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It never ceases to amaze me how tight fisted, stupid and brass necked people can be. I know this applies to everywhere and not just in Thailand. However Thailand does seem to have a large number of guys who fit this profile. I’m not talking about people who are on a budget and eat, drink and sleep at prices that they can afford. I’m talking about people who seem to want things for nothing. People who think that everyone else is there just to keep them in booze, entertainment and food. People who go for a free buffet but buy their fair share of drink when they are doing it are exempt, as far as I’m concerned, as opposed to the guy who sips a coffee all night whilst going up for seconds.   I wouldn’t dream of going to a regular free buffet if I was not a regular customer or was going to spend some money. I’ve always thought these free buffets are a “thank you” from the management for their regular customers, or at least for people who spend some Baht in their bar on the night.


I read a request from an OP on a forum about any places he could go and read foreign newspapers for free. They also had to be near the BTS. I don’t think he was interested in buying a beer or a coffee for the privilege.   Another guy on a forum (this is outside Bangkok) is asking advice for places in Town where the pool tables are free to play. As it happens most places in this town have free pool although some of the tables aren’t very good. So he was given a list of bars with decent, free tables. He next comes back on that the only people in there to play are bargirls and if he played them he got hassled for drinks. ‘Hello’. They are girly bars and the free pool is to attract you in. There are other bars that aren’t girly bars but you have to pay for the pool and they may not be other farangs in who want to play pool. Turns out what this guy really wanted was to play free pool with the girls but not pay them for their time, and also didn’t want to buy a drink either. The guy just couldn’t get it. The girls are trying to make money, as is the owner. The other thing about the bars outside Bangkok is that the girls do not get a monthly salary. They get board and food. The only money they make is through lady drinks and barfines.   I can only suppose that these people are so thick skinned that they are beyond embarrassment.

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  1. Oh how this one brings back memories…..

    We had ‘free pool’ at the Mango. Which was free for customers. We did have the odd asshole who tried to argue that free means ‘free’ to anyone.

    – Good luck getting that one past me.

    I had a great bunch of guys around me always volunteering to hoof people out who were abusing our good nature.

    i remember one particular time some guys were trying to negotiate with the staff over the price of 1 coke – between the 3 of them after they were told the free pool is for customers only.

    I can’t remember the exact choice of words, but it was something along the lines of “I don’t care if you order 100 cokes, get the fuck out of my bar while you still have your legs to carry you on” – although I may have been less polite.

    1. I recall a similar situation with some Paki’s or Indians? And it was miss TIm doing the duties as you were away at work…

      1. Being Indian myself i still don’t get what actually goes on in the head of my fellow compatriots how can they behave so cheaply when travelling, they tend to give their own fellow compatriots a bad name at the end of the day the world over…. u dish out on a vacation to go have some fun and end up arguing over a silly price of drink which mind u is still cheaper than what u are paying back home india for… I have embarrassing situations here in dubai when friends have come to visit i take them out for a fun night and i’ll order a bottle of Scotch and vodka for us and they end up ordering a pint of beer and and empty glass and then pour half the beer into the empty glass to share it on top of that they try to pay the girls in Rupees!!!!! One time a friend took a girl from the bar who i knew pretty well only to take her back to a hotel room where there were 3 other friends of his waiting and then tells the girl that she has to fuck them all together, I have to make a mad dash to his hotel at 4 am in the morning after a hysterical phone call for the poor lady telling me whats going just so they don’t get arrested…. Sometimes i feel embarrassed to say I’m an indian…..

        1. The guys waiting back at the hotel room is quite a common one. And each time I have heard it from a bar owner – it was a group of Indians. Some of the girls didn’t even get paid.

          1. its happened here in Dubai thats why when i ever friends who come from India now i don’t take them to my regular bars anymore after all its my reputation on the line since i still live her at the end of the day and have to face everyone…. if i can i avoid going out with them when they are in town…. I’ll be honest being Indian myself i tend to be very ashamed when i hear these stories of other indians and how they behave it’s really a let down when your fellow compatriots can’t even maintain any kind of decorum or respect abroad….

          2. and the cherry on the icing… they’ll buy their booze in the Dubai Duty-free at the baggage claim area in Dubai International and then spend the whole time drinking in their room rather than shell a few bucks in the bar…. I really don’t get Indian mentality u come on a holiday and expect to pay as little as possible or not pay at all…. if saving money is such a huge issue then don’t travel just stay in india…

  2. I had a few of those ‘free’ games of pool on soi 22 last night. Cost me 2K. Then sat at another bar and was mobbed by girls wanting LDs @ 190 baht a pop – fuck that I told them and they soon left me alone.

    1. 190 Baht roughly converts to around 19 dirhams here in dubai hell if drinks even lady drinks are that cheap i would buy them to be humbly honest compared to the 55 to 60 dirhams u pay for a drink here regardless of wether its for u or a lady…..

  3. Everytime I read about people complaining on lady drink prices or even the price for a pint of beer I tend to kick myself in my own nuts and shake my head in disbelief considering how astronomical the price of drinks are here in Dubai where a chivas or black label with soda or coke or even a vodka tonic can set u back 400 Baht regardless of wether the drink is for or for the lady and pint of beer Starts at around 400 and can go up to 600 Baht. And these prices are the norm in Regular pubs and bars (including “naughty” bars) so why are these guys complaining so much??? even the cheapest of cheap charlie that i know of here in Dubai don’t even complain this much here…

    If u honestly compare the prices u get in Thailand to the rest of the world a night of fun fun and drinks out with friends or a bar girl is still cheaper than a night in a strip club back in the west where u pay for the drinks go home alone and jerk yourself off or call an escort to jerk u off and pay her an amount of money for an hour wherein that same amount would probably get u a girl in thailand for atlas 2 to 3 days (barfine included)…

    It’ the 21st century the whole world has moved forward and the cheap Charlies better get with the times other wise get the hell outta Dodge and go back home….

    1. Not to mention intangible benefits there. So many little improvements over the situation here.

      Like, for example, the strip bar you mentioned has “women” onstage that wouldn’t look out-of-place working on a farm. As draft oxen. Assuming said bar is in a town that isn’t a falling-apart armpit deep in America’s rust belt. Or that “escort” you call turns out to be OFFICER escort and BAM! Instant sex-offender registry.

      Speaking as someone deep in Western Civilization, I can definitely tell you not to right off the benefits of E Asian tourism just yet!

      1. oh i’m not writing them off at all in fact i envy those that have the privilege to live in south east asia…. they way i see it they are complaining for no reason which is the point i’m trying to make… compared to the west i would pick south east asia any day….

  4. Speaking of E Asian tourism: over the past several years I have collected (and lost every time a hard drive took a dump) a collection of notices and tips about where freebies could be found for balloon chasers and cheap charlies like myself. Anybody know of a central list or repository of bars and clubs around Thailand where the best happy hours, free buffets and pool tables (pay or otherwise) can be found for that day of the week/month? Or can someone with some time on their hands check out the nightscene and post one? Could be useful if I ever get down that way again.

    1. If there were a list – I’d like to visit the bars and pay the owners NOT to let the freeloaders in.

  5. As I say I’ve no problem with people on a budget, drinking the happy hours specials or eating at the 7 elevens. It is the guys that are mooching about looking for freebies that get me. Some even take great pleasure in telling everyone about it, and may even start a website for us “newbies”. I was staying down at Bourbon Street in Washington Sq a few years ago. I went out fairly early one morning and into The Texan Lone Staar. I got talking to an English expat. He asked me if I lived in Thailand and I said, “No i’m on a few weeks holiday”. When I next ordered up a beer for myself I asked him if I could get him one. Now I know every place is different but where I come from if you accept a drink from someone then you offer one back or at least you will say, “look i’m a a bit short of cash and can’t afford to be getting into rounds”. Anyways he takes a drink. I finish my beer and realise that he isn’t retuning the favour. I order an other one for myself and the girl behind the bar serves him one as well, putting the chit in my bin. Not a peep out of him about it. When I finish my drink I check-bin. He asks me where I’m off to next and can he tag along. I just laugh and say, “No”. he asks why not and I say, “BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO FUCKING MONEY”. The front of these guys is unbelievable. They just think everyone else are mugs.

    1. Dan its not just in Thailand either though, i had one night when i was at my regular bar out her in Dubai the owner introduces me to another regular customer of his and obviously we start talking and i offer him to join me and have a drink out of my bottle…. couple hours later he orders up two more bottles of Scotch and asks me to join him so i oblige too…. Big error on my part the bloody twat ordered the two bottles of Chivas and disappeared after they were done telling the waitress that i’m picking up the whole F’ing bill!!!! the nerve of some people i tell u….

      1. You were well scammed there Rafiq. As you say it’s not just Thailand, but Thailand does seem to have a high proportion of these people. They decide they want to live the dream before they have the means to do so. Rather than living the life they can afford they want to partake in everything Thailand has to offer. We all know that this costs money but they seem to think it’s okay to mooch of everyone else.

        1. Oh don’t i know it….. thats why i prefer to just drink alone since that day…. i have a lot of friends here dubai who do work the bar scene here and compared to thailand where the lady is ripping of the guy here its the opposite where the guys are tripping off and scamming the poor girls at the bar to the point of even not only taking their cash but their mobile phones too!!!! and with Dubai being such an expensive place already they still try to come here too to “live the dream”. and to make matters worse the girls can’t make a complaint to the cops even though the guy would be apprehended but at the same time the girl faces jail time along with deportation to for soliciting and sex out of wedlock (being a muslim country and all)

    2. On the flip side I wonder if I’ve been too generous over the years – my embracing the Buddhist maxim of living in the moment drinking wise has left me skint. Changes afoot, more on that later.

      1. There is nothing wrong with “living in the moment” as long as you aren’t “living in the moment” every single day to the point that end up not being able to afford to live anymore…. even when i got out here i choose to do the same too within reason its just up to u decide just how much u can afford to “live” at that time….

  6. I was in my pal’s bar in Pattaya and he was having a party with a roast pig and other food. He had the usual balloons outside. My mates were amazed to see some guys, not regulars, balloon chasers, not just piling up their plates but filling up Tupperware containers with free party food off the tables. How low can you get?

    1. That is low. We had that a lot in the Mango of yester-year.

      Balloon chasers are a waste of skin.

  7. I see Stick commented yesterday about someone sitting in a GoGo bar and refusing to buy a drink. Even when the manager approached him and said he would need to buy something, even a bottle of water, he refused. Apparently if you work for The Bangkok Post you can sit all day wherever you want. I hope the manager threw him out by the scruff of the neck. Some people just don’t get it.

    1. Stickman made an error when he said that Bangkok Post don’t employ dicks. I happen to know of one they do employ. Complete dick.

      But yes, the bloke should have been shown the door via a bar stool over the back of his head.

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