London – dark, cold and raining. Love it.

For the past year – living in Dubai – I have found the easiest job in the world is being a weather presenter.

Each morning on the radio comes the same statement…  “Today will be sunny with no cloud”

In fact, I am sure it’s just pre-recorded and the presenter is sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun all in the name of ‘research’.

So it comes as a nice refreshing change as I sit here in London at 6am in my hotel room about to set off for the 20 minute walk to the office.

The streets are quiet.  There is a little drizzle in the air.  It’s dark.  It’s cold out.  I love it!

Just back here for a few days – for work, but have made plans to come back to London for Christmas week.   Staying in Covent Garden to soak up the Christmas atmosphere.

Is it only me that gets sick of the sun.. day in, day out?

Mad week in Dubai last week.  A buddy got married.  What a hoot.  Will write it up when I get time.   These days, there just isn’t enough time left to get to the laptop.

When I was younger, I used to look forward and get excited about a night out.  Now, I look forward and get excited about a night in.




Charlie Sheen……

I know it’s not exactly breaking news now…   but while I feel sorry for Charlie Sheen – I kind of have that ‘not surprised’ thought.  Poor bastard.  He was/is my hero!

How cool was he?

When a pal of mine sent me a message saying something along the lines o of ‘charliesheen#notwinning  I had to respond with….

Out of the two of you – I’d still rather be Charlie Sheen

The guy rocks.



As I am only in Thailand for a weekend, I decided to spend it in Bangkok instead of heading home to Hua Hin.

Miss Tim and I like to move around in hotels in the hope that one day we’ll find a good one where we can use as our base.  We’ve not found one yet.

This time we’re staying at the Aldelfie Suites on Soi 8.   Above the Monsoon restaurant. We chose this one because we like the food at Monsoon and soi 8 is pretty central to everywhere we want to go while in Bangkok.

First off… breakfast is pretty naff.  I am not a fan of the buffet style breakfast.  Basically, every thing that is left after the buffet has ended gets chucked in the bin.  So all the items out there are normally of the cheapest quality.  Not for me.  We tried it.  It was ‘o.k’ (egg on toast) but feel it’s better to go elsewhere.

The Suite we had was the Premier Executive 1 bedroom or something like that.  Not bad for only 13k for 3 nights.   It’s basically a small one bed apartment with kitchen, washing machine etc..

Not a bad place, but certainly not the best place I’ve stayed in.  We shall continue our search next time.   One thing I will moan about it the internet.  Total crap.  Slow, craps out a lot of the time… why is it in 2015 these hotels can’t provide high-speed internet with strong wifi signals?   Everywhere else in the world seems to be able to.

After breakfast we took a little walk to T21 to see if there were any shoes left in the world that Miss Tim doesn’t own.  Couldn’t find any.

I know I’ve said it before, but the walk down Sukhumvit is so much nicer without all the Stalls in the way.   Long may it continue.

Back to the hotel, do a little work on the unbelievably crap internet before meeting up with Lomeo for dinner at Monsoon at 8pm.

Has there been a change in the kitchen at Monsoon?  Can’t put my finger on it, but the food wasn’t exactly jaw dropping as it has been in the past.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good – but not fantastic.

After dinner we headed to the bar on the corner.  Via Via.  Busy little bar – as most of them are in soi 8.   Good busy little soi.  If you look down the soi you can see a lot of green plant life.  Not sure why, but it gives a good feeling.  Much nicer than the concrete mess that soi 4 is.

With Miss Tim fed and watered, Lomeo and I decided to take a little walk to the Plaza.

As per usual – we hit Pretty Lady.  Or Spellbound. Or whatever it’s called now.  The usual gremlins were on stage and greeted us like we were farting money having just taken part in a baked bean contest.

I must know about a dozen of the girls now.  By face and some by name.  They’re all a one syllable word with 3 letters I know that much.

What I have noticed is a few others now trying to get in on the show by calling my name and saying they missed me.  Thinking my memory is not what it was.  I am not that daft!  No drinks for them.

As the Rainbow bars were closed – the rest were doing good business.   We headed to Mandarin to see what was happening.   Pretty busy and we took the usual seats at the stage.  The poles had a bunch of average girls clinging to them.  Can’t say any were interested in their surroundings or were having a good time.  Can’t blame them when you really think about it I guess?

I keep mentioning it I know, but Mandarin are a hard sell bunch and straight away 2 girls were upon us.  I was polite and told her I wasn’t interested and my wife was due here any minute.  I didn’t want to seem rude.  Even though she was tattooed fat munter.  With her marching orders given, she decided to then attempt to give me some kind of massage.  If there is one thing I HATE – is these horrendous shoulder massages.  HATE HATE HATE. It does nothing for me apart from cause me pain. Is it just me?  There is just nothing enjoyable about it.   I told her I’d give her 100bht to fuck off and never touch me again.

It was then a service girl came over to me and asked if I remembered her?  She knew my name and said we’d partied upstairs at the Mango bar – 7 years ago.  I didn’t recognise her. She mentioned some other names that rang a bell.  She knew my apartment so I am guessing she was telling the truth.  It then dawned on me that my memory is not what it once was.  Doh.   That got me thinking…  what other parties have I forgotten about?  And that I have probably forgotten more drunken debauched parties than many of my pals have ever been to.  Right on!!

Out of there and into Billboard.  Only because it was the only bar open on the top floor that wasn’t full of LB’s.

Billboard was pretty average.  Not a patch on what it used to be. We had a few drinks then started to be a little mean.  Well,  sort of mean.  We spied some old troll with stretch marks on her stretch marks and decided to give her tips and drinks.  Thought we’d make her day as sure as hell she isn’t picking anyone up looking like that.   All was well for a couple of drinks, then she got confident and wouldn’t leave us alone.  As polite as we could, we told her to fuck off.

That was when the dumb cow thought she’d be clever by smearing a cake across my face.  Cow.  Tipping her friends infront of her and leaving her out soon made her take the hint.

We had a few more drinks – in the company of Stickboy and some others…  too much booze consumed than should have been.  I had a big day ahead so decided to call it a night.


Bit of a lay in and headed to the Queen Vic for breakfast.  Great food in there.

Walking through Soi Cowboy in the daytime is always interesting – watching the people going about their business.  Street food vendors selling noodles, girls checking out the latest fashion accessories on some make-shift market stall.  It’s all interesting.

Business idea ***  Open up a Starbucks with a big glass window.  People watchers will love it.    Need high-speed internet though.

Head back to the hotel for a little nap before meeting the Lomeo and some others at Hanrahans at 6pm.

Jonas stood us up.  We think there is something going on – as Jonas is standing us up a lot these days.  Maybe it’s his wife thinking we’re a bad influence on him?

Lomeo, Aussie John, DavetheRave and I all had a few drinks in Hanrahans.  It was good to catch up and shoot the shit.   DavetheRave told us of his new role in the Nana Plaza as Marketing Manager.  A role that suits him fine.  He now gets to roam around the Plaza as he wishes, rather than be tied to one or two bars for the night.  He gets to mingle with the punters, speak of up and coming events and get feedback on any gripes people have.

Personally,  I think he should have a little office in the corner somewhere – that people can visit him and give him some feedback of their night.

After Hanrahans, we headed to Hilary Bar opposite and DavetheRave headed to Chequres for some food.  Dave highly recommends the Home made Cornish Pasty with peas and gravy.  One for the note book.

I am not a fan of the Hilary bars.  Apparently the happy hour is quite good (90bht pint?) but the price doubles after 8pm.  It’s a daft strategy as it see’s the bar empty 1 minute past 8pm each night.  Unhappy punters vote with their feet.

From H bar- we  headed off to Lucky Lukes for a bit of people watching.  It’s prime location except looking out directly you have a bit of Big Dogs, some concrete and a staircase.   Once there was space at Big Dogs – we headed across the road to there.

Once again, I have to moan that they serve Vodkas and coke in a little thin lady drink glass.  Not a proper tumbler.   A few of them while waiting for my old buddy PRP to arrive and soon we headed off into the Plaza.

Friday night at Pretty Lady was not as good as the 1st.   That equates to a much cheaper bill – so it’s not too much of a hardship

Next up was Jail Birdz.  I ‘think’ it was o.k?  Can’t remember too much about it.  I do know that we were pretty drunk.    Jail Birdz is all kitted out like a Jail.   The bins are tin cups which is a nice touch.   What’s make it better would be to have small rooms (cells) in there so people could go and have a little ‘lay down’ in there.

For some reason we ended up going back to Billboard.  Luckily enough for us – the monster from the previous night was no longer there.

More drinking followed.   People started heading for the exit.   Time to head home in a drunken stupor.

Home with a hangover.

Saturday morning turned into lunchtime before we actually made it out of the hotel.  A little walk to soi 4 to meet up with Lomeo to get some food at Chequres.   We wanted to try some of this food that Dave recommended.

Cornish Pasty with peas and gravy – twice please, was the request to the waitress and off she went.    Five mins later she came back and said they were out, but they could make some more if we were prepared to wait about 25 mins.   Being Thailand, 25 mins means an hour at least.

We chose something else from the menu which they did have in stock.

This arrived 25 mins later which then got me thinking that maybe all the food was ready and prepared up there – but the cook was probably on a half our break!

Gutted we never got our Pasties!

The rest of the day was lazy.  Mooching round the shops and watching TV.

When the clock struck midnight it was time for me to head back to Dubai.  I do love the timings of these flights.  02:30 to Dubai and in the office for 7am.  Perfect.

What’s next?  I think a little weekend in London at the end of the month.   December is a biggie – with Miss Tim and I heading to the UK for Christmas. Getting excited about that one already.