One of those weekends…… by Lomeo

It was one of those weekends where Bangkok really dragged me down.

I had a mate in town and we hit the plaza on Saturday night. Spellbound had it’s one year anniversary party and after a couple of warm up beers on the soi we stopped for a quick one outside PlaySkool before heading into SB. A good crowd, and my regular girl finds me within 5 minutes and I buy her a drink. At some stage she disappears and wai’s me as she is sitting with another guy. No problems, it’s part of the drill. I catch up with another girl I have not seen for a long time as she hands me some lame story about her absence from the bar which I don’t believe.

Then we hit a ladyboy bar and no, I had no intention of transacting any business that night, just wanted to show my pal the dark side. I dragged a cutie off stage for some liquid refreshments and experienced first hand what skilled practitioners they can be with their hands – whilst sitting next to me, she managed to get my wallet out of my front pocket and extract all the cash save for a single 500B note, and I didn’t feel a thing. When I went to pay the bill, I couldn’t feel the wallet (I hate that sinking feeling when that happens!) and knew immediately what had happened. Luckily it was on the seat next to me, she didn’t have time to hand it to any of her pals. Cash is replaceable, but losing my passport or cards would have been a nightmare. I had to send my mate to the ATM to get more cash so we could pay the bill (which was only 1K). While it didn’t ruin the night it sure put a dampener on things.

The tout factor seems to have increased on the soi. A quiet beer now includes deflecting the throngs of watch sellers, wooden frogs and silly hat ladies, and my favorite, the girls who shove those little booklets wanting you to donate and write your name. Like I don’t know where that money ends up – in her bloody pocket!

Yesterday I had to organize a taxi from soi 8 out to Ratchada. I get him down from 150 to 100 and the bastard won’t stop talking the whole way. Trying to take us to ladies everywhere. I pay, you drive it’s that fucking simple. Traffic is bad, he wants more money. Tells me how cheap cabs are in Thailand vs Australia. Finally we reach our destination and I shove him 120B. Happy New Year boss!

I sort out some cheap accommodation for my mate and wander home grabbing some food items from the supermarket. I’d like to buy a bottle of wine but can’t as it’s only 4.30 pm. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “One of those weekends…… by Lomeo”

  1. Sounds like you need to find a nice mountain retreat and work on some stuff! I get way after about 2-3 weeks in Bangkok.
    Chin down, hands up

    ron 😉

  2. Lomeo, we all have days like that in BKK but it does have its Pros 🙂 as well as cons.

    Small frustrations are best relieved with a ‘mai-pen-rai’ mindset.

    Sorry you got pickpocketed. My strategy is: 1. take out the cash I will need for the night only. 2. Split the cash between pockets and organise big notes and small notes so I can reach to pay bar bills, restaurant tabs,etc as appropriate without counting out notes in plain sight (especially when booze inhibited) 3. Take out no ATM cards or Passports or IDs. I prefer to suffer the consequences of not having them on my person rather than losing them.

    I have had one or two pickpocket attempts from trannies outside Nana BTS (south side) but they telegraphed their intentions and were easy to sidestep. Not losing temper and just chuckling avoids them taking it further. Not to say that you *should* have to deal with any of this as a tourist though. Its unfortunately a reality of Bangkok.

    Stay safe out there,

  3. my wallet is on chain with only 10 k baht in but no CCs or passport. I use one of those brilliant ‘Good Idea’ magic wallets which keep the money folded in for amounts less than a thousand.

  4. I am coming to LOS this week and wondering what to do? I plan to visit Sea world at the Paragon centre where I have never been before. I also plan to go to Four Seasons Chinese restaurant at the Paragon. Superb crispy roast duck with pancakes and wonderful deep fried soft shell crab. Of course I’ll visit PL on NP and maybe check inn 99. I used to enjoy the walk from soi 3 to soi cowboy but now all the stalls have gone I find it a bit grim. I usually have a set project of visiting restaurants in high locations and looking for bars that play ska or reggae or morlam or loktung, much easier in pattaya. I feel my enjoyable Bangkok walkabouts have been curtailed by the ever present BIB who seem to be everywhere along Sukhumvit bothnin uniform and plain clothes. I will probably head for Patts I guess…..still I’ll be around this week and next and if anyone has any suggestions I would like to hear them.

    1. If you’re still around BKK next week…. I’ll certainly have beer in PL with you. Although we’re not allowed to call it that anymore!

      Going to see the fishies eh? I saw them some years back. I thought I’d take a break from the norm and check out something interesting rather than skanks on a pole.

      It’s not too big though. It’ll take no longer than an hour.

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