Life Begins at 40!

They say that life begins at 40. If that is true, it’s going to be epic!

Tomorrow I will turn 40. Having arrived in Bangkok when 10 years ago, I have spent a ¼ of my life living the dream.

My teens are a distant memory. Filled with cutting class, fighting, riding around on motorbikes and generally getting upto no good.

In my prime!
In my prime (with hair)!

My 20’s we’re largely spent earning a bit of money, traveling around the world, hanging out in the UK with my gang of friends, chasing girls, still riding around on bikes.

Early 20's.  Who needs hair when you have a 911?
Early 20’s. Who needs hair when you have a 911?

My 30’s I spent mainly in Thailand when not working in Africa. Being lucky enough to have a job that is one month on and one month off – I had 6 months a year of playing around. Holidays, fancy cars, bikes, women, drink etc……   what else would you want?

'Daywalker'  was born!
‘Daywalker’ was born!

I think I was 32 when the Mango era started. The fun I had. The people I met (some of who became very close to) and the parties we had. The Daywalker was born and many years later retired after a lot of fun and I’d not change any of it.

grow up
Time to grow up – with Miss Tim








But with all that behind me now, I am to be 40. A new decade and a new chapter in my life begins.

First up is my address. It’s time for me to leave Thailand after 10 years. I’ve had my share. A new breed of people are coming now, whom I don’t particularly care for. I like fun and Thailand doesn’t have that for me anymore. Been there, done that.

I like nice surroundings, nice shopping, nice cars, nice restaurants, nice expats. Where to then?

The plan was to head back to the UK with Miss Tim and enjoy a bit of normality and a bit of Law and Order. And we will, but just not yet.

My bags are packed. My cat has been sold on catBay and Miss Tim is now giving away some of her shoes to make room for new stock.

We are off to live in Dubai!

I shall always have a tie in Thailand (no pun), as Miss Tim is Thai and she naturally loves her Country.  I don’t hate Thailand, I just hate most of the people there.  Mind you, I hate most people anywhere.

The blog will continue… but expect more tales involving Range Rovers, Ferrari’s, The Marina and of course, Rafiq!

A new beginning….

* Update *   The gang went to the Sky Bar & Restaurant on b’day night.   Great view.


Bar Tales – Cheap Charlies By Dan

It never ceases to amaze me how tight fisted, stupid and brass necked people can be. I know this applies to everywhere and not just in Thailand. However Thailand does seem to have a large number of guys who fit this profile. I’m not talking about people who are on a budget and eat, drink and sleep at prices that they can afford. I’m talking about people who seem to want things for nothing. People who think that everyone else is there just to keep them in booze, entertainment and food. People who go for a free buffet but buy their fair share of drink when they are doing it are exempt, as far as I’m concerned, as opposed to the guy who sips a coffee all night whilst going up for seconds.   I wouldn’t dream of going to a regular free buffet if I was not a regular customer or was going to spend some money. I’ve always thought these free buffets are a “thank you” from the management for their regular customers, or at least for people who spend some Baht in their bar on the night. Continue reading “Bar Tales – Cheap Charlies By Dan”

Long Weekend in KL – by Lomeo

Had it been 90 days already? Pretty close, so it was time for me to head out of the kingdom for a few days. As I said before, I can’t stand doing the standard ‘visa run’ and prefer to explore the surrounding countries when the opportunity arises. Kuala Lumpur was the chosen destination this time, as Juliet has a pal here that she hadn’t seen for a few years and I’d been keen to take a look for some time as well. Continue reading “Long Weekend in KL – by Lomeo”

Medical stuff in Thailand

Sad news a few months ago in the Press that British girl in her 20’s has died during surgery.

“A 24-year-old British woman has died in Thailand during cosmetic surgery performed by a doctor who was allegedly not properly qualified.”

I wonder though, how many people die throughout the world under anesthetic?

Of course it’s a tragedy for this poor girls family, but I hope this doesn’t put people off traveling to Thailand for Medical Procedures. Continue reading “Medical stuff in Thailand”

One of those weekends…… by Lomeo

It was one of those weekends where Bangkok really dragged me down.

I had a mate in town and we hit the plaza on Saturday night. Spellbound had it’s one year anniversary party and after a couple of warm up beers on the soi we stopped for a quick one outside PlaySkool before heading into SB. A good crowd, and my regular girl finds me within 5 minutes and I buy her a drink. At some stage she disappears and wai’s me as she is sitting with another guy. No problems, it’s part of the drill. I catch up with another girl I have not seen for a long time as she hands me some lame story about her absence from the bar which I don’t believe.

Then we hit a ladyboy bar and no, I had no intention of transacting any business that night, just wanted to show my pal the dark side. I dragged a cutie off stage for some liquid refreshments and experienced first hand what skilled practitioners they can be with their hands – whilst sitting next to me, she managed to get my wallet out of my front pocket and extract all the cash save for a single 500B note, and I didn’t feel a thing. When I went to pay the bill, I couldn’t feel the wallet (I hate that sinking feeling when that happens!) and knew immediately what had happened. Luckily it was on the seat next to me, she didn’t have time to hand it to any of her pals. Cash is replaceable, but losing my passport or cards would have been a nightmare. I had to send my mate to the ATM to get more cash so we could pay the bill (which was only 1K). While it didn’t ruin the night it sure put a dampener on things.

The tout factor seems to have increased on the soi. A quiet beer now includes deflecting the throngs of watch sellers, wooden frogs and silly hat ladies, and my favorite, the girls who shove those little booklets wanting you to donate and write your name. Like I don’t know where that money ends up – in her bloody pocket!

Yesterday I had to organize a taxi from soi 8 out to Ratchada. I get him down from 150 to 100 and the bastard won’t stop talking the whole way. Trying to take us to ladies everywhere. I pay, you drive it’s that fucking simple. Traffic is bad, he wants more money. Tells me how cheap cabs are in Thailand vs Australia. Finally we reach our destination and I shove him 120B. Happy New Year boss!

I sort out some cheap accommodation for my mate and wander home grabbing some food items from the supermarket. I’d like to buy a bottle of wine but can’t as it’s only 4.30 pm. Sigh.

Xmas in Hua Hin – part 1 By Lomeo

My mate Steve was over from Oz for the holidays and after a week in Bangkok he was sick of Indians trying to sell him gold and being accosted by ladyboys as he tried by buy his morning coffee on soi 4, so we headed down to Hua Hin to get away from it all for a while. Miss Tim had been kind enough to help organize a rental house not too far from theirs and on Xmas Eve we packed a taxi full of stuff and made the journey south. The trip down was uneventful, and we made good time – 3 hours. After unpacking the car we had to wait while the house was cleaned and the AC fixed – tasks that obviously couldn’t have been done prior to our arrival. We then ambled over to Miss Tim’s place for some cleansing ales as the sun once again retreated for the day, before walking down the road to one of the many Thai restaurants in the vicinity for some food followed by a nightcap at ‘Pa’s Beer Garden. Continue reading “Xmas in Hua Hin – part 1 By Lomeo”