Weekend with Jonas….

Thursday night was over – I woke up on Friday morning in bed. I was not alone. No, I wasn’t with Jonas either.
I woke up with a hangover. The kind that would kill a lesser man.

After throwing up bits of lung and chicken I crawled out of my room to find Jonas on the Playstation completing all the missions on GTA5. I can’t be arsed with that. For me, GTA5 is for roaming free, shooting people, stealing cars, visiting strip clubs, beating people up and getting chased by the cops. Or as ROLLN would call it – ‘Sunday night’.

We headed out to the coffee shop downstairs to get some air. It worked and by 11am we were feeling human again. Well, as human as could be expected.

12pm was Double Decker time. One of my buddies joined Jonas and I. Sat upstairs – we went straight onto the Vodkas. Bit of food, but mainly vodka.

Once again the Double Decker did not fail to deliver. A great crowd. Jonas was in awe of all the white ‘farang’! Never before had he seen such a gathering of white British women. Even compared to last year when we hit the UK for a weekend.

Well and truly plastered – we headed to the Irish bar ‘Mc Gettigans’ to continue the session. Mc Gettigans seems to be the place that the crowd from Double Decker end up at, as we spotted lots of familiar faces. Nods and smiles were exchanged as most of us staggered around the bar still wearing our DD wrist bands. Great atmosphere. Great Friday so far!

The plan was to head out later into the deep dark night… so we headed back to HQ around 8pm to freshen up.

*TIP… When you are drunk, do not sit down on a comfy sofa for a 10 minute nap.

I woke around 2am with a fresh hangover on the way. Damn. I crawled to my bed and left Jonas dribbling and snoring on the sofa.

Saturday morning was better than Friday. No throwing up. As Jonas was only in Dubai for a few days I thought we should at least show him something other than Vodka.

The Burj Khalifa is only a 10 minute walk so we headed to the Mall. The heat is still strong even though it’s officially Autumn here. Saturday at 10am – the place is very very quiet. Not many people around at all. We hit the Mall, checked out the Aquarium and the Sega Republic zone upstairs. Holy crap. They have an indoor theme park of (Sega) video games and rides. Not sure on the pricing but I am sure its not cheap. You can’t help but think about how spoiled the kids who frequent this place are. When I think back to when I was a kid, I think I was pretty lucky and had more ‘cool stuff’ than my pals. – But this place is something different. We’ve all seen the TV of the poverty out there – kids with nothing but a water jug to carry on their heads each day for 4 miles – but this is the other end of the spectrum. Great to see – but does get you thinking about how the other half live!

It took about an hour to find the exit – which happened to be where the 5 Guys restaurant is – so we popped in. Jonas and I first saw 5 Guys last year in London, but the queue stretched around the block so we didn’t bother. no such problems here! Yum.

My car was booked in at the dealers to have the aircon serviced at 2pm so we headed there. The showroom is overwhelming and the sales girl is really nice. A pal of mine just happened to be there car shopping, so we joined her as I had to leave my car with them for a few hours. Feeling left out – I spoke with the sales girl and did a deal on another Porsche. I really have no self control.

My pal lives at the Marina so we decided to head there and have a drink in Barasti. It’s usually an outside bar but during the Summer they cover it up in a big tent so we don’t all melt.

Barasti - with the roof off.
Barasti – with the roof off.

– Again, Jonas was taken in by all the white folk.

As I was driving, I stuck to cokes. The UAE has a zero-tolerance policy so I don’t drink when I have to drive. Just not worth it. I know many people that do – and they say that are fine to drive, which maybe so. However, as these numpties on the road here are crap drivers – there is more a chance of a sober numpty crashing into me than me crashing when drunk. Just not worth it.

Jumped in a cab and collected the car.

Home by 8pm. Time for a few vodkas do some ironing and a few house chores before heading out.

At 10pm we were showered, shaved and ready to head out. Grabbed the keys and went for my wallet. Hmmm… wallet? Checked my shorts from earlier. Pockets empty. Checked the whole apartment. No sign. Went down to the car, and surprise surprise… not there. Damn!

Phoned up Barasti to see if it had been found there. Nothing. Panic then kicks in. I have my UAE I.D, my bank cards and most importantly – my alcohol license. There was around 1000dhs in there too (10k bht). The money was not important. It’s the inconvenience of getting everything cancelled and replaced. Total ball-ache.

It was now 11pm. I planned on making the bank calls in the morning – as I had my business cards in my wallet so there was every chance it maybe returned.

With no money and no bank cards to withdraw money we cancelled the nights plans and went to bed. (Jonas hit the sofa)

At 2am I had a phone call. A Filipino guy had found my wallet in the back of a cab! He was about 10mins away at a restaurant so we headed out to meet him.

This guy found the wallet in the back of a cab around 1am. It was in the foot well. Where it had been for the 6 hours prior to that is a mystery. My guess is the next passenger saw it – took the money and chucked it on the floor.

The money was gone but the cards were there – so I was happy. Even though the money was missing – it still worked out as a saving, because if Jonas and I had gone out, we’d have spent 5 times that!

The Filipino guy (with his gf) were really nice people and would not accept any money from me when I tried to give it to them. There are nice people in this world.

Time running out for Jonas to see the (seedy) nightlife.. We had one (full) night left. Sunday night. It was now 3am on Sunday morning. No time left. I needed to get home to bed as I had work on the Sunday.

The plan was to head out on Sunday night….6pm.

To be continued.

12 thoughts on “Weekend with Jonas….”

  1. I never use taxis other than in BKK. And every time I’ve ever lost any mobile, wallet, sunglasses etc, was while sitting in the back seat. Now I almost always sit up front just for that reason… Nice they got your stuff back to you, that is a pain to remedy!

  2. I hate that sinking feeling in the gut when you lose something important (phone, wallet, wife) .. very lucky to get it back.

    1. My worst memory of loosing something important will always haunt me. My virginity. I hated that male boarding school.

  3. Good to read you guys are having a good time. Loosing a wallet is a shit feeling but good you got it back. I lost mine a couple of times in my home and after running around in a panic, only to find it in the back pocket of my jeans which I had thrown into the laundry basket.
    I never carry a wallet in Thailand. I keep my card and cash in my sock inside my boot and only small money in my front pocket.
    I did loose my mobile in the back of a taxi in Santiago. My African girl at the time rang the number and went nuts on the driver threatening him with a curse which was obviously bullshit…haha……..funny
    Needless to say it scared the guy and I got the phone back.
    Rock on.

      1. Well it’s hard to get your hand into my boots…and I don’t have any titties. I leave that to RC haha
        Rock on

  4. Graham told me a few stories about people in Dubai that actually getting their stuff back when lost it. Now I really belive it.
    Even taxi drivers that returns with change after been paid with a to big bill to break down.
    Just a lot of honest people in Dubai..they actually follow the law, most of the time, when not driving cars.

  5. Only a few weeks ago in Phnom Penh I was chased down the road by a bar hosty to give me $7 back, they found out they overcharged my bill, that’s a first.

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