way back to a Western civilization that are the failures in my book.

          – Having said that, I’ll probably still be here in another 10 years time!

          Also mentioned in Stickmans site is Pretty Lady. It’s good, its crap, now it’s good again…. Can’t help thinking I’ve seen this written somewhere before?? 😉

          1. A total of 17 years but a solid 13 this time. First 4 in 68,69,70,up to Jan 72 that is when Thailand was really something of value. Hell try to walk down Soi 11 when the sun goes down or the north side of Suk. Go into any bar for a beer and some honey that is uglier than a jackass wants you to buy her a drink. Why I’ll never know. When you first come here you let all of that crap slide, but after a while it gets old. Go to Central and ask a question about where to find something and you wait 20 minutes while they find a person who speaks English. Go to Tops in Central meat market ask one of those about a piece of pork and watch them walk away. Hell I could go on and on. Come Oct I’ll be strapped into a metal tube for a wonderful 24 hour flight for the very last time. Hurray for for my team!!!

  1. No surprises, I understand where you are coming from and there’s more I will say, but right now I am freezing my arse off in Sydney. First winter in over 3 years.

    I guess we’ll have to apply for a Schengen visa to come and visit you 🙁

  2. Having lived here full time for the last 2 years, I know where you are coming from. I loved my 4-5 days a month here and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Don’t bother to go out now unless there are mates in town. Spent last Saturday night in a BJ bar…..playing pool. How things have changed.

    1. I think I’ve lasted so long as I am in and out of Thailand all the time. If I were there full time like GM – I’d have gone nuts by now.

      @Lomeo – I love them cold winters!!! Quit moaning!

    1. Nige – if you have a valid passport and can make the journey to London from ‘Up t’ North’ – then I’ll happily lavish you in booze.

      – although, not sure where they sell Babycham….. 🙂

  3. I’m still insanely jealous of the folks that can make a livin’ on that side of the lake. However, we all have to return to the lands of our births at some point in life. Some of us less willingly than others.

    I wish you both luck and prosperity in whatever endeavour you take up back in the UK.

  4. sounds like many before having a cooldown and coming back to their rainy, cold, foggy homelands; what is it then that made you fail to live there? I sincerely wonder as to why?

    1. @eheh – ? erm… what? What made me fail to live where? Thailand? I thought I had been pretty clear on why I am getting fed up with Thailand?

      After 10 years – it’s time to try somewhere else. Somewhere that isn’t as bloody frustrating as Thailand.

      Unless you mean why did I ‘fail’ to live in the UK? That’s easy – I came to Thailand for a holiday and fell in love with the place.

      All good things come to an end.

      1. I meant Thailand, and yes, you have been clear as to why you’re getting fed up with the country, mostly business related I reckon, but also cause you seem to have a hard time adapting to Thai ways. Not trolling here, I just read it that way.
        Just curious about your findings; I’m eying Thailand as pensionada destination, I’d prefer Vietnam, but that seems impossible

        1. I am thinking of tryin Vietnam soon. However, I think I may find the 3rd world frustrations similar to that of Thailand.

          Don’t get me wrong, hanging by my pool for a few weeks in the sun, cold beer and good company is great. But more than 2 weeks – the ‘living-pains’ kick in.

          The ‘Thai ways’ (in my opinion) are a lower standard that I am prepared to accept. I need to get back to normality.

          1. Coming back from VietNam, China, most countries in SE Asia, Thailand felt like homecoming to me always. VietNam is an acquired taste, the scenery is stunning, the peoples are nice if cunning, if you have peeves about people cunning you in Thailand, dont bother VietNam, cause it is worse there

          2. I’ve been out with you when you’re drinkin’…..

            nothing normal about that! 😉

          3. This weeks Stick – talks about the Visa clamp downs. Not that it effects me, as I don’t go the back-to-back visa stamping thing – but it’ll effect a lot of the people I hang out with.

            The writing is on the wall. Thailand is just not the place it used to be.

  5. Even a year in Disneyland would become tiring. I hope to keep moving around and exploring more before the age gene does it’s nasty stuff.
    Great luck G, sounds like a good change.

      1. Bit pear shaped at the moment, all 3 of us have the dates organized but can’t agree on the venue. So far it’s either Phnom Penh, Puerto Galera (Filos) or Nai Harn Beach.
        Might just go to the Coconut bar, Pataya.

    1. Hmmm… Pattaya in 48? Like the sound of that. How many of those hours would be spend in a cell, negotiating our release?

  6. I think its understandable that people get fed up with some of the bullshit in Thailand, especially if you work or do business there. I’ve got 5 more years to go before I retire and at the moment LOS is still my preferred destination. I think the secret for me to survive is not to invest in property and keep myself mobile if it ever does get too much. I think you also have to have a few cheap hobbies to keep yourself amused and out of the bars (still pay a visit, just not 7 days a week).

  7. You’d be surprised with what you can get fed up with.

    – the standard of driving a given.
    – having to walk in the road because the pavement it being used as a market
    – having to ASK a taxi if he’ll take you to your destination
    – having to negotiate a price with virtually everything you buy
    – having to accept the ‘Thai time’

    The list goes on. I am not saying HATE the place – I just think it’s time to look and see what other places are out there where I don’t have these daily frustrations.

    Admittedly, wherever I go, I’ll no doubt be met with a whole new bunch of daily frustrations. But at least I’ll be able to vent my frustrations in a language that they’ll understand!

  8. Yeah it’s a holiday destination. The UK is secure for investments, share trading, property etc. Over 60 and transport is free, medical free, culture, music, art, food is so alive, look at all the festivals going on this summer but the UK is chilly so one needs the money to get out on a whim. Me? I ain’t gonna live under a military junta where the filth can piss test me on the street. I’ll miss the girls so I’l go there for three months a year, 6 months in the UK and three months elsewhere…………….I’ll check out DR, Cuba and revisit Europe and maybe Vegas….But with money The UK, London is great, especially if you have enough money to get out and go to Thailand when you get bored, pissed off and cold.

  9. Hold on……………..all that being said, (above) I’m off to BKK in 4 days and probably again October but on a company ticket…………after that…………I’ll settle in the UK for while.

  10. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you before – I come for about four weeks and by the time that is up I’m fine about going home again – sometimes I might wish I was staying another week or so, but the visiting and going back home thing works best for me. There’s also no joy for me in living in a ‘box in the sky’ which is what Bangkok living would entail for me – sure I could get a house on the outskirts but that would rather defeat the object – so I’ll keep coming three times a year, staying for a month and going back home after, until a fresh diversion attracts me – who knows what that might me – time will tell

    1. yeah I’m with you on the 30 day limit! Although one has to start thinking of a final destination at some point and I’m not sticking around here in the US till my bitter end! But that’s a few seasons away…

    1. I think we’re all on the same page here. Having Thailand as a place to visit as a holiday opposed to living there seems to be the better option.

      I’m not yet ready to make the move back to the UK yet – but in a few years I’ll be making arrangements.

      Then again, I may end up somewhere else completely!! That’s just the way I roll!

    2. @ Doc Bond – How has no one ever questioned this double-life you lead?

      Business man by day, pervy old chap with a snap at night?!

      1. Speaking of Ukraine – none of us was on MH17 were we? Any way we can sound off and let everybody know if we’ve been shot down?

        1. Debtstar – what about the missing plane from a few months ago?

          I must take about 50 flights per year – and I hate flying.

          I hope that when I go, I’ll be laying in some gutter somewhere having been involved in a shoot-out maybe.

          1. I’ve woken up, well, not in but NEAR a gutter before. It had more to do with shooters than shoot-outs. 😉

  11. Graham, your travel and experience, if not totally unique, certainly give you a particular perspective on places to live, and work. I hope that you keep your independence always. What you may have that is totally unique is a kindred spirit traveling companion!!

  12. While back in OZ I got my12 month thai marriage visa. Big thanks to @GM for the help and info he gave.

    AM I drunk?? USUALLY

    Heading to Rainmans crib next week. Happy Days ahead


    1. Hi Lomeo, just read an excellent explanation of the two types of “marriage visa” that are available.

      It was on Stick, in the legal questions section.

  13. No problem Lomeo, It was a continuing discussion that I learned a lot from as well. Thai visas are a field of study in their own right.

    @ G, lucky you don’t have to deal with them as well, although it might lead to some funny posts.

  14. well big G, I know it’s been in your plans for a long time but to see it in writing…Seems so final? Hope to see you and your this winter and let me know when you and your better half finally visit my home!

    1. There is still a couple of years before I pack up my shit and head west.

      But like I say – I’ll still be back here each years – but as a short-term tourist.

      1. yeah is probably best! I know (as do you) I’d be dead within my first year had I lived there full time 😉
        BTW you paying much attention to the tear the youngster is putting on in Moto GP1? I know your more an F1 guy but this year is VERY special….

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