Dubai Update – by Rafiq

Just bringing this post to the top of the pile… give it a little freshen up!

(note that this recent entry about Dubai is a follow up to a Dubai post published in 2009)


Firstly the rates stated by Bkk in his post are pretty much unchanged it all comes down to how good your negotiation skills are CIS girls will start prices at 2000dirhams early in the night but as the night wears on they will eventually drop to 1500dirhams… one major point to note from experience regardless of the fact that the girl is a hooker be nice to them and respectful and friendly throughout the night and u are sure to get them for 1000dirhams for LT I Have never paid more than 1000dirhams for a hot 8-10 CIS girl…. a great place to find them is at a club in deira called Red Square which is in the Moscow Hotel the entry is 100dirhams but well worth it this place is packed every night opens at 9:30pm and closes at 3am but usually gets packed at around 11:30pm I highly recommend it if u like Russians Kazakh and even Iranians there too…. I usually tip the bouncers every now and then and they tend to keep an eye out for girls according to your tastes and send her over for intros I usually tip 100dirhams…..

Bkk is his post back in 2007 had said there were no spots to find Thai girls except in massage parlors but since 2007 there has been a fair influx of Thai women in fact there is a club in deira at the Carlton towers hotel called Eurasia the live band and Djokovic are all Thai and from what I have heard its a pick up bar again I haven’t had a chance to check out though.

Dubai does have a large Filipino community there are numerous bars where u can pick up a Filipino and as Bkk stated 500drihams is still the going rate for a full night of fun. For pinay girls I usually to a club called ratskys in the karama hotel the entry is about 50dirhams to 75dirhams which usually includes one free drink… if pinays are your thing then this place is great it looks a little grungy but has a somewhat decent band and good Dj and some real cute stunners too.

For a unique mix of almost all that Dubai has to offer check out Jules bar in the le meridian airport village there is a decent mix of CIS PRC Pinay and African women…. prices may vary though over there….

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  1. Thanks for the Dubai update – very timely as I am going to be there in 2 weeks – I normally stay at the Karama and hang at Ratskys – good music but the girls are never that good looking – does the hotel allow you to take one upstairs if you actually find a good looking one ?

  2. as far as i remember the karama hotel is guest friendly the girl just has to leave her id at the front desk before proceeding to the room…. if u are already in town then maybe u would like to meet up for a drink tonight (november 30th) i’m a regular at ratsky so jsut ask for “raj” or look out for a bald indian guy with a bottle of black label on his table … lol…. a quik update since my post some pinay girls have now started asking 1000 dirhams for LT but its best to negotiate and eventually closer to the end of the night they would probably come down to 500dirhams…. with the recent announcement that Dubai will be the host city for the the world expo in 2020 i assume prices will go up for girls…. hotel rates are already on the rise….

  3. Hi 🙂 Flying to Dubai in Jan and wanted to know what hotels are girl friendly somewhere around moscow hotel (heard this one is not). Wasn’t looking for something too expensive..maybe 3 star or so. Help please 🙂

    • Hi Raz you’re right moscow hotel is not girl friendly, what i usually do when i’m at moscow hotel i take the girl to the Capitol hotel on mina road near satwa. Just make sure though that the girl u take to any hotel is carrying a valid form of ID and that too original not a xerox copy.

  4. i am in dubai and need where to hang out and take some alcohol and possibly pick a girl.. i mean tonight as i leave in the morning. where would you advise?

    • Well there are lots of places for alcohol Dubai has many clubs and bars. Which place to visit though would be entirely up to u, depending on your taste of women, if you are looking for filipino women i recommend ratsky in karama hotel, if you won’t eastern european women and russin women then head down to the Moscow hotel there is a club there called red square it also has some vietnamese women too there as of late.

  5. Anyone got any feed back on the Filipina bar in the Sea View Hotel ? what is the company like there and what are likely prices for hot Filipina, LT ?
    – Thanks for any help / advice / top tips for a decent weekend in Dubai

    • sorry for the late reply cowboy… the bar in the sea view hotel these days has more african and ladies and some chinese not really a great selection though, for filipinos i still go to ratsky in the karama hotel (now called the fortune karama hotel) they always have some stunners there plus you are allowed to take the ladies up the hotel room for the night as long as they leave valid id at the front desk, the LT rate can vary anywhere between 500 to 100 dirhams for the whole night it all depends on how u treat the lady as well as how good your powers of negations are too. but as far as review hotel goes my advice is to avoid it

  6. thanks graham for bring my post up again, i did email u and update quite a while back about the current situation a few months back maybe even a year back. any how just to freshen things up, business here has been quite dull. at the Club in Moscow Hotel you can get some really stunners for about 1000 dirhams for the whole night according to my friend, i’ve kinda been outta the scene the last couple of months in terms of the Russians and Eastern European ladies, however Moscow hotel also has small but nice flow of lovely if not quite hot vietnamese ladies also coming in too these days as well as kazakhs, ( small note to keep in mind some kazahks don’t like to and refuse to give oral) . Ive doing the filipino scene the last couple of months and as always my place of choice is Ratsky at the Karama Hotel (now called The Fortune Karama Hotel), have come across a few stunners but then every one has different taste one mans gold is another mans coal. the prices are kind of ranging between 500 to 1000 dirhams for the full night all depends on your powers of negation and how u treat the lady. But from what i hear and have seen is that business is down lately so negotiations may be easy over all…. Happy hunting while in Dubai folks

    • Rafiq.. sorry if any updates have gone a-miss. I blame the admin staff. Can’t get them to do shit!

      • no problem graham its all good hopefully my previous comment gives the readers a fair view of the current situation here in Dubai

  7. it’s first time for me to share.
    But, i think most of hotels in dubai nowadays are non-girl-Friendly.
    i tried calling some and they confirmed that.
    So can someone advice or update the girl-friendly hotels as i am planning a travel for 5 days.
    For sure, will visit the club at moscow hotel as i always do. but, still need a place to take the girls to.
    Any Advice? ASAP

    • Bear – I think Rafiq is the authority on this one. Go through his comments, they’re pretty informative.

      Take care – bear!

      • Thanks for the lovely comments Graham i hardly believe i’m the authority on this one i just tend to speak from my own personal experiences and am always happy to help and guide others.

    • Hey Bear there are still quite a few hotels that a girl-friendly in Dubai contrary to belief, just that the girl you take back with you must have valid original form of ID to hand over to the front desk, as long as they have a form of original ID then it shouldn’t be a problem.

      Now if you happen to take girls from the Moscow Hotel then i suggest taking them to Captiol Hotel on Mina Road.

      A few Girl -friendly hotels that i know of and have used over the years and still use are:
      The Fortune Karama Hotel (Formerly the Karama Hotel): This place has a in house filipino club called Ratskys, good selection of Filipino Girls

      The Captiol Hotel on Mina Road.

      The Manhattan Hotel on Mankhool Road

      The Citymax Hotel in Bur Dubai

      these are just a few that i have used in the past.

      I’ve even taken girls over to the le royal meridian beach resort and spa in Jumeirah Beach Residences some times. and as long as they have a valid orginal ID document on them to present to the front desk it shouldn’t be a problem

      • By the way i would recommend booking a hotel on double occupancy basis to avoid anyone trying to rip you off with a joiners fee just to be on the safe side

  8. Hello, any advice where to pick up good African / black ladies in Dubai. By good I mean big ass’d 😉

    • I remember drinking in the Double Decker (Al-Marooj) when a VERY attractive Nigerian girl approached me.

      We got talking and she revealed she has just arrived from Bangkok. When I asked if she used to hang out between soi 3 and 5 her body language totally changed!!

      Right then, she knew that I knew she tricked for less than $100 per night! And that asking for $1200 for the night from me was not going to be successful.

      And to be honest… even if it were $20 for the night.. I’d still not be interested.

      I went back to my room for a nice cup of tea and watched TV.

      • Rafiq will know the bar… it was in a hotel.. I can’t remember. FULL of
        African ladies with huuuuge arses.

        • well u can always check out the club in the York International Hotel for black ladies, also Fortune Karama hotel has another club in house called tantra which is located where the hotel swimming pool is and they have black ladies too….., T.G.I.Thursday in bur dab near fahidi street also has black women even during the day i9 think the bar is located in the ascot hotel if i’m not mistaken.

          Also there are some other slightly higher end places too like Horizon and XL beach club at the Habtoor grand beach resort that have black ladies, as well as the club in Moscow hotel lately has been getting a few black ladies coming in to ply their trade there too.

          hope the above information is helpful

          • i am well aware of Double deckers however never did see any working girls there.

            But have seen quite a few over at longs bar across the road at Towers Rotana when i used to go to watch the world cup matches this past summer during ramadan.

          • By the way Graham i have heard of a bar thats come up at the carlton towers hotel over the last year or so called Eurasia or something like that, some friends have been, they say its always filled with Thai women and even the live band is from Thailand, have been there a couple of times myself but usually quite early and left since it was quite dead and quiet at the time but friends say it really picks up after around 12:30 or 1 am since thats usually the time the massage parlour girls get off work and go out to party. so since i haven;t really been there when it’s packed i can’t comment on the quality of girls there.

  9. For the KTV/Gentleman’s Club Enthusiasts i have found a place in the Fortune Grand hotel in deira called KBOX it’s basically a KTV with private karaoke rooms and filipina PRO girls who pour your drinks light your cigs etc as well as sing and dance with u the charge for the girls is about 100 to 150 AED per hour of their time but u can also negotiate to take them out for the night if they are willing and the KTV manager would even get u a room in the hotel itself and possibly send your bottle up to the room. the cost of the room the private room when me and friends were there last a couple of months ago was about 1200 AED it included fruit platter as well as a bottle of premium scotch (choice of Black Label or Chivas, or 24 beers) and unlimited mixers.

    • Dear Rafiq

      Can you please update about this KTV stuff? I would be travelling to dubai end september and would like to try

  10. I’m spending one night in dubai next week and I think that I might check out the Red Square club in Moscow Hotel since I love CIS girls 😀

    But I’m not really interested with LT. I just want some ST action. Do you know the rates approximately for ST and where I can bring the girls to ?

    I’m staying at Premier Inn hotel opposite to the airport and I don’t think that they allow guests.

    • well as long as they have a valid and original form of idea and you’re room is booked on a double occupancy basis i don’t think it should be a problem, but also i can recommend u check out Jules bar at the meridian airport village as well they have CIS girls too and its closer to your hotel, as far as short time goes, i’m not really sure how much it goes for i usually go LT have never gone ST but i guess u can try and see if they will go for 500 too 700 dirhams since LT is usually between 1000 to 1500 here right now from what i’ve observed

      • hey rafiq how are you buddy .bro can you help me out with some girlfriendly hotel in bur dubai ? regal plaza or panorama or imperial suite ? where i can bring her

        • Gautam all the hotels u just mentioned are girl friendly too…. like i mentioned in my above comments the lady accompanying just needs to have a an original and VALID form of id (Emirates ID or Passport) to present to the front desk.

          • no because i have read on couple for website that the hotels have become strict and c heck before booking . regal plaza and imperial are said to non girl friendly and even citymax bur dubai . confused

          • hey rafiq that means panorma and city max bur dubai are girlfriendly i shouldnt think twice before booking right .if u have any other not expensive girlfriendly hotel in mind let me know


  11. and anyone who wants to know good clubs for pick can go to hyaat regency , moscow , broadway , regal plaza , panorama , imperial suites

    • hey gautam as far as i know city max is girl frienly and i’m pretty sure panorama is too…. also the above mentioned place are good for pick ups for east europeans and russians moscow is great i’ve heard that regal plaza is good too for the same, not sure about panorama though have never been i heard and happen to notice a lot of black in imperial suites and broadway hotel is a really small club plus the crowd wasn’t too appealing to me., i haven’t personally been to the hyatt regency however i have heard good things about it another one to check out too is the club in the radisson derma creek hotel again i personally haven’t been but have heard that its got a pretty good selection its right next door to the korean bbq restaurant…. if u want filipinos then ratsky and tantra both in the fortune karama hotel in karama are good ratskys gets filled up earlier than tantra though and more girls than tantra usually but both places have a good selection. also karama hotel is girls friendly…. as far as rates go it depends on the date u are planning to book since this is the peak season for bookings especially this week and next week i can’t guarntee that u would get cheap rates….

      • by the way if u are booking in advance then i make sure u do the booking based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY basis so that they u don’t get charged a joiners fee.

    • not too sure to be honest… have never been to the president hotel… u can try…. i think the main thing is that if u are having someone visit u in your room or bringing somebody back to the room just make sure u have booked your room on a double occupancy basis and also that you’re guest/visitor is carrying a VALID and ORIGINAL from of ID with them….

  12. rafiq brother have u recently tired any hotels in bur dubai because i am waiting to book one so a little confused dnt want to end up booking one which doesnt allow 😛 . sorry to distrub you bro

    • Hey gautam, i’m happy to help so no need to say sorry i totally understand respect the concerns u have and am happy to give u a few pointers and tips.

      Personally i don’t book hotels in advance since i live out her in Dubai so usually i just do a walk in at the time that i want to go there most time.

      I have used the Citymax in Bur Dubai once about a year or so ago even that time i had just done a walk in and they had no problem checking me and my companion in for the night. If they have changed their policies or rules since that time then i’m not sure… however a little further down the Road there is also the Manhattan Hotel which i am sure is friendly (yes i have been there too once) since they Have 2 clubs that are pretty popular for pick ups.

      Another Hotel is the Fortune Karama hotel this hotel I have used and still continue to use and i know for a fact that they are girl friendly, they have two popular pick up bars in the hotel itself of which u could say i’m a platinum member (hahaha).

      Also here is one really important thing to remember, which has really worked well for me, ALWAYS BE NICE AND RESPECTFUL TO THE STAFF great them with a smile shake their hands ask how they are…. this little bit of courtesy and respect really goes a long way in making your stay a lot more enjoyable can even result in free upgrades sometimes to bigger better rooms even.

      I’m saying this from experience since at times if i’m really having a good time and tend to click well with girl and feel like i want to spoil myself a bit too in the process i even tend to go all the way to Jumeirah where the 5 star Beach Resorts are and have never had a problem checking in with company or with girls coming to visit me there. As long as they have an original and VALID form of ID ( emirates ID card or their original passport).

      also keep in mind when u are making your booking make sure u book the room for 2 people (Double Occupancy).

      I highlh recommend using for your hotel reservations it’ll give u the best rates for Dubai. and i speak from experience, i love the website so much at times i tend to make my bookings through its mobile app while i’m still at the bar for that same night!!!

      So main points to keep in mind
      1: Make sure your lady is holding an original form of ID and that it is still VALID
      2: No matter how drunk you may be hot even if u have had a bad night and are in a bad mood be nice to the hotel staff and great them respectfully with a smile and such it really goes a long way ( build a good rapport with the hotel staff)
      3: Make sure the room is booked for 2 people (DOUBLE OCCUPANCY)

      Follow these rules and u should not have any problem at all.

      Before i forget the only hotel i know that is not girl friendly is the Moscow hotel. other than that u should be fine.

  13. Thank you very much for your efforts, I will be in Dubai in January ..I will book in capitol Hotel….. I just want to ask you about clubs in capitol Hotel… is it good to pick up girls there ???

    • Hi Sameh, There are two clubs in capitol hotel i haven’t personally been though to the clubs i do know that capitol hotel is girl friendly, and from what i’ve seen when i go to the hotel with a girl the clubs in the hotel have a a very nice crowd of ladies, mostly (eastern european and russian), i’m kind of too comfortable though with my two regular haunts ratskys ( for filipinos) and the moscow hotel (for eastern europeans and russians) that i don’t really try out too many new places unless i have a bad night at either of my regular places ( which so far has not happened). i tend to bring the girls i pick up from moscow hotel to the capitol hotel since the moscow hotel is not girl friendly.

      • By the ay make sure u make the booking for two people ( double occupancy basis) and also when bringing a girl back before anything make sure she is holding a valid and original form of ID ( either a passport or emirates ID card) make sure they are originals and not xerox copies since many hotels here now do not tend to accept xerox copies.

  14. rafiq bhai aapke bolne pe i am booking citymax bur dubai hope it doesnt disappoint me hahah

  15. well it is a good hotel, but like i said the last time i was there was a little over a year ago so i do not know if they have changed their rules… but as long as u are nice to the staff respectable friendly and discreet and as long as your guest as her original ID and as long as u have booked the room for 2 people (double occupancy u shouldn’t have an issue) hope u have a good time in Dubai…

    • If are referring to the Four Points that is located right behind the Majestic Hotel, i think it shouldn’t be a problem as long as your guest has a valid and original for of identification (Passport or Emirates ID) it shouldn’t be an issue…. as for majestic and seaview it also the same rules… if u have guest they need to have an original for of ID to show the front desk… its the main and basically only rule in dubai hotels that they need an original form of ID

  16. Thanks a lot Rafiq for your help .
    Soon I will be visiting Dubai , want to know where can i pick up arabian girls or iranian in hotels or night clubs.

    • don’t really know about arab girls u may find a few iranian girls in the moscow hotel, other than that i’ve heard and noticed that CINCIN/Cigar exchange at the fairmont on sheikh zayed road has morrocan girls may find few arab or iranian too i guess but i’m guessing they’ll cost a pretty penny too

  17. i have only been once to Zinc about 5 years ago so i can’t really comment on it as I had just moved to Dubai at that time.

    I’m not too sure where u can find egyptian or arab girls, but you could try Casba at the one and only Royal Mirage in Jumeirah although i’m pretty sure it won’t be cheap….

          • Hmmm… can’t remember the names of them all.

            Longs Bar, Neos, Double Decker (brunch time), Media City?, Riva Beach club bar, Rock Bottom and a couple of other beach bars on the Palm.

            It’s only day 3. Better pace myself

          • oh well not bad… have u been hanging out with Graham… seems he’s been going to same places too for the last 3 days hahahahah

  18. Don’t forget to check out the club The Moscow hotel too i should be meeting up hopefully in the next few days depending on my schedule and will be hitting my usual Hangout Ratsky in the Fortune Karama Hotel…

  19. Hi Rafiq bro,

    For taking the lady to Capital Hotel, is it better to check in with her or just bring her later. What is the procedure for registering the visitor? I am hoping not to encounter any problems while bringing girl to room in Capitol Hotel. Any feedback from you will be appreciated.



    • usully i just check in with the lady as long as she has Valid for of ID like a passport or Emirates ID card

  20. Hi guys. Kool discussion.

    Question. I live in Dubai but have never been to deira. I’m looking for specifically AFRICAN girls. I heard there is a hotel in deira where you can just go up and they are there brothel style. I’m just curious if there is such a place??

    Also I would appreciate if someone could point me to a place where I can pick up African girls as early as 5 pm.

    What about their rates these day?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Alex – Head to the York Hotel – all Taxi drivers know it.

      As you enter through the doors there is a little pub immediately on the right. You’ll be seated by a waitress, and as soon as you sit down you’ll be joined by a few African girls whether you like it or not. It’s very much the hard-sell.

      This is an early evening type of pub.

      A little later – the bar/club upstairs is where you want to go. Be warned…. when you enter through the doors you’ll not walk more than 10 meters without being set upon by a girl or a gang of them!

      If you are wanting African girls then this is the place. However, you can go one better and actually choose a specific African Country in there!

      Prices can range from 500-2000. Only a mug would pay 2000. Pay no more than 700.

      In the York, it’s more quantity rather than quality!

      Good luck!

    • Alex… it gets better….

      The York is pretty full on. Not for the faint hearted for sure. Stick to your guns and stand your ground. You may have to be rude to get rid of them if you don’t want them all over you.

      For a nicer place that doesn’t have the hard-sell and had a much, much better quality of African women (slim, attractive, nicely dressed) then head to the Marine club. It’s at the Sea View Hotel.

      This place has a Filipino band which are pretty good.

      Try the York.. then try the Sea View!

      We want a full report!

    • One thing to note….

      Whatever clothing you are wearing when you go into the York will end up absolutely reaking of smoke. If you’re on day 1 of your ‘good for 5 days’ wearing of your jeans you’ll need to put them in the wash.

      Absolutely stinks.

      My main problem with Dubai is all the fucking dirty, disgusting smoking everywhere. When you are drinking, eating, hangin out there is always someone near you smoking. Bastards

          • I May be a bastard but definitely not dirty and disgusting…. better watch out might just stiff u in the trunk of my Merc…. hahahaha

          • hehe….

            I heard that smoking was (or is going to be) banned in Dubai restaurants. What’s the deal with bars/clubs?

            Seems odd that with all these trendy/expensive places here – they’ve not followed all other Countries/Cities when it comes to their smoking laws?

          • Too many smokers i guess there is some kind of a lounge/club smoking loop hole although there are some clubs that have designated smoking areas while others u can smoke where u like….

  21. So Moscow is NOT girl friendly any longer? Damn, had a great time there in March 12. But you can still meet the girls at the Red Square, am I correct? Where would you recommend to stay at a reasonable price near by?

    Appreciate the help.

  22. Hi Rafiq,
    Can u tell me girl friendly places on Shaikh Zayed Road? I had been to Zinc.. It was dud on a Thursday evening. Had to pay 100 AED to get in as well. Any places here to pick up CIS , European, Iranian girls?

  23. One place i know on Sheikh Zayed Road is CINCIN at the Fairmont hotel i think they have mostly moroccan as well as some iranian girls. For CIS and eastern European girls can go to Red Square in the Moscow hotel there are also Iranian girls at the moscow hotel sometimes too.

  24. Okay frIends, advice needed. I’m a two or three girl at once kinda guy. Living and working in Saudi means you can see why Dubai is my playground. I’m well travelled there but mainly around the Al Mankhool area. I would like some replies that guide me to the best guest friendly hotels or apartments for multiple guests for LT In readiness for my trip later this month. Thanks in advance.

  25. My advice get an apartment!!!! damn i dunno any hotels that would allow u that many girls at one time in your room, even if they are girls friendly hotels…..

  26. I just heard the SeaView is no longer girl friendly…anyone hear that recently?

    • We’ll be heading to the SeaView (Marine Bar) in a day or so – so we’ll ask!

    • No Idea i have never used the Seaview hotel….. i think the main issue is that the girls need to have either their original Passport or Emirates ID to present to the front desk at check in… The rule in any hotel in Dubai is NO ID NO ROOM the only hotel i know for sure that is not girl friendly is the Moscow hotel

  27. Yea I routinely visit Dubai and know problems with SeaView, but was told by someone today, that it is no longer girl friendly…hope I am hearing wrong!…Cheers.

  28. Gentlemen, what are the best hotels / clubs in Al Mankhool area to pick up a girl (non African) preferably east European or Russian and what will be the cost? Are hotels Ramada and Majestic girl friendly? Appreciate some advise!!

  29. guys i have just returned from dubai and almost all the hotels in bur dubai are not girlfriendly . i stayed at four point sheraton behind citymax even that is not gf . i think only majestic is gf . best place for russian and european is regal plaza , moscow , hyaat diera,broadway .that rates in regal moscow and broadway varyfrom 500 – 1000 dhm

    • gautam – odd. My pal is staying at the Four Points and he has taken girls back there this past week. I was staying next door at the Rotana and saw guys bringing girls back with no issues. I even have a work colleague who has a single occupancy room at the Rotana take a girl back on more than one occasion just last week.

      • Graham the there is is another Four Points in the Bur Dubai area also and i have heard heart that that particular property can be unfriendly at times… but i have never stayed there.

  30. What i have observed that hotels have become quite strict for not allowing guest to the room in Bur dubai. Hotel melia for instance used to be friendly hotel but not any more due to fines imposed on them by local authorities.
    It is strange that bars are full of girls but you cant take them anywhere.!

    • There are still hotels where u can go personally i haven’t encountered any problems so far but i also guess for visiting tourists who happen to be bringing in a different girl every day or every few hours is somewhat of a nuisance factor too hence why the hotel policies could be becoming stricter seeing as the hotels also have families that stay too not just single male travellers….i think there is also a nuisance factor involved in terms of how inebriated the guest could be after all…. its not just fines but the hotel risks losing its license and being shut down for good by the law if they are tied to any problems that may occur….

      • Is there any truth in this fact that local authorities are continuously monitoring hotels guests check-in details. This is the version i got from this hotel.
        It is a fact that everyday there will be different girl accompanying so one cannot change hotel every next day.
        Please share hotel names which are currently girl friendly in Bur Dubai. Thnx

        • It is true that the hotel check in directories are monitored i have also heard of it…. the Fortune Karama hotel is girl friendly and i think Manhattan is still girl friendly have also heard that the Majestic is girl friendly, and the Capitol hotel on Mina road. As long as you’re companion does have an orginal and valid form of ID then there shouldn’t be a problem

          • But the reason to monitor is to make sure that no one is being a nuisance….. because many times a guy/girl would be drunk bringing a companion back to his/her room and in the whole state of things tend to even try to rip the other off by not paying him/her or they get violent if the he/she is not willing to do some sort of crazed sex act as the other wishes and vice versa too….

    • visit Ku-Bu in Radisson Blu Deira. You will find Iranian, Europeans etc.
      girl rates are bit expensive!

      • not to sure haven’t been there in a long time… usually hotel guests i think is free entry

        • Went there yesterday! 100 entry charge on weekdays and 150 on weekends/ladies night.. Thts too expensive i guess.. I found iranian, russian, ukrainian, turkish etc.. and decent quality.. rates were a bit high avg 1500.. But lots of girls to choose from.. tht was a plus.. never seen so many in one club.. Any other places like red square? Decent quality and lots of them to chose from?

    • not that i’m aware of…. however have seen some blacks around in the habtoor grand at horizon and XL beach club a few years ago…. but i’m assuming they won’t be cheap at all

  31. if u take a table entry is free for u and 4 friends but there is a minimum spend of 1000 dirhams

  32. Rafiq,
    Planning to visit Dubai this weekend, have got room booked at Fortune Karama on double occupancy basis.
    Am interested in picking up a phillipina girl, Is it OK if I pick up a girl from ratsky or tantra and do they allow to take her to the room.

    • of course it’s ok if the girls is willing to go with u… the fortune karama is also a girl friendly hotel as long as they have ID on them u won’t have a problem…. and if u see my comments and the actual post i recommend Ratsky if u want to pick up filipino women….

    • Yes xerox copies are no longer accepted at 99 percent of hotels…… also fro tourist i highly suggest when u book your hotel book it for 2 people (double occupancy) to avoid issues withe the front desk when brining a gust back at night

  33. I would be checking in, in in the evening and the girl would be later on in the night dont feel it should be a problem (as long as she has an original id on her) whats your opinion.

    • u already have a girl lined up thats fast….. it won’t be a problem just hand over the ID to front desk if they ask when u and your guest are going back to the room

  34. i’ve used the karama hotel a lot times when taking girls form ratsky and tantra and as long as they have ID there is no problem at all

  35. Many thanks for your comments and i decided on ratsky based on your earlier posts in this forum.
    thanks to you and Graham as well for keepin us all updated and informed.

    Dolphin Hotel down the road from York is also girl friendly.

    • No problem always happy to help…. and in my humble opinion between ratsky and tantra the selection and crowd of filipinas is more in Ratsky… but keep in mind the place starts to fill up after 10:30 or 11 pm usually….

  36. i dont have a girl lined up but i will be checking in in the late afternoon so thats why it would be different timings as

  37. timing won’t be an issue also i’m not too sure but maybe u can check with the front desk because usually Ratsky has a entry charge but maybe they let hotel guest in with no charge….

  38. U won’t have any problem taking a girl back to your room in fortune karama regardless of timing so don’t worry about that…. who knows u may even run into me or graham at ratsky this weekend….. to get a better idea of the prices today i highly recommend u read graham’s post called a “A night out with Rafiq”

  39. Stayed at Four Points Sheraton on Shaikh Zayed last week and was not allowed to bring guests. Guests no longer allowed on Sheikh Zayed Road hotels.. Anyone else faced this?

    • I stayed next door at the Towers Rotana for all of February. My buddy quite frequently brought girls back there without issue.

    • was the room booked on a double occupancy basis also did your guest have a original form of ID?

      A lot people tend to complain about hotels not being girl friendly when in cutlass fact the issue is that either the girl doesn’t have her original form of ID on her or that the room was only booked for 1 person….

      the only place i know of so far that is not friendly and requires u to give your guests name and information at the time of booking the hotel is the Moscow hotel…. other wise i’ve never had an issue with most hotels as long as i book for 2 people and my guest has an original form of ID…. NOT A XEROX COPY….

      • Yes.. Its was booked for 2.. She had original passport.. Reception said crime branch had visited hotel 2 weeks back and had asked to stop visitors. Reason given was they have too many cases pending in courts.. and no of instances r increasing.. couldn’t quite get the logic myself..

        • thats new to me…. could be because of the rise in people going back with girls and then getting little too rough or violent in the room when things aren’t going their way…. or they try to cheat the girl out of her money… maybe try the crown plaza or the fairmont on sheikh payed road next time or even towers Rotana a Graham mentioned earlier

  40. bro i as i have written above i stayed in four point sheraton behind citimax i was not allowed girl . all the hotels are now strict. i stayed 23 feb to 1 march .

    • Gents,

      You always have the option of asking the girl where to go – if your facilities are not available. They have many places available to them.

      They might not be to the standard of your nice hotel room, but then, they’ll not ask you for your I.D or passport!

      • Graham that is true in terms of the Africans and chinese… but with filipinos (this is just my personal experience though so i could be wrong) they don’t have a place of their own most times and rely on the guy getting a hotel room… they may know a few budget hotels around that would accommodate though with or without ID i’m guessing…..

    • Gautam I do remember mentioning that the particular four points u stayed at is in fact not girl friendly once too….. i though u had booked the city max last time…. although and this just my personal experience…. its always good to get to know the manager of the hotel u are staying and build a good rapport with them becuase they can then bend some of the rules for u as they did for a friend of mine who also once stayed at the say four points as u…. i think one of the reasons i never have a problem with hotels is because of 2 things…. when i’m checking in my lady is with me at the time of check in so that solves one issue because the front desk sees us as a couple rather than a hooker and her “John” and i tend to build a good rapport with the front desk staff as well as the duty managers so in future if i’m staying more than a night at said hotel and i want another friend to visit me then they tend to be accommodating too…. building friendships with hotel staff really helps a lot….

  41. rafiq bhai now a days even girls have started asking which hotel you stay ? and does your hotel allow lady ? because even they know its strict now ? i wount give wrong information but this what i have faced

    • i know u aren’t giving the wrong information…. i am aware that hotels are becoming strict these days…. i was just mentioning that there are ways to bend the rules sometimes if u can build a good friendship or rapport with the management of the hotel…

  42. Hi There,
    Which is the best point up joint in Al Riqqa Deira, Which one is the best night club with dance floor in this area.

    • Around the Al Rigga area there is Moscow hotel that has a good club, and metro manila in the Grand central hotel and Boracay in the Asiana hotel and Muse in the Fortune grand hotel these are the ones i know about

  43. Hi all.

    This may sound a little unusual but I’m looking to know whether I can find a place to meet open minded couples. African specifically. I wanna try a session with a couple.

    Do u think if I go to the York I can find ?
    Has anyone done this before?
    Can I ask one of the girls there to do this for me?

    Thanks guys.

    • Jason – are you a couple looking for a couple? Or are you single and wanting a couple? Are you just wanting a couple of ladies? Surely you are not wanting to get it on with another dude?!!

      At the York you can get pretty much anything. Having said that – when people mention the York to me, I run like hell!

      • Graham!


        Well. I am a guy. Not a couple.

        I’m curious but not to the extent of crossing the bridge completely. Just wanna try something.

        What makes the York sooo bad? Do tell.

        Is there anywhere I can have a simple agreement with a black couple or a girl that would arrange it?

        I’m so curious and intrigued.


        • Jason, Jason, Jason……. Are you just poking your head out the closet door?!!!

          I don’t like the York as the girls are way too aggressive with the hard sell. They’re not the most good looking of women either.

          Get yourself to the Marine Bar (Sea View Hotel) and you’ll find plenty of friendly women there which can cater for all your needs.

          There is a big black security dude there too – which I am sure for a few bucks will join in your little party!


  44. I am going to meet my GF on the 18 of July, Which hotels are safe
    Hilton Dubai Creek Hotel, was thinking about booking this one.

    • hey as long as u two are checking in together and she has valid ID u won’t have a problem i think

  45. Dears, Any body know if capitol hotel is still girl friendly. I am planning to be there on the 5th of May. Please advise and thanks in advance.

    • yes it is as long as u book on a double occupancy basis, otherwise they level a joiner fee

  46. Hi guys

    Can you advise which hotel is girl friendly . IIm traveling next week for three days

  47. hi graham

    I have booked majestic tower .hope there is no issue bringing your guests .

    Last time I stayed in Moscow it was super green but now they don’t allow guests in rooms .

    Just want to make sure

    • Ash….

      Our sources say that Majestic is all systems go!

      Capitol is also girl friendly.

      However, should it turn out not to be, I don’t want to receive an invoice for your hotel stay. 🙂

  48. Is the Dubai Grand Hotel girl friendly? I hear there that is where the Arab girls hang out.

    • Thank you for your reply. I used to stay at the Moscow but I hear it is no longer girlfriendly

      • yeah the Moscow hotel has stopped allowing guests to visit for a about 4 and half years now i think unless the guest is already pre-registered at the time of booking and is checking in with u… but u can always try the Capitol hotel its actually a really good hotel rooms as nice clean and large too and good value for money as well as girl friendly…. even have their own in house club called Savage Garden

        • Great Info Rafiq,

          I haven’t been to the Moscow since 2011. It was fun back then. How is the club at the Capitol? What girls frequent there?


          • pretty much the same type of crowd u see at the club in Moscow hotel from what i have observed when staying at the hotel but i haven’t personally been yet to the club in the capitol hotel

  49. I appreciate your input. I will definately use your info. I’ll be coming to Dubai for a 3 night stay 21-23 May.

    • Hi guys stayed at majestic tower dubai .super green no issues at all .

      Stayed from 20 April onwards for 5 days


      • Great to know Ash. Thanks.

        Anything you can share with us? Places to go? Prices?

        Where to avoid??!?!

        Hope you had fun.

        • Went to nu by sas radisson super babes but expensive expect to pay min 1k .!

          Regal plaza hotel club .nice girls going rate 600 to 800 though they ask more .

          Avoid citymax no action there security is tight

          Panorama hotel great place to find action .good girls but not worth more then 500

          My suggestion do not pay more then 800 for night

          • Hi rafiq
            What meant was kubu bar sas radisson
            Diera creek .you find nice Moroccan girls for 1500 ..

          • that makes a little more sense… been to KuBu before a little too small in terms of size though… but i like the restaurants around it….

  50. Hi guys

    I’m here in Dubai on my own. I don’t usual go out on my own but am getting bored at home. Can anyone advise which is the best club / bar to visit on your to make friends and also pick up some girls. I usually like Indians or pakistanis. Please advise the best cheapest place please. Also I’ve always wanted to an Arab or local where can I find these and how much is the going rate? Looking forward to replies so that I can go out meet friends and pick up nice women.
    Cheers yogs

    • no idea about where u would find the girls u want unfortunately but in terms of meeting and picking up girls there are lots of places available…. just read the comments you’ll find lots of useful information recommendations and tips in there on where to go and what to expect too….

  51. oh by the way for the boxing fans in dubai here is a list of places showing the match live on sunday morning here in dubai

    Wings & Rings, Liberty house in DIFC AED 150 per person includes soft drinks and Breakfast

    Boracay Night Club, Asiana Hotel in Deira AED 80 per person includes Breakfast

    Club 7, Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel in Bur Dubai AED 88 per person includes Breakfast

    Atelier, Pier 7 at Dubai Marina AED 99 per person includes 5 star Breakfast (whatever that is supposed to mean)

    Novo Cinemas, at select branches around Dubai tickets are AED 99 per person (think it includes breakfast too)

    All venues open between 4 and 5 am

  52. Guest Friendly site shows that the Moscow is back in the green. Is this true? Looking to be in Dubai 21-24 May. Any input is appreciated

  53. Yeah the capitol is always a dependable place… they even have an a club there too filled with the same crowd as Moscow hotel

  54. Guys,
    Just to ad to the wonderful help out here. Admiral plaza right opposite royal ascot is girl friendly. Tariff for a decent double room is 225 AED (with breakfast).

      • hey glen if like filipino girls also check out ratsky in the karama hotel

        • Rafiq,

          Thank you. Took your advice and booked Karama for 3 nights later this month. Now I’m looking for info on Thailand in October. Anyone have any ideas?

          • Thailand info? Hmm if only there was someone who has lived there the last few years and even owned a few bars????

            For another thread…

            I’ll put some links in later for you to read.

          • thats great glen…. u will not be disappointed there are two clubs in Karama hotel… Ratsky and tantra… i personally recommend ratsky, the crowd three will not disappoint u at all in my humble opinion but still check out both clubs and see which u like better…. i just got back from ratsky now and i as always had an amazing time there

          • as far as thailand info goes glen, go through the rest of the this website it is filled with info on thailand…… (in my humble opinion better and more realistic than stickman)

  55. mrinal this a question off topic but do u live in mumbai in the petit hall building? and is your last name “Todi”?

  56. hello bros
    does anyone has idea whether four points sheraton in bru dubai is gf or not??
    check-in should be together with lady??
    please advise..

  57. Great Forum guys and thanks for the updates. After reading the posts I have been frequenting Ratskys quite a bit. Maybe would be good to hook up for a drink if you are guys are regulars there.

  58. Help required.
    I understand it’s a dry day in dubai all over is that correct and if so are there any underground places I can to enjoy tonight. Your help will be highly appreciated

    • asking about such things u may as well just go to the airport and fly back where u came from DRY DAY MEAN JUST THAT it is DRY DAY .. u want to drink then find a friend who lives here and go to their house to drink other wise forget it…

  59. Cool thank u for ur reply. I had heard that there a few clubs which are open. Guess will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

  60. Rafiq,

    Any idea on how long this might be going on for? I picked a fine time to book a visit next Thursday then. Lol. Fml

    • its just a one day thing everything will be back to normal after 8pm tomorrow night

  61. Had a nice stay at the Fortune Karama last month. Good selection of cute Pinay girls there. I saw a couple cute pakastani girl there, but they weren’t very sociable. Once delectable woman from Kenya. Hotel was a decent deal. A little run down but it is what it is. You can pull the girl there in the range of 500-1000. What is with that Mumbai dancer gils bar? Anyone have the skinny on how you pull from there? I was totally confused. I’m going to hit Dubai again next weekend. How is the Metropolitan or York for bringing your girl to? I guess the Moscow is still in the red. no pun intended.

    • Glenn – thanks for the update. I’ve not bothered venturing out this month due to Ramadan. It’s all shit! No live bands and if there is any music – you can’t hear it. Many of the girls are using this time to naff off on their holidays.

      Mumbai dancer bar? Not heard of that one?

      Am I reading it right that you are planning to take your girl to the York?!?! Why would you do that?! The girls in there are nuts and will be all over you like a cheap suit. Regardless of whether you’re with someone or not. Absolute monsters the lot of them!

      Maybe Rafiq can give an update on these places during Ramadan. For me personally, I am enjoying a little ‘me’ time over this period.

      Having said that – I was so pissed off with it, I jumped on a plane to Bangkok for a few days!

      • Graham,

        Thanks for the info. I’m just taking a short 2 night break in Dubai before I head off on the 7th back to the States for 30 days. I was just curious if the York Hotel is gf. I know of the club there, but haven’t stayed at the York. Only been to the Moscow, my choice but not gf and the Fortune Karama, low end, but gf.

        I do however have a trip to Pattaya planned for the end of August for 8 days. I’ve done a bunch of research on You Tube and can’t wait to experience it. I’m sure I will be ruined for sure.

  62. Rafiq,

    any good info for whats going on now? How is the Majestic Hotel Tower? GF? I stayed at Fortune Karama a month ago, so I’m aware of that place. Really looking for Arabian girls or African this time. But any input is of value. Just looking for a solid gf Hotel that has or is close to pick ups.

    • Hey Glen,

      Well during Ramadan its really like what Graham said, its dull and quiet without the DJs or live bands, but none the less, I have found Longs bar a good place to go to pick up girls (mainly uzbeks and black girls there) and the hotel (Towers Rotana) on SZR is also gf, plus room rates are cheap since its ramadan…. also stables is a hit and a miss, if u and there is dubliners irish pub at the meridian airport village too. at majestic hotel there is the music room which i think is open but am not too sure though.

  63. girl prices might be a little higher though since its ramadan and also due to the lack of customers too during the month (hey girl has gotta eat too right?)

    • well to be honest i have never really had a problem with hotel in Dubai, when taking a girl, i’ve used Fortune karama as well as capitol one, even the towers rotana too, have also used the slightly higher end hotels like the Habtoor grand resort Le Royal Meridian Beach resort, as well as the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort in Jumeirah Beach residence, and never had a problem as long as your guest has a valid form of ID (Passport or emirates ID) i don’t have any issues at all….. i think the only hotel i know that is not gf is the moscow hotel.

  64. Hi Guys, moving to Dubai next week. Know any girl friendly hotels in Al Barsha area? Also, any good pick up place close by? Will this be open in Ramadan? Thanks

    • I have pretty much written off Dubai during Ramdan. Service staff being told not to laugh, no music, no booze until 8…. total shite.

      What gets me is – Ramadan is supposed to make you think about all those who are less fortunate than yourselves. Then why is it all the car dealers are offering cheap deals on cars durng Ramadan?!

      Poor fookers who have nothing – are not going to be buying cars!

      I am stopping now…..

      • the discounts are like an early christmas shopping incentive to get all gifts and such for eid actually.

        • “an early christmas shopping incentive”? CHRISTMAS?!?!?!?! Are you sure?!?! 😆

          I could rant on – but this isn’t the place to do so. I just think the whole deal is wrong. Why not spend the month sharing / donating to the poor and needy?

          Someone told me yesterday that her landlord is being very polite and friendly to her during Ramadan and it’s nice. My argument is why isn’t he polite all year round?

          • not literally christmas… it was a an example since eid is like the muslims version of christmas where friends and family visit each other and even exchange gifts or buy gifts for themselves…. there are plenty of donation drives going on too throughout the month of ramadan too though just not very publicly advertised for some reason though…. but i understand what u mean about being nice and polite and agree with it too

  65. Where can I find female company in barsha? ST, Sensual massage… and not too expensive. Thanks guys

  66. although a lot of massage parlours do tend to leave business cards on car windshields so u could keep a look out for such business cards

  67. Hi Rafiq,

    I am currently in Abu-Dhabi and will be coming for Dubai Thursday July 9th. I am looking for eastern European/Russian girls. Any place you know might be open in Ramada. I know the lounge on Moscow Hotel is open after 8pm but not sure if girls there.
    Thanks a lot.

    • the bars in moscow hotel is the place i go to for eastern european/russian girls. and if the bar in the hotel is open then i there definitely are girls to be found there too then.

    • I haven’t stayed at the movenpick in JBR how ever i have used the Habtoor grand, Le royal meridian and the Sheraton resort in JBR and have never had a problem bringing a girl back to the hotel with me just make sure your girl has a valid form of ID with her (Passport or emirates ID), i’m guessing it will be pretty much the same with the movenpick too as long as your guest has a valid ID there should be no problem but as i said i have never used movenpick yet there

  68. Thanks a lot for the info Rafiq! I know the timing is not right but if you have any other pointers or tips on places to check please do tell. Thanks again!

    • nothing much really for ramadan unfortunately since i myself haven’t been at at all during ramadan this year…..

      • In echo of what Rafiq said – it’s pretty crap here right now.

        Fortunately, I am off to the UK for the next few days.

  69. Hi I am visiting dubai next month, I am intrested in iranian, morrocan girls and pakistani girls as well.please advise me the pick up points and price range also advise me the gfriendly hotels nearby.

    • morrocan girls i think u will find at the fairmont hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road in a bar called CINCIN.Cigar Exchange, maybe some iranian too not too sure about the rates but i’m guessing it won’t be cheap as for pakis i have no idea…. for hotels the only un friendly one i know of is the moscow hotel other wise i haven’t really had a problem with bringing girls to a hotel as long as they have a valid ID to present at the front desk. and as long as the room is booked on a double occupancy basis

        • the standard reply is that they don’t allow guests when u call them (security and hotel Standard Operating Protocols as per the “laws of the land”) but if u happen to be checking in together they won’t stop u or if u have someone coming over then all they need is a valid ID… this is from personal experience.

        • Although as an Update the New Four Points By Sheraton that is situated just behind the Majestic hotel on Mankhool Road is indeed not girl friendly as told to me by a friend of mine from Toronto who was staying there the last time he was in Dubai

  70. After reading ur review on karama hotel, I went to booking the hotel online and saw some people comments that to bring in the guest you require extra payment (even for the 2 people booking for 1 room? Can u update if this is correct?

    • I have never really tried to book the karama hotel in advance i usually just happen to check in spur of the moment if i happen to pick someone up at the bar in the hotel that same night and happen to be too drunk to drive anywhere or too lazy to take a cab so can’t really comment on the extra person charge they only thing i do know is that with any hotel your guest must present a valid ID to front desk when accompanying u to the room.

      • This means it’s better to book the hotel once get some one at the bar or any other hotel..,, do u think it’s cheap to book at that time? What is Karama charging on real time booking, I plan to come after one week of eid.. ThAnx for the feedback

        • well depends the prices usually go a little higher on the weekends, usually its been between 500 to 1500 dirhams a night depending on the room/suite and day of the week and the wether the hotel is full or not, however this the first I’ve heard of karama hotel charging extra for guests must new rules since they were bought over by the Fortune Group.

  71. ThNx for the reply, can I book for few hours lets say 11.00 to 4.00 and charge Accordingly. Do they Allow ?or any other guest friendly hotel allow this? Thanks again for ur feedbacks

      • Thanks a lot, you should open some tourist consultancy firm there, great feedback, dear one last question as I will be visiting Dubai 1st time. When selecting a girl for LT, does this mean she will stay with until morning together like until 7 to 8 am?

        • yup thats what it usually means if you are nice enough and the girl enjoys your company could go longer than 7 or 8 am even….

  72. 2 weeks ago I booked at The Majestic Hotel for 55 USD a night and they are GF.

    • i’ve heard the majestic has nice large and comfy rooms……. can usually find quite a few african girls downstairs in the bar called music room….

  73. well now with ramadan over and the bars back in in action i plan to head out and see the if any crops have come in this weekend so anyone fancy a pint?

  74. Hi
    I am visiting Dubai next week booking in hotel avenue deira. Is there girl pickup point nearby …. I heard al nasr area CHI nightclub is filled with pickup for girls. Is it right?????

    • Avenue hotel does have a bar called 49ers, i haven’t been there personally but have heard that u could pick up girls there. i’m not sure about chi at all…. also close to avenue is the moscow hotel where u can pick up girls too

      • Hi rafiq

        I am new to dubai.will u please advise some of the girl friendly hotels near al rigga metro station road.

        • there are lots of hotels in that area, but i have never personally stayed there now for over a year, i used to use grand central hotel but they have started a new policy of charging u for two rooms if the people in the room are of not of the same nationality, however i think Avenue hotel may be girl friendly i’m not sure will have to ask simon after his visit i guess…. but to be honest if the room is booked for 2 people ( even if only one person is checking in) there shouldn’t be a problem bringing anyone back to the room as long as they have a valid and original for of ID on them

  75. Hi Rafiq,

    Thanks for you Valuable Comments.
    I will be there in Ratsky on this Weekend Thursday/ Friday
    Hope will meet there

  76. Hi,

    most of the hotels in deira are not girl friendly. you need to check in with the girl in one time that is of your nationality (As per hotel avari) .However other hotels you need to do check in one time only. so before bookin or check in double confirm…..ha ha ha …..

    • Joe – all the information in the post and indeed the comments from Rafiq is correct.

      Different people may have different experiences based upon how they carry themselves or behave at the hotels or with the girls.

      • Joe, my information and advice is all based on my own personal experiences as well as that of my friends and as Graham said also different people may have different experiences based on how the conduct themselves and how they behave too…. in earlier comments I have mentioned that its always good to build a good report with the staff on duty (i.e the person checking u in, the manager on duty, as well as the bellboys even). believe it or not but here a little kindness and good sense of humour really does go a long way to make your stay memorable….

        However though I will once again mention my list of girl friendly yet affordable hotels that i recommend:

        Capitol Hotel Mina Road next to Satwa: This hotel is girl friendly and even has a in-house club of its own called savage garden (Russian and European Girls)

        Majestic Hotel Mankhool Road Bur Dubai: Again girl friendly and they have a bar called The Music Room (Mostly African Girls)

        Fortune Karama Hotel: Girl Friendly by far a popular choice too since it has two clubs on the property:

        Ratsky (Filipino girls)

        Tantra (mix of filipino and african girls)

        another thing to remember is to book on a double occupancy basis to avoid a joiner fee but also because it tends to be a better/cheaper rate also than booking for one person if u use websites such as or

  77. Hi Rafiq,

    I am visiting first time to Dubai, can you please advise whether Capitol Hotel / Savage Garden is a girl pick up point?

    If I check in before; can the hotel allow my girl later night???

    And do you know if the night club is a place full of ‘cheap’ people? Sorry to ask but my office mate told me it’s a cheap place full of cheap people. I ask you as you are a regular in Dubai


    • Gents – a polite note…..

      If you are posting for the 1st time – your comment may go into ‘moderation’ until the site admin team (me) approves it. Don’t worry, it will get through. You do not need to keep re-posting it.

      Also – I understand that English may not be your first language – but it the comment makes no sense then it will get trashed!

      Carry on.!

    • have never personally visited savage garden myself say cannot comment about people or the prices but have been told by others that it is a pick up joint.

      the capitol hotel is girl friendly and as long as u have booked the room as a double occupancy and your guest has ID then u shouldn’t have a problem.

      “cheap” depends on your own personal spending power and idea of cheap everyones thoughts on the matter will differ….

  78. Hi rafiq
    Do u have any idea about girl pockup points in TECOM,DUBAI MARINA AND AL AND AL BARSA area.

    • Go to Q bar at holiday in Barsha, hurdule sports bar and Pub at city max hotel barsha. Range 700 – 1000AED mostly Asian and Africain girls

  79. I’m not quite sure about those areas however I have heard that Rock Bottom in the Ramee Hotel in tecom sometimes has girls that are there for pick ups, but other than that i’m not really aware of those areas

  80. Hi
    Any one have any idea about Buddha bar and Barasti bar in dubai marina area for girls pick ip point.


          • in reality you’re bound to find a working woman or few for that matter regardless of what club or bar u go to….. its dubai after all….

        • i still remember G’s colleague picking up a girl in a restaurant during brunch!!! lol

      • Yeap rafiq
        I will …. dont worry
        I think u r bit irritated….
        Ha ha ….

        • Chaps – please understand that Rafiq is just a regular guy who has been in Dubai awhile and is kind enough to share his knowledge.

          He is not working for Tourist Information so don’t be put out if he can’t answer all your questions.

          If a small percentage of people Rafiq has helped out on this blog bothered to come back here and tell of their experiences – we’d all be better informed.

          Those of you that have come back and shared – a big thank-you to you!

          • Well said….I thought Rafiq started being seen as a tour guide;-)…..what about go there and make you own experiences like most of us….

  81. Rafiq; Please advice me there is any place in Dubai where I can Pick up Arab girls or air hostess. please post on available information’s include Range. Thank you for everything. you are a great Bro.

    • No idea about arab girls and as far as air hostesses go they are everywhere but they don’t moonlight as working girls…. This isn’t India where air hostesses have to do such things because here in they actually get paid well and on time and have lots of fringe benefits too.

    • the places i know of i have already mentioned over and over and over again one last time:

      Ratsky, Fortune Karama Hotel (Filipinos)
      Tantra, Fortune karama Hotel (Filipinos and blacks)
      Red Square, Moscow Hotel (Russian, Eastern Europe, Some Black, some Iranian, and some vietnamese)
      SeaView Hotel (Mix of Blacks and Vietnamese and Some Chinese)
      York Hotel (Mix of Blacks and Chinese)

      rates vary between 300 to 500 for short time and 700 to almost 2000 for long time depending on how charming u are and how your skills of negations are….

        • You know… I think I am going to ask my web-man to come up with way of having an automated response that says ‘READ THE FUCKING POST’ when people ask questions that are already answered.

          If not, I have a feeling Rafiq is going submit an invoice at the end of the month for all his time he is putting in.

          • I agree with you Graham. Read the posts, if its NOT on there ask anyone in General, not just Rafiq. Its pretty much the same venues all the time. Fortune Karama, Majestic, York, Panorama and Moscow. Or google GF Hotels. its not that hard.

          • How did u know that i’ve been drawing up an invoice????? was going to surprise u with it when i see u next….

  82. Rafiq, can you please list every girl friendly hotel in the whole of Dubai and what bars have what nationality girls. I know you have nothing better to do, maybe G. can help because i am incapable to research the place by myself….haha ‘sarcasm off’
    Rock on….

    • Frank thats 100 dirhams per letter then with a advance of 50000 dirhams before i can start compiling the long list plus expenses, need to do a little more research if u want it every little detail verified and proven…. hahahaha

      • Hahaha, mate if I come there I make my own experiences but certainly would enjoy a few drinks with you,

        • be glad to show u around if u do come down to dubai…. but then very few can actually keep up with me when it comes to drinking lol……

          • ok…i accept the challenge but we will both be fucked up in the morning….maybe G can be the designated driver:-)

          • Gents… took a work colleague to the airport last night. Stopped off at Jules Bar at the Meriden Hotel for a farewell drink.

            – Holy crap it’s changed in the last 6 months. Loads of Vietnamese in there. Not so many Russians as before.

            Loads of stunners.

            Get yourself down there.

          • Absolute shite.

            Sorry, but there is something just not right about a gay Filipino boy singing to the crowd.

            The female singers were not much better.

            Better of with a DJ – playing music the way it was intended by the original artist.

            By all means have some hot girls dancing on a stage for something to look at.

          • will have to check it out though thats for sure… i k now the dj is pretty good but the live bands there have been kind of hit an miss….. as is the crowd but guess things are changing

  83. Hi Guys….Any reviews about Buddha Bar? Rates?

    Also any idea if Shangri La Sh Zayed Rd would GF?

  84. Listen Fella’s,

    Rafiq has pretty much layed it out there where for GF hotels and where the girls are at. I think its pretty much up to you to investigate what your monetary layout is at each place. Your main concern is a GF Hotel. After that I think you are on your own. The price depends on your negotiating skills and how business is for the girls at that time. Lets give Rafiq a break and start giving him some feedback so its not only him dishing out the goods.

    • Well said Glenn.

      A little update. A pal of mine snapped up a rather stunning girl the other night from Jules. Price agreed at 1200dhs.

      He is staying at the Towers Rotana – so we headed back to Longs bar with the intention of having a drink in there and slipping up the stairs direct to his hotel room.

      Unfortunately it all went tits-up and he ended up walking around to the front (should have waved his key at the bouncer) and was asked to produce I.D for the girl.

      There was no problem – they just had to register the ‘guest.

      My pal bottled it and paid the girl the money and said it wasn’t going to happen!

      On Buda bar – tried to get in there with 2 pals the other month. They said they don’t allow groups of males and we needed to be with women?!?! So if you’re looking for a girl in there, best off going with a girl. Not sure how that’s gonna work?!

      That place is now dead to me.

  85. With that being said, I’ve recently pulled a stunning Ethiopian girl from York and a gorgeous Vietnamese girl from Panorama for 750 all night. You can negotiate the Phillino girls at the Fortune Karama for 500 all night. No off to Pattaya for 11 days later this week. Then Angeles City in Sept.

    • Glenn – please give us a little report on Patts after.

      Not been there this year – don’t think I’ll get the chance either.

      • Graham,

        I sure will buddy. It will be my first time there, but I’ve been doing a lot of research on it and really looking forward to the experience. Have read up on all you and the gang have posted from there. I’ll try to give a day to day up date while there, but you already know how that will go. If I am up to it, but will keep copious notes.

        • Excellent!!

          Obviously do a Soi 6 run in the day-time. Just to see the horrors!

          The Penthouse Hotel is as seedy as hell – with sex toys, jacuzzis, swings, dancing poles, mirror ceilings…etc… good fun for partying in!

          I used to write on my ‘notes’ app on my phone as I went along through the night. Looking back on them I don’t remember half the stuff we got unto.

          Shit I am jealous now!

          • Graham,

            Thanks for the advice. I’ll certainly make a daytime run. I’ll be staying at the Walking Street Guest House. Its a little dive on the strip so I don’t have to worry “TOO MUCH” about getting lost in my stupor. I added 3 more days onto my visit so I’ll need to book a hotel for my first 3 nights, might just do the Penthouse, or hop a 3 day venture to Angeles City then come back for 8 days to Patts. I looked into Cambodia, but it was pricey for 3 days.

    • I’ve pulled a gorgeous Vietnamese from from the seaview before too Price was AED 1000 all night and she even joined us for brunch the next day too…. although I’ve noticed with Vietnamese girls though the price also happens to depend on the location too, i.e:Seaview she said AED 1000 for the night if at jules could go up to AED1500 and Red Square at Moscow Hotel AED 2000. with that being said, I had Visited Moscow Hotel just before the start of Ramadan and noticed there are quite a few Vietnamese stunners there too lately.

      Personally I have never been a fan of african women unfortunately i find them too aggressive and greedy for my liking…..

      • I hear you Rafiq,

        This Ethiopian wasn’t attire for work. She worked a Warehouse as a clerk an was there for a few drinks with her friends. Guess she decided to make a little on the side. She wasn’t pushy at all. Unlike most of the women at the York.

        • It’s also worth noting lads that we all have different tastes. What I think is a Princess, others may see as a frog.

          My pal has paid from 500 to 1500 in the above mentioned places. Having said that – he was a regular and would take 2 or 3 at a time.. 2 or 3 times a week.

          The horny little rat.

        • i was referring to the working women at york and seaview…… lately a lot of girls do have regular day jobs and still moonlight at night for the extra income

          • Totally understand Rafiq,

            Seems like sometimes the NON working girls are a little more accomodating.

          • well the working girls are also accommodating, i’ll admit i have a soft spot for the girls at ratsky and at moscow hotel, its extremely rare that i have had a bad night with the girls there…. I always find its good to strike up a friendship with the girls there…..the fact that u can interact with them share a few drinks and laughs and get to know them tends to give u a good idea of how the rest of the night will go back in the room, whereas with the indian club you’r like a blind man walking through a mine field not knowing what will happen.

  86. Fella’s,

    Another nice reasonably priced Hotel it the Majestic. It is GF, just have to have the girl show original ID. The rooms are amazing for 62 USD a night. As it was Ramadan the Music lounge was closed, but Panorama was open across the street and York is a short walk (10 min) down the road. My favorite is still Moscow but not gf.

  87. Glenn i do have to disagree on one thing, and that is that the girls at Fortune Karama used to go for AED 500 all night but recently they are going for around AED 700 as the minimum, i was there a couple of weeks ago and happened to pull a stunner from there for AED 700 all night (well worth it too)

    • Oh ok Rafiq,

      It has been a few months since I was at the Fortune Karama. But you are right there are some stunners there. By the way, do you know what the deal is with the Mumbai Dancers? Can you pull them also?

        • Yes,

          The one where there are a bunch of girls dancing on stage at various times. Intriguing place, was in there twice but didn’t know what to do lol

          • Intruiging system too, i know that some places u can pull them but only at the end of the night, but it takes a few visits, as well as striking up a good relationship with the management and staff and gotta be a big spender, basically u can’t interact with any of dancers at all although u can tip them in the form of crowns and garlands that range between 300 to 500 dirhams or song request for the girl u want to see perform ranging from about 150 to 250 dirhams per request…. (this is from personal experience) i haven’t pulled from that particular place in the hotel but have in the past pulled from the indian club at the Ramee in Tecom and its not cheap bro plus the fact that u can’t get to know the person before hand or interact with them let alone have a few drinks with them gives the girl the upper hand since u end up pretty intoxicated from the drinking and she’s sober as hell……

  88. You have a good point on the girl being sober as hell at the end of the evening. I think I’ll just stick to the usual. Although a few of them were real stunners.

    • next time check out the girls in the indian club at the marco polo hotel in deira or the ramee hotel in tecom, those are stunners!!! but i think that the other club in the fortune karama called Tantra does happen to have a few indians though if that is what u desire….. also when i have ratsky a couple of weeks ago i had spotted a stunning little indian girl we didn’t get a chance to chat at all since she had come there with somebody else but i managed to get the one of the staff to get her number and plan to tell him to call her over the next time i go to ratsky…..

      • Thank you for the information Rafiq,

        Yes I love Indian and Pakistani girls also. You are correct about the girls at Ratsky’s. I have always enjoyed having a conversation with them, an seems they don’t bother you too much for drinks. I usually have to offer. Alot of times have chatted for hours and forgot where the time went till it was almost closing time. I will definately check out the other clubs for the Indian girls though. I do have a soft spot for Red Square though, met some of the most beautiful women there, plus met a stunning girl from Azerbajan that took care of me the whole night. Totally pampered me.

        • i’ve had similar experienc too with girls from Kazakhstan, azerbaijan and even gerogia too who i met at the moscow hotel…. the staff is also good too as well except for that one little troll who manages the wait staff i think she’s egyptian or something goes by the name halima, about 6 months ago the the troll trys to charge me for fruit and cheese platters that i didn’t even order and says that its standard billing procedure told her boss i’ll never go back if that little bitch ever try to serve me again…. since then she’s not been my biggest fan either although the filipina waitresses became even friendlier with me after i stood up to the troll lol

          • Good or you Rafiq. I probably won’t be heading back to Dubai until October since I’ll be doing Pattaya later this week and Angeles City next month. But will stay in touch with you on the ongoings there. Thanks for all of your advice my friend.

          • i would love to visit AC one day heard a lot about fields avenue there its a shame that Emirates discontinued their direct Flight to AC earlier this year….

  89. But Ratsky is my go to spot just can’t fault a filipina, they are just so kind as well as accommodating and when u play your cards right highly passionate too….

    • Steady on now Rafiq….I seem to remember a certain Filipina girl breaking your heart not so long ago!

      • yeah that was when u first moved here Graham, but i still have a soft spot for Filipino women though….

        • Have moved on since then though, by the way certain filipina still messages me from time to time but i just send it straight to my trash folder although she acts like i’m not even there when i happen to go to ratsky funny thing is it pisses her off when her friends still hang out with me and the fact that i’m having my fun with other girls too….

  90. By the way guys I’e heard that a new Russian Night Club is opening at the Ramee Royal Hotel in Bur Dubai (the property situated just under the Maktoum Bridge) if anyone happens to check it out please give a report as to how it is

  91. Hi guys!!! Rafiq, Glen…. i”ve been hanging around at deira Broadway & moscow red square for the past 2 years that’s my spot and I stay at Broadway during my business trip to dubai. But rafiq ur review and liking for karama and ratsky especially made me eager to try ratsky and stay at karama. Well I have done my booking on aug20 and will hangout there for night. Rafiq i have gone on your experience hope it doesn’t disappoint. We should catchup for a drink on aug20 if ur around…

    • Well Andy to each their own I hope are not dissappointed by the way stay from KC “SHE’S MINE!!!!!!”

      • i apologize for that last comment i was a fair bit inebriated last night when typing that….

    • Andy,
      wish you would have asked about the accomodations at Fortune Karam before you booked. About the only thing I can say positive about it is that its convenient. Next time I would book at another hotel and go to Ratsky’s. But it will suffice for what you need. Staff is friendly and the food at the sports bar is pretty good.

      • true in my opinion the rooms at karama are good for one night when u happen to pick up a girl and have nowhere to go for the night….

  92. Glenn, i was just at ratsky last night they have completed all their renovations now and the bar looks great too also the new band is pretty good and the crowd is just mind blowing too

  93. Glenn i happened to come to know from some staff at ratsky that there a few indian and pakistani girls that happen to go to Tantra which is also in the fortune karama hotel the entrance to tantra is where the hotel swimming pool is located

    • Rafiq,

      I’ll definately hit Tantra when I return to Dubai. Love the Indian and Pakistani girls also.

  94. Hello guys — Does anyone have experience with Majestic Tower for taking a companion? Will try regal plaza club.


    • Michael if u took the time to read the comment u will notice that Glenn has mentioned the Majestic hotel on a few posts already stating that its girl friendly and that they offer a competitive hotel rate too.

      • Thanks Rafiq,

        Now I understand and see your pain. lol Heading to Pattaya tomorrow, will keep everyone updated!!!

        • All the info is right there but people are too lazy to go through it…… have fun in Sin City Glenn

        • Thanks Rafiq – You are right. I missed reading it. Thank you for taking the time anyways.

  95. Hi rafiq!!!! Had a great time at fortune karama… worth the time. I wanted to go to York international hotel but dint get the time. A quick question is it girl friendly as of now?

  96. Hello

    Very nice discussion group I found 😉

    I am regular traveller to Dubai because of my work.

    I returned 4 days ago.

    This time I found market is down because in red square, girls are easily agreed on 700 even on a Friday night. I take hot girls (as per my choice) at 1000dhs around 1am.

    The girl new here ans only been here 3 weeks from the Ukraine.

    I also want to share 2 GFH hotels near fish roundabout. You can negotiate easily in 200-250 but both must have ID/passport.
    One is gulf star hotel its in the street next to Montreal Hotel. Jonrad Hotel next to panorama near union opposite riqa signal
    some times I book girls for days with me.

    3 months back I reserved hotel online next to citymax, don’t remember the name but same hotel is in Barsha too.

    At the time of booking I put the name of girl and we stayed in that hotel for 2 days no issue.

    Again about price I called a Philippine lady from Craigslist on Friday and asked if she can stay with me for 4 days she asked me to msg on whatsapp, then she asked me if she can join me with her friend & confirmed.

    • Chaps, While I welcome comments and feedback from travellers – and appreciate English may not be your 1st language – but can you please take a little time and get your English right?

      I’ve had to edit the above comment as it didn’t make much sense. I think I can just about understand it now.

      • G it basically translates that he was in Dubai a few days ago and has noticed that as of late business must be slow since the girls at red square were charging more than what he sees as the usual rate, however in this point i would like to say from personal experience of over a year and a half the going rate has been Between AED 1000 to AED 2000 for the full night depending on how good your negotiation skills are. May get a quickie or short time for AED 700 though.

        Also mentions a couple of girl friendly hotels in the Deira area that are very close to the “Union” Metro Station, how ever not really hotels i would choose though went once about 5 years ago to the bar at the Panorama hotel in Deira after reading about it in an online forum when i first moved here and boy was it depressing…. still a lot of better options out there even for AED 250.

        About booking the girls through online portals such as craigslist i find to be too risky especially for Dubai you never know what could happen, i prefer the bar scene it gives a more relaxed feeling and atmosphere to get to the know the other person and try to get a feel for how they may be and if its worth pursuing the extra curricular activities later on in the night….

        basically in short thats what the post translates too and i threw in my views and opinions on it too maybe it makes it easier to understand it now…

  97. Hi Guys,

    Kindly advise if Arabian Suits and Spa is Girl friendly ?
    , Just got hold of a Philipino Girl, now where to take her in case Arabian Suits and Spa is not Girl Friendly.



    • well no idea about arabian courtyard but if u happen to be checking in together and she has ID then i don’t see the problem although they will charge u for one night as far as i know there is no “Short time” hotels or hotels that charge by the hour in Dubai,

      • I think it’s worth pointing out to people that Dubai is not Thailand!! You can’t pick up a hooker, grab her boobs and give her a wad of cash in the middle of the street – infront of a Police booth.

        Don’t expect it to be as ‘in your face’ here as it is in Thailand.

        • i think we have stated that in previous comments already G yet the silly questions still keep rolling in…..

  98. Sorry for language issue. I am in dubai, was in red square last friday.
    I read almost this page from top to bottom 🙂 & went last night to Marcopolo but it seems like closed.
    any recommendation for next 3 nights.
    is ku-bu still as good as before ?

    • Never really gone to ku-bu however i do know its still open, if u happen to go there then let us know how your experience is and how the place is over all.

  99. I saw last night from outside of Radisson Blu Hotel but no taxi means not much hookers 🙂
    I am into euro or asian not much interested in african or indo-pak.
    any recommendation

    • well i’ve seen it from inside the hotel because i usually go to the korean restaurant that is right next door to Ku-Bu and to the chinese restaurant called Yum and China club that is in front of it and usually the girls start coming in a little after 10 or 10:30 pm, which is normal for all bars here i have noticed, for euro i tend to go to Moscow hotel and for Asian its depends, the Moscow Hotel also has some very hot vietnamese girls too they can also be found at the seaview hotel and at Jules bar in the Meridian Airport village in Garhoud, for Filipinos i go to Ratsky in the Fortune Karama hotel in Karama best not to judge a place by the amount of taxis outside because usually u won’t see any taxis waiting until after about 1 am when people slowly start to pick their ladies and leave….. how ever i do suggest either moscow home or jules or ratsky since they will better suite your taste in terms of the women u prefer rather than Ku-Bu

  100. Hey G and Rafiq….sorry. This thread is becoming a bit tedious. Can nobody do their own research? There are sites like naughtynomad to cater for these kind of questions. Sorry just my opinion.
    Rock on.

    • Give it up Graham and Rafiq,

      No one really reads these comments. Its not real hard. And like Frank Said, it is getting tedious. They all want it served up to them.

      • Give it up?

        Give up what exactly?

        It’s not like I have to type out the comments each time!

        I just leave that shit up there.

        Actually, why no be creative and send us something to post?

  101. Hi
    Rafik and Graham, guys you have been doing a really fantastic job of late. I am cpming to dubai for a week around 18/19th september and want a taste of each one of them, Filipinos, chinese, CIS, Indians/Pakistanis, ofcourse on different nights……I have read all your posts and want to ask the following:
    a) which guest friendly hotel or apartment should I stay to make logistics easy for my above stated desire i.e, which guest hotel is most conveniently located for each of these clubs?
    b) DO you pay the girl her taxi fare when she is going back?
    c) What is the best time to enter the club and strike the deal ?
    d ) Kindly also let me know the going rate for LT for each nationality
    I know some of my questions may be mundane and even dumb, but I am not a regular visitor guys.

    • I am sure Rafiq can give a more comprehensive answer than I could.

      I would however say that taxi’s are soooo cheap here. for 50dhs you can pretty much get anywhere.

      • I would say read the 350 odd comments that have been posted here as well as the post since they answer every one of those questions already.

        • Hi G and R, Yes all the posts do share their experiences with different clubs but I am interested in ONE or Two hotels which are logistically convenient in the sense that one can hop on to different clubs if the market is not good in one club.For example can one go to Moscow… Ratsky in one night? are they near one another ..?

          • well ratsky and moscow hotel are about 10 to 15 mins away from each other by taxi and yes it is possible to hop around in one night but keep in mind that most places don’t start filling up till about after 10:30 or 11 pm and the clubs are open till 3 am, the best value for money as well as a good service and girl friendly hotel is as glenn suggested in one of his earlier comments the Majestic is worth staying at it is centrally located and about 10 to 20 mins away from the places listed here, also in terms of your question about LT depending on where u are expect to pay anywhere between AED 700 to AED 2000 for one night depending on who u pick and from where and what time as well as how good your negotiation skills are….

  102. Do you know any brothels near Sharjah , deira or any place ? And bro please reply and also wanna ask any furnished apartment ? Am in dubai for 10 days till 20 sept . Rafiq bro reply if you know !

    • Juzer,

      This isn’t a site about where to find whore-houses or hookers. It’s supposed to be a site where people share there experiences of anything interesting. Not just about where to find a place to buy sex.

      I shall be deleting this (soon) and all future posts.

      I suggest you go search online somewhere else.

    • i know about bars not brothels. i ain’t a pimp buddy…. as far as apartment hotels go they are everywhere, theres a bunch of them in Bur Dubai in the Mnakhool area and in Deira, the one bar i do know is Red Square in the Moscow hotel and Ku-Bu in the Radisson Blue hotel on creek road, u can find a few apartment hotels on Rigga Road in Deira

  103. Hello Guys,

    Looking to have some fun with girls in Dubai. I have been to York, Jockeys previously but looking for some better looking and friendly women. Heard about Ratsky and Red Square but not sure the rates for ST and also if the girls have their own room arrangement for the ST.

    Heard Red Square russians chicks are costly and very demanding. I am an Indian BTW not sure of nationality is a concern in these clubs.

    Kindly share your experiences and suggestions.

    • Read the post and all the 350+ comments Tony, all your concerns and questions have already been answered many times over and over and over again….

  104. Thanks to Rafiq and some of the other guys here for sharing.

    I think just about every avenue of pleasure has been mentioned on here. I don’t have time to keep publishing the same questions over and over.

    Thank-you and good night.

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