Xmas in Hua Hin – part 1 By Lomeo

My mate Steve was over from Oz for the holidays and after a week in Bangkok he was sick of Indians trying to sell him gold and being accosted by ladyboys as he tried by buy his morning coffee on soi 4, so we headed down to Hua Hin to get away from it all for a while. Miss Tim had been kind enough to help organize a rental house not too far from theirs and on Xmas Eve we packed a taxi full of stuff and made the journey south. The trip down was uneventful, and we made good time – 3 hours. After unpacking the car we had to wait while the house was cleaned and the AC fixed – tasks that obviously couldn’t have been done prior to our arrival. We then ambled over to Miss Tim’s place for some cleansing ales as the sun once again retreated for the day, before walking down the road to one of the many Thai restaurants in the vicinity for some food followed by a nightcap at ‘Pa’s Beer Garden.


Xmas day saw Juliet and I over at Tim’s early as I had to cook up a storm. The first thing Juliet did was tuck into the breakfast that Miss Tim had cooked for herself. I dispatched the girls to grab beer and wine and by about 1pm we started tucking into the nibbles. The menu didn’t quite pan out, sometimes it’s like that – mai pen rai! Lunch wasn’t ready until 4pm as there was a lot of conjecture as to weather the steak was cooked, because the charcoal was burning very quickly and had to be replenished many times. Underdone eventually became overdone. One of the salads I made was definitely ‘mai aroi’, but the potato salad was a winner. A swim was planned but after hours of eating, no-one felt like getting into the water. As day became evening a member of Miss Tim’s ‘Som Tam’ gang arrived and morelaughter and merriment was had until 10 pm when I think we had worn out our welcome for the day and headed home. My mate was definately pissed and kept talking about ladyboys and girls who lived near the Myanmar border. Mayble the memories were coming flooding back to him?

After a post Xmas recovery day, we hit the bars in town on Saturday afternoon. The girls did some shopping and I walked Steve around a bit until it was decided that it was too bloody hot and we retreated for a cold beer and a spot of shade. We agreed to meet the girls at ‘Tina Bar’ near the temple, and I have to say that I really liked this bar in it’s previous incarnation – not so much now. The first beers were icy cold but the next ones lukewarm. It’s my pet hate in LOS – how fcuking hard is it to chill a beer properly? Ever heard of stock rotation? Luckily the girls arrived before we had finished the second beer and we headed for ‘El Murphys’ and had the big table out the front under our command for the next few hours as we drank a case of San Mig Lites between the 4 of us! Beautiful breeze and great just siting there watching the world go by for a while. Checkbinned and the girls went to the ATM to get some dosh, the plan being to meet at London Bar. Steve and I started to walk up the soi and a cutie caught my eye so we ducked in to have ‘just one’. Half way through playing a game of pool with her Juliet and Tim arrive and I am getting the death stare. They had walked past the London Bar a few times but couldn’t find us! Plans can change darling! I had a game of pool with Miss Tim which I haven’t done since the Mango days. Her game seems to have dropped off since then she obviously hasn’t been spending much time in the bars! Then it was off to dinner (Thai again as my mate loves it so the girls are happy on that front) and then back to London bar for a nightcap before piling into the tuk-tuk for the trip back home.

We were hauled off to a birthday party a few nights back and it was great! All the farang boyfriends sitting at the table with the thai girls sitting on the ground. Food aplenty, Miss Tim had whipped up an excellent ‘larb moo’ and we took a bottle of Scotch over and some beers while the girls got stuck into a cask of red wine. I was easily the youngest of the farang mob but the conversation was lively and interesting. I’ve always maintained that you meet interesting people over here. The host was a Swede, two Aussies, a Kiwi and a Brit. Good mob. Around midnight we packed it in and stumbled home and into bed.

One day leads into another as the last hangover fades to make way for the new one. It beats working, though!

10 thoughts on “Xmas in Hua Hin – part 1 By Lomeo”

  1. As a Hua Hin is a haunt of mine, and I know all those bars, I’m feeling depressed. Need to start getting some sort of plan together to get back over.
    Nice write up Lomeo.

      1. Around a year ago I took a look at as soi 80 bar and the sole reason being for somewhere for the gang and I to hang out. It was around 700k purchase and the rent was 12k per month. Not even a months salary to buy it and pay 2 years rent up front.

        Then I thought about staff, and how lazy they are – and I thought about customers – and how many of them are cheap assholes.

        In the end, Miss Tim and I said ‘fook that’… we can’t be bothered!

        Some interesting businesses can be found on Baht&Sold in Hua Hin.

        I quite fancy the bike hire business.Going and repossessing bikes from people who keep the bike longer than they should – and maybe give them a slap too?!

        – in the end I just couldn’t be bothered!!

  2. What I meant to say “I miss playing pool with ” miss Tim …sorry that’s what happens when you start linking in Ruby/Js/MySQL et-al:

    1. I’m joining you on the nettle juice come 1 Feb. Sick of carrying around all this baggage.

      1. Good for you Lomeo, tough change but worth it for a while, give the liver a break and then see for yourself.
        The drugs I was on were worse than the ailment (gout). Not only the nettle tea sorted it out but having a break from the alcohol, now I could drink anyone under the table including Graham… and my farts don’t smell. 😉

        1. eh? You can drink anyone under the table? You always could! I’ve never known someone to guzzle so much!

          With all the saving on booze, you must have saved a load of cash too. So tell us… when is your next visit?

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