Jonas comes to visit!

Jonas and I have been partying in Bangkok for longer than I care to remember.  We’ve partied in Pattaya and got trashed in London.  Time to visit Dubai….

I picked him up at the airport in Dubai at lunchtime.  He was already trashed having spent the flight from Bangkok to Dubai in the bar on the A380.

He had great fun at the bar and drank with other passengers and chatted up the air-crew. They are so much more friendlier in the upstairs of the plane.  They recommended to Jonas that he should go to the ‘Double Decker’ for Friday Brunch if he gets the chance.

Now, I am not saying that being drunk caused him to drop a bottle of Duty Free Bacardi on the airport floor – smashing it and leaving a Bacardi puddle all over the place, but I do wonder if that would have happened if he hadn’t been drinking.

I got a little worried as Jonas bought a large suitcase for his weekend stay.  I was concerned it’d not fit in my ‘selfish’ car – as Miss Tim calls it.  If it didn’t I’d have to tow him down the road at 200kph.

Rollin.. in my 5.0....
Rollin.. in my 5.0….

Dumped his stuff off at the crib and headed out to Wings and Rings.  More booze.

By 6pm we had a buzz on.  Stomaches filled with chicken which was much needed as drinking on an empty stomach never ends well.

Back to the crib change the clothes once more…..     a little nap was needed.   Little naps are often dangerous as you often just can’t be arsed to move off the sofa.

We made the effort and dragged our lazy arses out and headed to the Karama Hotel (Ratsky bar).  A fave of Rafiqs.

Ratsy is a Filipino bar.  Lots Filipinos (obviously) and a band of guys and girls.  Now, it’s of my opinion that men who go to bars to hang out with women are not really into watching young men sing.  Sorry, it’s just a male thing.  Men like to look at women. End of.

You could argue the case that there are lots of women in the bar – who like to watch the men sing – but then the women aren’t the ones spending the money are they!

Anyway, the security recognise me now and I slipped them a few bucks which gave me an escort all the way through the bar and taken to a table on the dance floor by the band with a ‘Reserved’ sign on it.  Drinks ordered.  Let the drunkeness begin.

As I’ve said before, live bands are not really my thing.  The female band from the SeaView hotel I did like – but that could be because they were female and easy on the eye?

Being so close the girls in the band smiled at and thanked us for clapping after each song.  I guess they appreciated the politeness from us.  After all.  We are polite.

Which is not what could be said about the (huuuge) American fat slop who came charging over to our table after we’d been there for an hour – claiming he had reserved the table.  He was screaming and shouting at the staff.  Didn’t say a word to us – just screamed and balled at the little service girl.   When he tried to put his drink on the table the security team all surrounded us and basically told him to naff off.

He was offered another table near by but refused it.   I said to Jonas that if the guy had actually spoken (politely) to us – I’d have happily swapped tables with him, as in all honesty  it was a little loud where we were sitting.  But no… he was an angry twat so fuck him.

Jonas at one point said to the guy that he could have the table.  I stood my ground and said he can took off!

In the end, security said he can either leave the area or the club.. unto him.   Within minutes he was gone and all the security gave us the thumbs up – leaving bystanders looking at us and asking themselves ‘who the fuck are they’?

Who were we?  We were the ones that tip the security on the way in.  Money talks after all.

When we needed a pee – we’re escorted to the toilets and a path is cleared.  Straight to the front of the queue and they even give you the paper towels.  A bit naff I know – but I guess these guys don’t get much money – so any extra tips is welcome.

After a few hours of Jaegermeister and Jaegerbombs… we were starting to feel a little tired.  Time to head home.

1st night in Dubai...
1st night in Dubai…

Got back home after mid-night… crashed and burned…..   tomorrow is ‘Friday Brunch’ at the Double-Decker!  Carnage time!

To be continued….

Dubai, Thailand, Germany and the UK…. in 6 weeks.

Since moving to Dubai, I’ve not been flying as much as I used to.  Next month I am going to lose my Platinum status with Emirates Airlines and go down to Gold.  This is not a good thing.  So,  I’ve booked a few flights to Thailand, Germany and the UK… should get back to Platinum again soon….   I hope.

Next weekend – Jonas arrives for a long-weekend.  Lots to do and little time to do it.

Two weeks after that I am off to Thailand for a long weekend.  Looking forward to getting back to Hua Hin for a bit of R&R

A week or so after that, some pals and I are heading to Munich for ‘Oktoberfest’ – which is in September?.    Heard great things.  Not that I am much of a beer drinker.  Actually, I don’t like beer at all.

Anyone been before?  Anyone know a good place to stay?

Then the week after that it’s off to the UK for a motor-cycle show.

One of the great things about being in Dubai is that to fly to most places – it’s never really anymore than 6 hours. (unless you go to America/Australia)

Somewhere in all that I need to figure out when Miss Tim will come back to Dubai to join me.  Right now she still catching up with friends and family in Hua Hin.

This weekend she is off to Lomeo’s b’day bbq.  Gutted I couldn’t be there. Lomeo is a bit of a master-chef at the bbq.  Well, he is an Aussie after all.

Same as Thailand.. but totally different
Same as Thailand.. but totally different

Continuing the fun….

Back in Dubai…

Some pals and I have been talking about buying a Yacht.  Nothing too flash… under a millions bucks. Not out of reach between the 5 of us.

Didn’t really pursue it much as one of the guys in the group is a bit of a dick and I am sure he and I would fall out.  Anyway, ‘yachts’ are still being talked about in our little group.

So, when a buddy suggested hit the sea for a bit of a boat of a party, Miss Tim and I were all excited.

It was a friend of a friends boat, so we just had to pay for the crew/fuel etc.  We took our own food and booze.

Not a bad way to spend the day.

Sailing down the coast was pretty cool.  Some spectacular sights and inside the Marina as the sun went down and all the lights came on was pretty cool.

What wasn’t so cool was the temperature.  We thought that being at sea, there would be a nice cool breeze.We were  wrong.  The breeze was warm.  It was like sitting infront of a hair-dryer (so I am told)

Thinking that jumping in the sea would cool us down didn’t go according to plan either, as the sea was pretty warm too! There was just no cooling down!

Everyone needs a boat
Everyone needs a boat

Instead – we headed inside the boat where it was air-conditioned. There were about 8 of us in the party, so a few took the bedrooms, some camped out in the bathroom and Miss Tim and I crashed in the lounge.  Not long after we were hot from the sun, exhausted from swimming in the sea, drunk from all the vodka we were drinking did we start to feel a little ‘not well’!  Rocking back and forth, below deck……  we felt (and were) sick!

I don’t think I’ll ever forget Miss Tim laying on the sofa, looking a little green and saying ‘Really, you want a boat’?

She was right. The thought of having a boat is nicer than actually having a boat.

That night we got home – we curled up in the bed and cried ourselves to sleep!

The Marina

For those of you that haven’t been to Dubai – there is a Marina here which is pretty nice.  Of course, it’s very pretentious, there is a hint of vulgar wealth and people who seem so far detached from the real world.   But, for us, it’s nice to have a walk about and have a spot of dinner in the nice surroundings.

Loads of restaurants to chose from – with great views. Food and beverages can be on the pricey side, but only when comparing prices to your home country.

Miss Tim and I had a few cocktails which were average price here – which is about 1500thb each.    We certainly wouldn’t pay that in Thailand!

I've been to worse places
I’ve been to worse places

The Ferrari…

With the yacht crossed off the shopping list, the next item was a Ferrari.  I like my cars and for a petrol head – this place is a paradise.   The only thing is – finding a decent one.

I’d been browsing for a while and found a nice little 430 Spider at a dealership – so Miss Tim and I took a little drive to check it out.

First thing I noticed were several chips and scrapes in the bodywork.   Not so much as a problem, but I did wonder what kind of care the previous owner gave the car.   Maybe it’s just me, but in the past if I’ve have a scratch or blemish is my (expensive) car – I get something done about it.

Next, I laid on my back and stuck my head under the car.  It’s pretty low but I could see enough.  The front splitter and under-tray were badly damaged.   Again, I had to ask myself how this car has been treated.   Did this guy slow down for speed-ramps or speed up?

After a good 10 mins getting into, under and over  the car I was getting a little frustrated that none of the sales people had come over to speak with me.  Surely they’d want to shift this thing?

Eventually I called someone over and asked the question ‘what kind of service history does this car have’?   –  The reply was ‘no history’!

And with that, Miss Tim and I headed straight for the door.  Fook that.

The problem you have here – is that there are so many rich Arabs who have the money to buy whatever and as many cars as they want and it’d not make a dent in their bank balance.  So they don’t need to take care or service them.  When they are bored, fed up or it’s run out of fuel – they go off and get another.

I am of a different ilk.  If I have an expensive car – I’ll not let it out of my sight and will set upon anyone even looking it at in a negative way!

So having seen a few that didn’t really ‘do it’ for me, I am starting to think I should just keep the Porsche and Mini Cooper.  Especially with all these lunatics on the road here.

But then again….. hmmm…

Friday Brunch

You’ve heard me talk about the Friday Brunches here before.  Each Friday  (Fri & Sat are the weekends here) the gang and I all head to a bar/restaurant/hotel which lays on an all you can eat & drink buffet. Prices vary from 2000 to 8000 bht – for around 4-5 hours of eating and drinking.

We have been to many.  Cheap and expensive.  We prefer the cheaper end of the scale!

Reason being is there is more atmosphere, more fun and not so formal.  We have a favourite – the ‘Double Decker’ which is a good laugh, lots of interaction with other people and the food is good.  After brunch it seems to turn into one bug drunken party. They even have a huge pig roast!


Miss Tim and I are certainly becoming regulars there.

Speaking of which, Miss Tim has now flown back to Thailand after another month here.  Glad to get back to the cooler weather that’s for sure.

She messaged me from the phone telling me there were a bunch of kids shouting and generally making a nuisance of themselves in the Business Class cabin –  during a NIGHT FLIGHT.  What is it with Air Cabin Crew these days?   I thought they were there to take care of the passengers? . Just because they like standing around the galley chatting and laughing at the tops of their voices – they think everyone else should be awake too?

While I am on the subject – I had a query on my Emirates Platinum account. When I took Miss Tim to the airport I thought I’d go to the desk and ask someone.

Silly me.  Thinking that going to the EMIRATES Terminal, at the airport in the United Arab EMIRATES and speaking with an EMIRATES employee  at the SERVICE COUNTER would be a quick/easy way to make an inquiry.  Oh no.  They gave me a phone number instead!!   Unbelievable.

Not much going on in Thailand to make me want to get on a plane right now – with the exception of Lomeo’s b’day coming up.   Bummer, I’ll be in Dubai entertaining my house guest that weekend.  – The guest being Jonas  Should be fun.

Odds and ends…. – A picture speaks a thousand words……

Saw this in a bar the other day when looking for the toilets. Not sure I agree…..


Went out in Dune buggies again the other day with Miss Tim and some pals.  We were amazed at how many Toyota Land Cruisers were out there.  We must have come across at least 60 of them.  Who’d have thought we’d get stuck in traffic up a sand dune in the middle of the desert?

Open the pic and see if you can see all the little white Toyotas…


Meanwhile…. back at the Double Decker Brunch….  how to be Mr.Unpopular?

– just bump into a table and knock over EVERYONES drinks which they received at Last Orders!  Opps!  Sorry.

Time to leave....
Time to leave….

I am not a fan of facebook.  I’ll not go into a rant, but I think people spend too much time glued to their phones and calling people they’ve never met before ‘friends’.

An interesting picture sent to me the other day….


Last but by no means least…..  Frank has been good enough to share his tales of past and present experiences. We all cringed at the thought of him and ‘girlfriend’  going down the path so many others have gone down. – you know, the one in the horror movie where everyone dies.

Frank mentioned his girl got a tattoo of his name.  I think we all gave it a thought and pictured it in our heads.   Well here it is. Not what I was expecting!

What?  No Surnames?
What? No Surnames?

Right then… back to it.  I’ve a few days out of the country on Business….. then back to welcome Jonas to Dubai.   It’s officially Autumn here now – so I hope he doesn’t get too cold…

Carry on.











Chachoengsao – by Frank

So there I was…

After a short stint in BKK in the main office to get the project kicked off, I got a house in a compound close to site which was very close to site and the company furnished it and it was a good place to stay. I am outside of BKK now and had a car, so driving was no problem if you avoided numb nuts oncoming bikes, trucks and cars…I am not a friend of head ons.
So, a couple of mates from work and me started a routine of fucking off to Pattaya each Friday night after work. By then Indo girl was back to Bintan, courtesy of myself and it just was to much for her because of the isolation.
So off we went…put on ACDC and hit the road…stop at the first petrol station, grabbed a couple of roadies (beers for you non Aussies)…sweet.
These days we used to stay at a hotel called AA just 1min walking distance from the Tahesian Queen. Not sure if the hotel is still there but I read that the Bar burnt down.
That is where Susan comes in…I met her in the TQ….and wow motherfuckers! She was absolutely stunning….Indian mother and thai father. We hooked up and on following visits I stayed in her place.
We became very close, used to breakfast in one of the German pubs and then hit the road on the bike until after lunch we hit the bars.
And then Susan came to live with me…. and it was one of the best periods I have ever spend in Thailand….
To continue..

Back to where it all started – by Frank

The Indonesian gig was awesome and the stay at sea was a challenge. Anyway back to Singapore and straight to the hotel bar. I had not had a drink in 12 weeks at sea and after a couple of Bourbon and Cokes I got so shitfaced, I broke a glass (accidentally) and sliced my finger open.
By then I had met my Ex…we were to stay together for 15 years…until she fucked up. For a change it wasn’t me.
After a job in the shipyards in Jurong, I find myself walking through Far East Plaza and run straight into one of my best mates from Uni days….We were in the same class…and beers were had.
He was on a project in Singapore and invited me to come and see the construction site on Sunday morning.
No prob…I woke up hung over as you do on a Sunday morning, he picked me up and of we went.
I ended up meeting the Project Director and ended up finding myself in a job interview totally unprepared. They had a similar project (Cleanroom) starting in Thailand and offered me the job.
Had a contract within 2 days, it was a German Company and since I speak German it might have helped.
So off I went with my Indo Girl to Thailand…talking about bringing sand to the beach…not such a good idea…..because the Pattya aera started for me. It was still cool these days….Week ends, hire the biggest bike you can find and the Tahesian Queen Bar….and then I met a girl called Susan (real name) and things started to become a bit complicated..
To be continued….