Life Begins at 40!

They say that life begins at 40. If that is true, it’s going to be epic!

Tomorrow I will turn 40. Having arrived in Bangkok when 10 years ago, I have spent a ¼ of my life living the dream.

My teens are a distant memory. Filled with cutting class, fighting, riding around on motorbikes and generally getting upto no good.

In my prime!
In my prime (with hair)!

My 20’s we’re largely spent earning a bit of money, traveling around the world, hanging out in the UK with my gang of friends, chasing girls, still riding around on bikes.

Early 20's.  Who needs hair when you have a 911?
Early 20’s. Who needs hair when you have a 911?

My 30’s I spent mainly in Thailand when not working in Africa. Being lucky enough to have a job that is one month on and one month off – I had 6 months a year of playing around. Holidays, fancy cars, bikes, women, drink etc……   what else would you want?

'Daywalker'  was born!
‘Daywalker’ was born!

I think I was 32 when the Mango era started. The fun I had. The people I met (some of who became very close to) and the parties we had. The Daywalker was born and many years later retired after a lot of fun and I’d not change any of it.

grow up
Time to grow up – with Miss Tim








But with all that behind me now, I am to be 40. A new decade and a new chapter in my life begins.

First up is my address. It’s time for me to leave Thailand after 10 years. I’ve had my share. A new breed of people are coming now, whom I don’t particularly care for. I like fun and Thailand doesn’t have that for me anymore. Been there, done that.

I like nice surroundings, nice shopping, nice cars, nice restaurants, nice expats. Where to then?

The plan was to head back to the UK with Miss Tim and enjoy a bit of normality and a bit of Law and Order. And we will, but just not yet.

My bags are packed. My cat has been sold on catBay and Miss Tim is now giving away some of her shoes to make room for new stock.

We are off to live in Dubai!

I shall always have a tie in Thailand (no pun), as Miss Tim is Thai and she naturally loves her Country.  I don’t hate Thailand, I just hate most of the people there.  Mind you, I hate most people anywhere.

The blog will continue… but expect more tales involving Range Rovers, Ferrari’s, The Marina and of course, Rafiq!

A new beginning….

* Update *   The gang went to the Sky Bar & Restaurant on b’day night.   Great view.


19 thoughts on “Life Begins at 40!”

  1. Happy Birthday mon ami! Some great photos there! I’m glad to have caught the tail end of your time in Thailand, and managed to meet some of the Mango crew and be part of the shenanigans. All the best for the coming year, I reckon it will be your best one yet. (and there was nothing surer than as soon as I moved down to HH that you would leave *laughs loudly*)

  2. Happy b’day former playboy.
    I am happy for all crazy years of party we had.
    Now a new era starts for all of us.

  3. Happy Birthday mate…40…ha, still a spring chicken. I am 50 and still raising hell as proved last year.
    New era for me as well with work possibly looming in Dubai….so will keep in touch.
    You right about Thailand, I love the place but now it’s over run by dickheads…

    Let it rip!!!

  4. Happy 40th G. One last party night. It somehow doesn’t seem right to go upmarket but that is just how it is starting, no doubt will descend into the lower echelons of society as the night goes on. A night to make some memories.

  5. Sorry to go off topic but has any seen the First episode of BBC’s new documentary “Bangkok Airport”? if not its worth checking out….. they aired the first episode last week

  6. Happy Birthday mate! I hope this chapter proves to be at least as fun and entertaining as the last…Good luck to you and yours whilst in the big sandpit!

    ron 😉

  7. Thanks for the comments chaps.

    Good night last night. Not too much of a hangover.

    Woke up with a bad back and a stiff neck. Guess I have to get used to that.

    Bloody Mary for breakfast me thinks….. 🙂

  8. Glad you had a good birthday bash and great to see you celebrating in Spellbound. I wish you all the best with your move to Dubai and hope it will not be too long before we see you in Bangkok again. Cheers!

  9. Belated happy birthday G. I hope Dubai will bring you a whole collection of new memories.

  10. A very belated but happy birthday to you, Big G! Yes, you are correct, life DOES begin at fourty. It began for me several times in fact; fourty, fourty one, fourty two, fourty three, fourty four…

    Still counting (so far).

  11. Yes Good luck in Dubai. There are worst places. Happy Trails…until we meet again some day………..I’m off to BKK mid March then back to Kuwait for 5 months then return to London to live after 14 years in the MENA region…………I’m done with the ME forever after that.

    1. Thanks. So far all is going really well. Been out loads. Got my apartment sorted which I can’t wait to move in to.

      Saving the Mall for when Miss Tim arrives.

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