Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all… (except those people I don’t like)

Been a busy week.   I met Miss Tim in the Dubai lounge last week and we flew to the UK.  Due to the timings, we didn’t get chance to take full advantage of the bar on the A380 – as we fell asleep for virtually the whole journey.  – doh.  We could have done that in an economy seat!

Heading home for Christmas!
Heading home for Christmas!

Not much time to hang around at home as we were soon on our way to our hotel The Hazlits for our Christmas week (of shopping).

The hotel is in Soho – which I have to say was absolutely buzzing.  The place is always busy.  Ever bar, bistro, coffee shop and restaurant was pack.  Even in December, people were still sitting at the outside tables.

Our first night in London – we met up with my old mate PRP – who happened to be staying in London for a few days too.

As per usual, the streets of London were busy.  I do like walking through the streets before the sun (grey sky) comes up.  Watching the early risers walking to work with their Costa Coffee cups and listening to their iPhones.  Something quite peaceful about it.

One thing I have noticed though, and I don’t want to sound like an arse… but everytime I see a homeless person – they are sleeping.  No matter what time of the day.  Which makes me wonder what these people do when they’re awake?

I guess not too many things need to go wrong which could see you or I homeless one day – but I’d like to think I’d be one who carries a big black plastic bag and picks up litter.  I’d have a sign on my back saying “I’m homeless but not useless.  Give any you can to spare”

If I were to see someone doing this – I’d certainly dig deep in my pockets.

Evenings in London seem to consist of visiting pubs, bars and restaurants.   London isn’t as cheap as I remember it – but then where is?   For all those that say Thailand is becoming expensive – I would argue they don’t know how good they have it.

Out and about in the morning – we checked out a local place for breakfast.  Found one called The Breakfast Club.  I’m guessing the first rule of breakfast club – is you have breakfast?

A small cafe – but what amazes me is that there was a queue outside.  In December.  Now, personally, if there was a queue somewhere, then I’d have it on my toes and go somewhere else.  So why would people queue?  Only one way to find out.

Have you ever queued for breakfast?
Have you ever queued for breakfast?


The breakfast club was a hive of activity.  Young, old, people with kids…. sharing tables… chatting and lively music too.  It was like a bit of a party!  So much atmosphere.  Food was good too!  Definitely worth a look and 10 minute wait in the queue.  Not so sure if I’d have said the same if it were raining though.





Miss Tim and I do like going for walks these days.  Ever since we got our ‘Fitbits’.  A walk along the Thames to check out the sites.  We’ve been there and done it all before – but the sights really are quite breathtaking.

Seen it already
Seen it already





Being Christmas – I had to buy some presents for the kids in the family – so headed to Hamleys.  Actually, you don’t really need to have anything to do with kids to go there.  It’s great!  Can’t help but feel all kids these days are spoiled. (the ones that get to go here).

The place is a dream for kids.  Loads of wonderful toys which seem amazing when compared to the bamboo stick that Miss Tim had as a present when she was a child.

With our time in London at an end – we met up with another pal for dinner at a blues bar/restaurant.  Hit the cocktails and stuffed our face.  By the time we got our train back to home – we were falling asleep and worn out.

Christmas day right now.   Had some tea and toast for breakfast, listened to all the naff songs on the radio caught up with the Ironing!   Perfect!

Off to see the parents and family for dinner shortly and then heading back to Dubai tomorrow.

As much as I like the UK at Christmas – I think I am over it now.  Next time, I think 3 days here – in my UK apartment, looking out the window with a cup of tea and a turkey sandwich is all I need.

I miss Dubai.  I miss the weather. I miss my new 911.

Not sure what’s happening for New Years yet?

Any suggestions? What have you lot been upto? Anything exciting?

Carry on…

3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!”

  1. hey buddy! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    regarding the breakfast que we have a place here in Redondo beach that you will find especially on the weekends, a common line of 20 in que is the norm. Great food, would gladly take you and miss Tim if you ever bother to visit 😉

  2. Happy Xmas Graham. Thanks for persevering with this blog. It’s brilliant. Hope you have a prosperous New Year with all those Dubai petroleum dollars!

    1. cheers Kaufman.

      It’s getting harder each week to come up with something to post. It’s really turned into a bit of a diary – with just blurb of me hanging out!

      – Still, when I get back to BKK, I do tend to give a little trip report.

      Until then, it’s tales of me racing my 911 down Sheik Zayed Road!

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