Pattaya Bikes

Next weekend I am planning on hitting this place  –

Enduro Madness – in Pattaya.

Bubba has signed up.  Anyone else want to risk life and limb, mucking about on dirt bikes like we’re teenagers?



5 thoughts on “Pattaya Bikes”

  1. I am a 4 wheel man but I will stand by to treat inevitable injuries with copious amounts of alcohol.

  2. Hey Graham, if we take GoPro video of our nightime adventures on the sois and the Plaza, and we set it to music, can We post a music video to the blog as well? 😉

    1. As long as no animals are harmed in the filming of the videos, you can pretty much post what you like.

      Please bear in mind, there is censorship, there is a hidden agenda and most of all, there is bullshit.


  3. Hi Trendsetters……………I am still alive and kicking. All good. Back to the real life in Perth….for a while 😉
    RC ok still on the scene…yes, sometimes I surprise myself.
    Enjoy the bikes while I enjoy my Harley in Perth.
    Live long and prosper.
    Frank (with an R Graham…hehe)

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