1 Week and Counting…..

I am back in the LoS in 1 weeks time.

I arrive at 00:30 on Monday morning.    Do I head straight to Hua Hin or do I head straight to Soi 4 and see what action is about?  It’s a tough one.

I guess I could use the Monday to get my Bangkok chores out the way – then head to the pool.

It’s been at least 2 weeks since Miss Tim has bought any new shoes, so I guess that’s an excuse to hang out in Bangkok for the day.

Hmmm.. so then… Monday in Bangkok… what can I do?

Jonas?  GM?  Bloody Mary for breakfast?

It's a meal.  Fact.
It’s a meal. Fact.





11 thoughts on “1 Week and Counting…..”

  1. I was hoping to be gone by now but I guess if I am here you can twist my arm.

    I will have to pass on the bloody mary though, they don’t really appeal to me. I have tried to like them but cant do it. Maybe some congee?????

    1. Currently in the airport in Iraq… drinking at 09:00. It’s air-side so it’s o.k.

      Touch down at midnight.

      Will shout the peeps in the morning.

      Plan… get drunk.

      1. Now in the 1st Class lounge in Dubai – sipping champagne by the water feature.

        – not quite the same as Golden Bar on soi 4. (thankfully)

  2. Love ’em! Except there is a huge variance in quality (especially in LOS surprise, surprise) , the good ones are very good, and the bad quite forgettable.

      1. Anyone up for a Sunday Aug 3rd drinkathon?

        Breakfast somewhere…… then bar crawl it around in the daytime… spot of food somewhere.

        In general. Get smashed.

        If you’re looking for a reason…

        On Aug 3rd 1914 -Germany invades Belgium & declares war on France in WW I

        Actor Martin Sheen will be 74.

        Sounds like a good reason to celebrate to me.

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