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So there I was, she had moved in lock stock and barrel.

Morning routine….I get up and hit site by 6 am. Suzan still In snooze land. I used to call her from site every morning around 8. Say good morning (see, I can be nice) and what u doing? The standard answer always was ‘I do machine’ which meant she was washing my clothes…every day!

Best part was always coming home. When she heard the gate open and me pulling in, as soon as I got in the house and took my boots off I had a glass of cold beer in my hand. I never even asked.

I wish I had a pic of her to show you guys.

We lived together for 7 months and it was a real pleasure. She also was not hanging off my wallet…200 bath here or there. Now you guys might ask are you fucking serious? In Thailand?…Yes but that was the only time.

I made her a passport as I wanted to take her to Singapore.

Unfortunately my work took me back to Australia.

No regrets, no surrender.
Rock on,


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  1. Is it me… or does anyone else get the feeling that Frank just has these little snippets come to him and he jots them down.

    How about a proper long(ish) story where stuff happens?!!?!

  2. Yes G, this was just a little insight in my past.
    As I am in Oz at the moment, nothing much is happening worth posting.
    Any next post will relate to the present from now on.
    At least I write something instead asking people about locations of brothels.
    And RC is preparing the house for when I get there before the end of the year.
    Rock on

  3. Nice one Frank.
    As an aside I’ve come in from work and was wondering what music to put on whilst eating my dinner. Read your piece and I went for a playlist of ACDC, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and Led Zep. So thanks for the ideas.
    Spagbol in case anyone was wondering.

  4. Now in Hua Hin.

    Weather is pretty cool. I missed this place.

    Gonna hit the town tonight…. How much cheaper will it be than Dubai?

  5. Don’t we just love those cute tinglish phrases like “I do machine” some pearlers from Juliet have included “open TV” and just recently “put wind in wheel”.

    About to fire up the grill and crack open the Leos – weekend starting early, but not too many as I now play in a pool comp on Fri nights (as any good pool players know you have to be in that ‘beer zone’ to hit them balls good ; too little or too much = not good)

    1. Haha, hi Lomeo….what does ‘put wind in wheel mean’ ?
      Inflate a motorbike tyre? annyway that is way up there withe the classics…
      Rock on

  6. Nice one Graham. I’m pretty jealous as I would love to have a walk/stagger down Bintabaht right now and then a perch on either El Murphs or Limelight.

    1. Funny you say that Dan – as I was in El-Murphs when I posted that comment!

      @Lomeo… A gem from Miss Tim when she tried to explain the sewage extraction truck… She said ‘man come to suck the shit’

      – wind in wheel!

      Love it.

    2. Panama and Hemmingways are my current favs. Nice party at one of the Soi 80 bars last Fri night with Issan food n dancing .. don’t the girls just love that !

  7. Lomeo,

    Miss Tim and I are going for a little stroll. Will come by your place for refreshments in an hour or so…

    1. Miss Tim and I walked 17km today.

      Feet are killing. Time to head into town and stuff our faces.

      Got lots to pack in – heading back to Dubai tomorrow night.

      No rest for the stupid….

      1. Good night last night… Hua Hin was buzzing with energy.

        Mini write up coming at some point….

      2. 17 km!!!….where the hell did you go G? Or were you walking and Miss Tim was riding next to you on a bike…:-)
        Rock on

  8. Hua Hin was my first Thai destination in 2005. I’ve continually went back there anytime I’m in LOS. It is not for everyone and has changed some over time. It is still a laid back, Sabai Sabai, town. Unless it drastically changes it will be my retirement destination. A, relatively, hidden gem of a place.
    Look forward to the write up Graham

  9. Now in the lounge waiting for my return flight to Dubai.

    Landed here yesterday morning and had a great 48 hours.

    Not a bad way to spend the weekend.

  10. Here we go….Update on RC.
    I am in touch with that little pain in the ass just about every day. What I haven’t told u guys yet is that she has a big piece of land in her name. So I told her why not make the land return some revenue? I know it will generate rice next year…..but there is more potential which I intend to develop.
    And yes, I am moving to Thailand….so watch out.
    Rock on

    1. Nice one Frank though I don’t see you as being a “village farang” type of guy. Like me I would think you need a bit of a bar scene.

      1. Hi Dan….to be honest, I am getting sick of the bar scene mate. I have my girl and there are more places in Thailand to explore.
        It is a beautiful country and I will back before xmas.
        rock on

  11. Hey G – looks like perfect timing for your trip to Munich, where you will be joined by a bunch of Syrian refugees – I doubt they will be at the beer garden but best to give the HauptBahnhof a wide berth perhaps..

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