Gory Bell! – by Dan

I’m a Glasgow boy – born and bred. I heard a bit of history about Glasgow recently and I thought to myself, “bloody hell, some things don’t change” On the Southside of Glasgow, just over the river from the City Centre, is a district called the Gorbals.

The Gorbals is infamous and is associated with all the things wrong in Glasgow of old. Things like poverty, slum housing, over crowding, violence etc. In the middle ages the area that is now called The Gorbals was the home to a leper colony.

One of the myths surrounding how the name of the Gorbals came about is that the good charitable people from the city used to give food everyday to the lepers. So as not to have any contact with the lepers they would leave food on the bridge that ran over the river.

A bell would then be rung to tell the lepers that the food was there. The ringing of the bell and the sight of the lepers coming out to collect the food became know as the “Gory Bell”.

Gory being a word for horrible, gruesome, bloodshed etc. This phrase “Gory Bell” over the years transformed into the word Gorbals that the area is known today.

Right, so that story that got me thinking was that on my second last visit to Thailand I went into a bar on Soi 4 early doors for my breakfast. I won’t give the name of the bar, but it is a bar that I like and will be my HQ now that The Mango is no more. It must have been about 10 in the morning and I had been going in over the last 3 or 4 days for breakfast.

There was only about 3 or 4 girls working and I decided to be Mr Jai Dee, Billy big bollocks and ring the bell. Before you know it there is a posse of girls coming down from upstairs where they have been either sleeping or eating. Probably the evening crew who haven’t got their make-up on and it was not a pretty sight. Maybe a few rough ladyboys thrown in as well.

All down because they heard the bell and they were due a drink. I now realise that I had rung The Gory Bell!

17 thoughts on “Gory Bell! – by Dan”

  1. Oh how that brings back memories!

    Afterskool used to be a bastard for that trick. Don’t go back there because of it.

  2. Dan..Dan..Dan….why? You know when you touch that Money Bell, everybody will come out of the woodwork to take advantage of you:-)
    With all the time I stayed in BKK I never touched the thing….
    Good write up though mate….I didn’t know these facts about Glasgow.

    Rock on

  3. @Kaufman. Nothing to shame anyone about as it happens at all bars and is not the owners fault. As I say I like the bar and it won’t stop me from going in again – just that I won’t be ringing any bells.

    @Frank. Thanks.

    I don’t mind ringing the odd bell now and again but to be honest you are probably just better buying the girls an individual drink. I tend to only ring the bloody thing if there are no farangs in the bar. Buying for the girls is one thing but buying for “balloon chasers” is another thing.

    1. Right on Dan…find somebody that tickles your fancy and spend your lady drink allowance on her. She will love you long time:-)
      Rock on

      1. Dan has his own little system which works for him well.

        Personally, I like to go in – all guns blazing and throw cash at the girls. It’s a small amount for an expat – but a large amount for a dancing girl.

        Think of how happy I’d be if someone came to my office and handed me a weeks salary. I’d be happy as hell.

        I like to spread a little happiness. But only to those who deserve it.

        It’s good Karma – especially with Christmas coming up… and bonuses being handed out..

        1. ‘to those who deserve it’…exactly my point G. Yes expats earn more money but i don’t like to spend it on dickheads….it’s a two way street…
          Rock on

          1. Yeah – if a girl is smiling and having fun, I’ll give her a tip. Maybe the other girls will pick up on it and change their attitude.

            I once (for an experiment) started giving out a few thousand to a pug-ugly girl who seemed to be left out of the stage shenanigans. She was over the moon and happy as shit. The other girls were left confused.

            – I like to mix it up a little!

  4. Know what gets me? I can go into one of my regular bars and ring the bell for the girls everyday for a week. The day you don’t ring the bell they all give you dirty looks and call you a tight shit. Then you see some old expat come in and buy his samsong snarling at them all and doesn’t even leave a 20 baht tip. He gets treated like a King and wai-ed all over the place. I do believe the Thais respect you more if you are careful with your money. Mr Jai Dee (i.e. me) gets treated as a idiot farang. Oh well if the shoe fits.

    1. Maybe the girls know the guy drinking the Samsong will be dead soon, their just paying their respects early 😉

  5. Not technically balloon chasers if they are just sitting at the bar. ‘Up to you’ if you ring the bell- had to give that up some time ago.

    Terrible night to be in any of the popular bar areas tonight. Bars closed, or if you’re lucky you can sit in the dark and drink out of a cup. No thanks. Tomorrow night, however!!

      1. Didn’t know Buddha was a drinker?

        It always confused me as to why they stop serving booze on Buddha days and election days – in the FARANG bars. It’s not like we can vote anyway?

        In Dubai – a Muslim country, they give us non-muslims an alcohol license so we can freely buy booze.

        They understand that we’re not muslims and make allowances. As they do in the supermarkets with the ‘Pork room’.

        I think its fantastic and very understanding, considering its a Muslim country.

        Why can’t Thailand take note and realise there are others in their country who are not Thai nationals?

        – rant over.

        1. Too right G. As Thailand’s economy heavily relies on tourism, the Dubai model seems the way to go.

          Maybe, and this is pure speculation, the Thai nationals are not allowed to work under some law?

          Even the restaurant RC is working in Buriram was closed….so she just got pissed in our house with some girlfriends.

          Buddha…a drinker??? Have you ever seen his (beer) gut?

          Rock on

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