48 Hours in Hua Hin

My life is a little busy these days that I just can’t take time out for a vacation. Well., not for more than a few days anyway.

So, with me missing Miss Tim – and she’s not due back here in Dubai for a few more weeks, I thought I’d jump on a plane to Thailand for 2 days. How hard can it be?

The flight from Dubai to Thailand takes around 6 hours there and under 6 on the way back. Not bad really. By the time you’ve taken off, stuffed your face, watched a movie and had a little nap, it’s time to land.

I left Dubai around 4pm and landed at 1am (3 hours time difference). My driver was at the airport to meet me and take me straight to HH. I was home by 4am. Time for another little nap and a cuddle with Miss Tim and by 9am we were up and ready to make the most of the weekend.

First up was breakfast. As much as a good cook Miss Tim is, I didn’t fancy eating rice or noodles, so we headed to El Murphys. I do like the English/Irish breakfast there. Breakfasts are always nicer when someone else cooks.

We almost did an about turn and walked out as the main doors were wide open and the aircon was off. This has always been a pet hate of mine. I know aircon is expensive, but they need to use their heads.

It takes a long time to cool a bar, but only minutes for it to warm up.

When a few more punters came in – they closed the door and put the aircon on. There were 6 customers now – so we guessed their magic number was 6 customers before the aircon comes on. Had we not have been hungry, there would have only been 4 people as we were ready to walk out.

Tip… cool the bar down and then just put the zircon on low and run the fans!! It’s not difficult.

After breakfast we had a little walk around the town. There are a few bars under construction, many that have had a little mini refurb and a few that have a forsale sign. Not sure how the low season has treated the bars this year. We would find out later how busy things are.

Still early – we headed to Village Market. The only shopping mall in Hua Hin. There are a few on the outskirts, but we like this one. It’s small enough to walk around the whole place, looking in every window. If you like shopping like Miss Tim and I, this is a good way to kill a few hours!

Around 1pm we headed home. Full of life and energy, we decided to take a walk to where we used to live – to see Lomeo and Juliet. We’d take some back roads as we are looking to move to another house somewhere or buy some land and have one built. So a little walk was perfect.

I had forgotten how bloody far we had moved. By the time we got to Lomeos, we were knackered! It’s a good thing Thailand is quite cool at the moment. We stopped by at Lomeos for half an hour and arranged to meet up later in the town. We had to get back home and shower and the afternoon was fast approaching early evening.

Once home, we checked our titbits to see we had walked 20km. Not a bad afternoon session! No sight of any places worth buying though.

Once shit, showered and shaved – we headed back to the town. First up was Coco bar. I can’t say we are overly impressed with this place, but it’s the 1st bar we come to when being dropped off at the Hilton.

The owner ‘ET’ used to run Bullys bar. He and the Original Mango have history. He doesn’t recognise me so I do have a little chuckle when I hear him talking absolute crap at the bar.

One and done – we head to our fave restaurant in the world – ‘Robertos’ It’s a small little Italian ion the corner. Good atmosphere and good people watching. Not that we had to look outside to watch people. There was a couple next to us. An old American and a young Thai girl. The guy spend a while making small talk and the girl was just being a moody cow and messaging another guy on her phone. Why he didn’t just tell her to get lost we don’t know. Girls, if you’re being paid to keep a guy company, at least pretend to be interested and don’t ignore the guy. It’s not like you’re married.

Moving on – back to El Muphys. There is a bar opposite which is fairly new and looks to be doing good business. We keep meaning to pop in, but we go to El Murphys as the Boss man ‘Jonathan’ is a nice guy and has won our loyalty.

Not much time passes and Lomeo and Juliet arrive. We hit the drinks and catch up.

Quite a few people in ‘Murphs’, but unusually no live band on that Friday night. Are live bands now old hat? Instead there was a Rock Concert on DVD blasting out tunes. Personally, I prefer to hear songs sung by the original artist so I liked it. However, if you’re going to replace a band with a stereo/video, please try and get a decent set of speakers. This one sounded like an old record player. Quite crap!

Many drinks consumed – we headed to the next bar. ‘Panama’! Not been here before. I think it’s fairly new – will have to ask Lomeo. It’s a fave of his.

The place was heaving. A mixture of young and old. Quite a few Thai girls (staff) dancing and having fun with the customers. A real energetic bar which oozed of fun.

However, and this is another pet hate of mine… They put on some Thai/Issan music. Grrr. Why do they do that? To a Farang, the music is not nice on the ears. Of course the girls like it, but surely as a bar owner, your priority is to please the customers. NOT the staff. Like the flick of a switch, the bar went from jumping around, dancing and singing, laughing and joking to Issan music and just the girls dancing and singing (with each other). The Farangs had all but come to a standstill.

That really pisses me off. Think about it, who is spending the money? The happy Farang or the happy Thai girl?

After a few songs we decided enough was enough and we headed to the next bar.

We walked through the little soi – bars either side… heaving. A real good buzz about the place.Or maybe because we had a buzz on?

Stopping off at Click.. it was too busy so we soldiered on. One of our simi-regular hangouts is Tina Bar on the corner. Good people watching place.

What the hell has happened to Tina bar?! It was empty. A bar once so full you had walk around the block until someone had vacated a table so you could get a seat.

Looking at Tina bar, it does look a bit old and tired. To me, it looks like the new, fresh looking bars are now attracting the punters and people are not spending their money in the old rock type places. Just an observation.

Quite a few drinks in Tina Bar (quick service) and we head to the Beer House at the Hilton. I’ve only really visited this place a handful of times and have never been overly impressed.

– Well fook me!!! This place was absolutely heaving! People think of Hua Hin as a sleepy little town and not much action going on – well go to this place and you’ll not think you’re in Hua Hin. It was jam-packed with women. These girls didn’t look to be out of the bar business. Of course, there were girls who have gone straight from work to the Beer House, but many of the girls did not have that hardened ‘bar girl’ look about them.

For some odd reason we decided to do some shots being sold by two girls dressed as nurses. One of them even gave Juliet a sexy dance of sorts – which earned her 100bht tip. All in all, it was great fun, great atmosphere and a great end to the night.

Around 3am we decided it was time to head home via ‘Binta Burger’. Soi 4 has the famous ‘Nana Burger’, well Hua Hin has the Binta Burger. The lady must have done good business as she was nowhere to be seen. We drunkenly stumbled to Burger king instead – although I dont really remember much about that at all?

Who knew?
Who knew?

I also don’t remember getting a Tuk-Tuk home either. My only recollection of the journey home was asking to be dropped off at the end of our soi so that Miss Tim and I could walk. Again, no idea why we thought that was a good idea?

Saturday Miss Tim and I woke up with a hangover. – so we stayed in bed for while. There are many ways to deal with hangovers. More drink, fry-up, exercise etc.. we prefer the method of curling up in bed and feeling sorry for ourselves.

It was much of a lazy day for us. A bit of relaxing which was well overdue.

At 9pm my driver arrived and drove me back to Bangkok airport. It had been a fun 48 hours in Hua Hin. It has a certain charm about the place. Would I have had a better time had I had done 48 hours in Bangkok? I don’t think so.

17 thoughts on “48 Hours in Hua Hin”

  1. Hua Hin is one place I’ve heard good things about but never visited, some say it’s too quiet but personally that’s a bonus. One day.

        1. End of October you say? Miss Tim shall be leaving Dubai around then – so maybe I’ll come back with her.

          Another 48 hours?

  2. Like it G. 48 hrs in paradise.
    Bintabaht is changing and I believe its because both the Hilton and the nearby Temple don’t want the seedy bars anymore. The Hilton people have a lot of say in the local politics in Hua Hin. So Bintabaht is going to be more upmarket bars and restaurants with everything else going over to Soi 80 and the like. At least that has been the talk for a few years. The Hilton bar you are talking about is I presume the disco. That has always been heaving and you are right that is where all the girls go after the bars have closed. I

    1. Those rumours have been around for years as Dan said.

      Not sure how true they are – as there seems to be some new bars popping up and they don’t look like the cheap 1 shop fronted bars either.

      Time will tell….

  3. Beer House could be so much better – but what a meat-fest in the early hours. Still too many bars in HH – the thai way, no-one is allowed to make too much money, just look at te 7-11 model.

    Off to Bangers on Sunday for a few days willl be good to escape the dog for a while (crazy Jack Russell..)

  4. Thanks for the very informative write up. I hope to go to HH soon. However, may I disagree about Thai music: loads of farang like morlam and loktung some of which sound like ska music. Many farang dance to it as well. There are also many farang who find Hip hop and rap unbearable. I can’t really see that asking for Thai music not be played in a Thai bar in Thailand is reasonable. You only have to go to the Issan Bar on WS in Pattaya which has flourished since it opened a couple of years ago. If you go to Hilary on Soi 4 you can see Thai and farang enjoying Thai music. It really cheers the Thai dancers at Go Go bars as well. The last time I was in NP some of the music was so dreadful and the DJs so noisy there was no discernable music for the girls to dance to. I had to leave Pretty Lady and Spankys. I hope I don’t sound disagreeable on this matter but many of my friends and colleagues feel the same. Many of them are much younger than me but can’t bare the current MTV pop pap that has invaded bars and drinking spaces and much prefer to drink or dance and chat to Thai music.

    1. Lurcher… HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE WITH ME!!! (joking)

      I am only going on my observations. I’ve been around the bar industry for a few years now and can only say what I see. And each time the Thai music came on – it killed the atmosphere.

      I am not against slipping the odd song in here and there.. but to play more than 3 in succession – then I have to ask why they are playing this? It’s usually a Thai DJ playing what he wants to hear. I’ve never had a request for Thai music to be played (by a Farang).

      The old Mango was not allowed (by law) to play Thai music. That’s one law that I was happy not to break!

    2. I’m with The Lurcher. I like mow lam. I am also a big fan of pleng cheewit or songs for life, Carabao is my fave. Admittedly it is an acquired taste. I like the fact a lot of issan music carries strong political or social messages. In most of the big cities in issan they have these big music barns called Tawengdangs(Red bull) that play modern issan music. They have bands and dancers and over priced alcohol. I have never had a bad night. Some of the best fun you can have in Thailand with your clothes on I reckon.

      1. Like I said, I am just going on experience! I’ve never been to Issan – and have no interest in doing so.

        If I am paying for the drinks, paying for the girls drinks (which means paying the bars rent, electricity, aircon, overheads..etc..) I expect the bar to focus more on the customers than the working girls.

        An Issan bar (I assume) is mostly Thai I am guessing?

        Again, I am o.k with slipping a few songs in to get the girls all excited, but come on, would you be happy if you went to a 3D movie and they kept showing 20 minute slots in 2D?

        I am waiting for the like of Lomeo to jump all over me now too… saying he enjoys it. However, there are too many Farang out there who are trying to convince everyone out there how they have ’embraced’ the Thai culture. Horse shit.

        When you’ve got a min of 25 years in Thailand under your belt, I may then believe you are genuinely interested in music scene!

        Of course guys, these are just my own thoughts. We all have them. Not looking to be an ass!

  5. well…music in Thai bars…First up, whereas ‘One night in Bangkok’ is not a bad song…I have heard it about a thousands of times.
    When I was there in the 90’s they used to play one Thai song that the girls really loved but that was all. Even I started to like it.
    Last year, as you know I only went to the Metal Bar in Nana where the DJ played all my requests.
    But each to their own.
    rock on

  6. Graham next you will be saying that when you visit Scotland you don’t like the pipes getting played, or The Proclaimers. Tell me this isn’t true?
    I like all types of music so generally I’m happy enough no matter what is getting played – provided I like the people in the bar. I like visiting the quieter bars in the afternoon where they give you a free run of the music system. Does tend to cost you about 12 lady drinks though.

    1. You know, unwittingly, you guys have just confirmed and underlined my point.

      Dan – if I went to a bar in Scotland, where the customers are mainly Scottish, then yes, I’d expect to hear Jock songs. Hell, I even know the words to some of the Proclaimers songs.

      Others – If I were to go to a Thai bar, who’s main customers are Thai, then yes, I’d expect to listen to Thai music.

      When I go to the Aussie bar on Soi 11, guess what, they play Aussie music.

      My point is, the bars I am talking about are for TOURISTS/FARRANGS who are the CUSTOMERS.

      Another example – if you were going to a vegetarian restaurant and all they had was steak – would you be happy?

      Ask anyone what they think of ‘Morning / Night’ bar on soi 4.. .they’ll probably say they like the music – which is mainly Rock.

      So I am sticking to my guns here, if I want to listen to Thai music, I’ll go to a Thai bar. If I want to listen to Farrang music, then I’ll go to a Farrang bar.

  7. Graham I’d walk 500 miles to hear you singing some Proclaimer songs. Anyway I’ve just finished a Sunday morning shift and I’m now going to play some Jim Reeves, Perry Como and Don Williams. That kind of music was always played in my house on a Sunday by the auld man. He was normally nursing a raging hangover from the Saturday night though.

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