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We all know the Stickman Weekly, but recently on a long plane ride, I went through some of his Readers Submissions.

– interesting it was too!

I can’t believe how FUCKING DUMB some people are.

This sad twat fell for a gogo girl, gives her loads of money for a passport and asks her to come to Aus after 3 days!
– really?

Another sad old loser –

Living in the Village and getting ripped off left, right and center is comparing it to just paying tax at home.
– brilliant. What a dick head.

I would like to see a site/page where people tell it how it is.

I recently told my pal about his tragic relationship not being real. He wouldn’t believe me and got all upset.

In each case… the common factor seems to be a significant age gap.



7 thoughts on “Stickman Reader Submissions”

  1. hahaha, Yeah this theme just never ever goes away. It happens to young guys as well except they just dont have a war chest of savings to blow through, so that gets them off the hook early in the game.

    Recently I’ve had two old freinds, mid 40’s, reasonably successful and both in troubled marriages in the States, neither of them have done any traveling outside the US. Both ask for advice on going to Thailand. In another time I would say “fuck your dumb ass wife man, just go”. Now, Im thinking it’s not a good idea, they will get taken by the 2nd or 3rd girl they meet. Probably end up telling me I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, she loves me, its different, blah blah blah. Stay home with your wife and kids man, Thailand is nothing but Trannies anyway. Thats my advice now.

    1. If I were tell my pals that Thailand was full of Trannies…. they’d be over there like a shot.

  2. Couldn’t finish reading the first link. How do these people make a living in their counties as they must be imbeciles. I was in Bamboo bar,Soi 3, a few years back in the early afternoon. They’re was one other faring in. He was mid 20s from Holland. He was surrounded by 5 Thai woman. This was his second trip. He’d been over a few weeks previously, fallen in love with a bargirl and this was now the family come down to meet him to take him back to the village. He was basically being escorted everywhere. He took this to be a sign that they all cared about him but they were really protecting the Golden Goose. You should have seen the looks I was getting when he was asking me about prices. I thought these woman will knife me if I say the wrong thing like – “Run For Your Fucking Life”.

    1. Lomeo – I tend to believe the stories of people who are telling everyone they met a girl and love blossomed after 3 days… and it’s ‘real love’.

      No one would make that shit up to make themselves to be complete and utter twats!

      1. There are a lot of sad individuals who, when not in LOS, spend their time in front of the screen typing up stories about their travels and watching Youtube videos of Nana Plaza and Patpong. I should know, I used to be one of them!

        I’m on the side of the girls now, if you’re that stupid then you don’t deserve your money. One thing that Thailand has accomplished for me is cementing my belief that love does not exist – I simply don’t believe in it, and it makes my life easier.

  3. Read this on Stickman a few weeks ago, so true.
    “Thailand is the perfect place for a single guy but no place to raise a family.”

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