How wrong is this?

I don’t usually cut and paste from the news sites – but this one I saw earlier made me feel angered with rage.

PLEASE lock me in a room with these people, with no more than baseball bat and a Rambo knife.

“Thousands have signed a petition to stop two Indian sisters being gang-raped and paraded around a village naked with blackened faces as punishment for their brother’s “crimes”.”

Sky News Report

I didn’t go through all the comments at the bottom – as they will all be the same. I just hope these people get what’s coming to them.

I’d love to meet anyone who thinks this is acceptable.

Think I’ll go have a drink now and calm down. I am getting very sensitive in my old age.

14 thoughts on “How wrong is this?”

  1. Can I come into that room with you and help? Fucking bullshit. Where I come from I was taught to respect women. If India wants to become a world power taken seriously….this should never happen. It is like some asshole rapes a muslim woman and she gets blamed for it! In what century do we live in?

  2. I agree with Frank but also at the same time being from India i can also confirm that its not the governments fault entirely though, unfortunately and incredibly sadly there are many villages in india that are still very backwards in terms of modern cultural thinking as well as the current way of life, they live with out proper shelter or necessities such as proper housing and electricity even, they have a belief that the village Head is the Law and even tend to attack the local police if they try to interfere in legal matters on occasion. I know this is very sad to hear but also true the government as well as many NGOs and foundations are trying to help them come out of the barbaric old times they grew up in but unfortunately as the saying going “u can take a horse to a well but u can’t force it to drink”

    1. Yes mate, but is this an excuse to rape woman? The Indian Government/police should stop turning a a blind eye on this. I know it is a huge country but I have been hearing stories like that all year mate.There are many good people in India and it is a beautiful country but people who abuse woman, no matter what country just make me sick.
      I’m sorry Rafiq. I did not know you were from India and I meant no offence to you bro

      1. no offence taken i have the exact same views as yours on this matter….. the factors involved go well beyond the government and the police more so religious factors due to out dated thinking and an ancient caste rating system in the hindu religion. which i find to be highly hypcritical as well as a bunch of BULLSHIT, not to mention this measured system of caste and community also directly connected to corruption too. it is highly shameful.

        1. Thank you mate. I understand and agree. I guess you and me cannot solve this….only treat the girls with respect, That is the measure of a real man.
          Rock on

          1. i agree on that bro…. have said told G many times that i can’t even go out to the bars with my friends sometimes since they can’t seem to believe how i can have a fun time and get girls attention at the bar while they struggle to even get a girl at such places and rather than listen to me when i say treat the girls with respect and be kind they scoff at it yet the next morning i’m waking up with a smile on stupid face and girl in my arms while they are waking up with a hangover and pillow

  3. That’s so sick!
    I’ve been ti India a couple times and I’ve seen some weired shit there.
    But that tops it big time!
    The people that said the sisters should be raped should be hanged by their balls (if they have)!
    Greetings from Germany

  4. Exactly…whether it’s a girl from a bar or wherever I always respect them. They are there for a reason and so am I but they are still real people. Yes, some can be a pain in the ass but then you move on.
    I can’t remember ever waking up by myself in BKK.
    Now I have a crazy chick…we had our moments, but now we have a house and quite a lot of land which we are looking at developing. So there you go. Interesting times ahead.
    Meanwhile you and G enjoy life and you to you fuckers that read here 😉

    1. Personally, there is no amount of justifying or explaining that can be done for this – which will stop Frank and I looking on the internet for the room we can be locked in with this mob. In fact, I am sure Klaus is in too!

      1. hey count me in although being an indian i’ll be using a cricket bat instead of a baseball bat

  5. Pretty sickening…

    And speaking of outrage, How about the Thai police, giving themselves the reward money on that Bombing case. Thought I had seen it all, but just WOW. Dont even do it quietly, but hold a press conference to let everyone know…

    1. The police chief donated one million of the three million baht. That’s probably two years salary. Must be pretty good to live at the top of the food chain.

  6. Funny place India. On my first trip there in the late 80s I stayed in a guesthouse in Patna where the owner had a severely handicapped brother,probably in his mid 20s,the care and love given to him by his family was awe inspiring. At the end of my stay I went to the market and bought a heap of clothes for him, and then went to the government ganja shop and bought a ball of opium for mum to suck on(funny place India) for raising such a good family. A real feel good story.
    A couple of months later I am making a run for the Nepal border,I have to change buses in a town in Bihar and I have some time to waste. I am having a wander around when I come across a severely handicapped women with a group of pissed off men surrounding her. I walk over to see what’s up,and there is a man with a cricket bat laying in to her. I ask if anyone can speak English and one man says yes. What’s going on I ask? She was sitting in front of the bat holders shop and scaring biusiness away I was told. Ten of them and one of me,the only thing I could do was remind the they were a pack of cucking funts and walk away.
    Funny place India.

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