The Return of the Frank – by Flank!

4.00 am, alarm goes of. I nearly turn it off because I forgot I am travelling to BKK this morning.

Feeling a bit seedy because I had the boys over on Sat avo. We ended up drinking white wine, fucked if I remember why….

Airport…check in. My suitcase weighs a ton and I hardly get it on to the check in conveyor.

Upstairs, I ponder a hair of the dog, but I am too tired so nap-time.

The plane takes off on time. I am sitting with an elderly couple and we start having a chat…in German!!

How Frank deals with passengers who don't shut up.
How Frank deals with passengers who don’t shut up.

The man tells me they have a connecting flight to Vienna. I tell him ‘I hope you have brought your pj’s because this is going to be a long flight’. He says they have 6 hours before their connecting flight and they want to go into BKK, have a look see and shopping…oh yeahhh….they had never been to BKK but I thought this would be pushing it for an elderly couple who didn’t know where they were going.


Uneventful flight…eat….snooze…have drinks…watch ‘Just for laughs’

We Land

It is 3:00 pm and the airport is really busy. Nevertheless, I make it through in fairly decent time.

Ok time to spot RC…..looking…looking…looking. No RC. Ok walking around…walking…walking…no RC

So I decide to get a Sim card. Done, activated. Where are you?….I gate 4 sit down. I spare you the rest but we met up.

Now it gets better. Me ‘Ok, where is our transport?’…’No hap’…I am standing there with a 30 kg suitcase and a 12 kg laptop carry case……….Now this is starting well.

‘We take taxi my friend’….’Ok, where is your friend?’ ‘Him not here…him no answer phone’

Now I am starting to look for a return flight already….

‘We go downstairs’…..Well downstairs must have been around 300 people for taxis.

Ok, enough of this. Back upstairs, I ask for a private car to Buriram…I am ready to kill any one who stops in front of me suddenly, pushes their trolley into the back of my feet or crosses right in front of me….(ref. Chinese)

We negotiate and I am surprised….6000bath!!!

Keep in mind, it is a 6 hr trip there and the driver needs to come back.

We hop into a nice SUV…I get out the Vodka and we hit the road.

To be continued.

4 thoughts on “The Return of the Frank – by Flank!”

  1. Not a bad price indeed for the taxi fare fare.
    Don’t want to spoil the punch line but are you married yet?

  2. The thai currency is baht not bath .. Frank have we not talked about this before? I thought engineers would pay attention to such things.. tisk tisk

    1. I would say it was probably spellcheck Lomeo. I must admit it is one of my pet peeves. I hate it worse when they actually pronounce it as bath,it is one simple syllable. Have they never seen the Simpsons?

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