The Kingdom of Wonder, so far…. – by RainMan!

Sold up basically everything except the house and have two good reliable mates renting it… the sort of blokes that won’t turn my room into an ice lab.

The reason to hit Cambodia first was the ease of obtaining a one year multi entry visa and in three weeks time I will have that in my grubby little hands. Finding a very cheap apartment was easy on the outskirts of Siem Reap so now I have a permanent place to store my condoms and fish sauce, a base you might say.

The first week though on arrival I stayed in Phnom Penh to catch up with a mate. The hotel room looked good on paper and being low season was a bargain. My mate booked the Penthouse above me, and I’ll use the word penthouse loosely. All was looking good until I arrived and had to squeeze past a thirty ton excavator to get to the entrance of the hotel. It wasn’t really a problem as I drove big diggers for a while in Oz and was used to them being in my face but it was just the constant dust, noise and tip trucks turning up. Luckily, every twenty minutes, they would stop working…and let a ten ton roller vibrate the road, and the whole building, and anything that wasn’t nailed down. To add to this they were also building an eight story guest house next door and were at the jack hammer stage. Luckily it started raining heavily which slowed every one up for a while… and the six inches of mud kept the dust down.

At first we didn’t really care that much, welcome to PP, cheap room, never mind, can’t get any worse, but it did. On the second day the power went off, and on, for the next two days and on the fourth day…all hell broke loose, it pissed down.

My mate had a large courtyard type balcony with a wall about two feet high with railings to stop you from falling four floors, safety first in Cambodia. But the construction site next door had dropped so much sand, cement and rubbish that it had blocked all the downpipes, unbeknown to the staff.

It has been scientifically proven that when a swimming pool mass of water finds a small escape route, it will escape. In this case, under the penthouse door, through the carpeted penthouse lounge room, under the penthouse front door and down the stairwell, and indoor waterfall, no extra charge.

So the first thing the staff do when they see the small waterfall flowing down the stairs is open the penthouse door to find out what’s going on inside, and of course water doing what it does naturally well, flow downhill, they let out a mini tsunami. The yelling and screaming Khmer staff could not be heard by us sitting outside as the noise from the deluge was deafening. The reason they kept the door open and let the water out was that the level inside the room was close to the lower power points. Yep. While all this was going on upstairs we were quite enjoying the monsoonal downpour and all the shit floating down the road.

It was a funny sight at first, watching socks, flip flops, shoes and t shirts go floating past us from inside the hotel and out onto the muddy washed out road, but they had my mate’s name on them.

This beats watching grass grow at home, really enjoying things so far.

22 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Wonder, so far…. – by RainMan!”

  1. RainMan – wow!…. so you’ve upped-sticks and moved?

    Is this a permanent thing or are you just taking a year out? Like a born-again student?!

    1. A year out mate, but every time I do get on the grog and women etc, I do think of pulling up the stumps permanently, ha you know the feeling. Besides all the SEA pitfalls, the good times do outweigh the bad, hard to get that out of your system…at any age.

  2. Wow indeed! Talk about only seeing the positive side of things…Siem Reap is fucking brutal in the HOT season, you ever consider Sihanoukville? I’ve always liked it and you can’t beat year round weather, it’s at least 5 degrees cooler the PP and even more than Siem Reap! But not much in the way of girls (lots of Eden club/Bier Garden caliber) working or not. But you will not melt on the coast, thats not the case near the big temples! 🙂
    I’ve never been but heard Kep is also a nice quiet exFranko-colonial-resort kida gig. I would think by now they must have continuous electricity and dial up internet!

    1. Cheers nR, yes been to Snooky and it rained for 28 out of 30 days but being Rainman, I do like that :), it is cheaper and cooler and am looking to move on from SR soon, the heat and high season being the main reason. Maybe duck over to Hua Hin and talk
      Lomeo into a 10 click jog 😉

      1. So that’s what you’ve been up to. Welcome back! A 10 click jog? Seriously ??

        Just got back from sojourn in BKK, great little trip, but was surprised when @GM dragged me into a LB bar (after I promised I wouldn’t do it to him). Couple of good nights @ Check Inn 99 (I must be getting older!) and a top meal at Hemmingways.

        Trundled back on the train yesterday, only bad thing is that you can’t drink grog on them anymore so 5 hours feels like, well 5 hours.

        1. Just to clear this one up…. It was not all LBs and the person I wanted to say hello to is and always was a girl.

  3. Nice write up mate…welcome back to South East Asia…rainy season now. But have a good time anyway.
    Rock on

    1. Cheers Frank, been interesting reading your escapades and you sound like you enjoy grabbing life by the short and curly’s, good to hear. One day for a beer and chin wag could be on the cards.

      1. Mate, I will hold you to that beer….I will eventually have to go there for Visa reasons and RC wants to see Siam Reap.
        And yes, you only live once so I take no prisoners….;-)

        Rock on

    1. And the Germans have the absolute best in the world! I hope you’ve met and helped a few Syrian ‘fugees…

  4. Very funny write up … Is it going to be Cambodia the whole year or is this part of a trip around SE Asia? What made you choose Cambodia over Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. Enjoy living the dream!

    PS “Besides all the SEA pitfalls, the good times do outweigh the bad, hard to get that out of your system…at any age” ….. Could’t agree more buddy!

    1. Cheers Slapshot, the ease and price of getting a one year multi was the main reason…and the temples 😉
      I flew in on a one way ticket without hassles and will be heading off to the Filos for a short stint etc. It’s just easier for me to have a cheap semi perm place here, lock it up and head off instead of constantly resettling and searching for good digs.
      I am paying $150 a month for private rooftop unit, garden, barbie, hammock 360 views. I actually own the roof lol.

      1. Your place sounds awesome. Makes perfect sense to have a base and I guess SR airport is well connected to the rest of the region. Hope you will write the odd update from time to time. Be a good boy around those temples ….

        1. Good idea for a t-shirt, ‘Good Boys Go To Temples’, hope to hear about your travels too, still sailing?

          1. Good one….and bad boys go everywhere….
            But seriously, I love temples too and I always respect the places.
            Rock on

          2. I am indeed still sailing but instead of bringing boats from A to B for others I have bought my own 1989 40-footer. I am getting it ready (and earning some Singha pennies in the meantime) in Brighton (UK). The master plan is to start a circumnavigation in April 2017 and fulfill a lifelong dream …. Order me an XL ‘Good Boys Sail Past Temples’ if you pass a local lady with a sowing machine …

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