Happy New Year!

Celebrated New Year in Dubai.

The plan was to go out for dinner with friends – but at a cost of 30k bht a head we decided to have a party in the apartment.

The start...
The start…










After a few hours of boozing, we noticed a reflection on the windows of the building opposite.

Looking out on the balcony – we saw this…


























Pretty horrible to watch in all honesty. The second big fire in a year – fortunately no one was seriously injured.

Watching the news – jeez… what is it with Americans always over exaggerating everything. On an interview some woman wouldn’t stop saying ‘oh my god’ while another (American) said he heard an explosion then the fire. – Total crap, trying to make it out to be some kind of terror attack.

The Fireworks display went on as planned. Good call whoever made that. If they cancelled it, then people would just get the hell out of Downtown in an uncontrolled fashion – and not as per the organised plan which had been devised for months.

Standing out the front of my apartment – we watched the Burj Khalifa fireworks. Very impressive, but was over shadowed by the fire.











After enough drink, we were done and headed to bed.

If 2016 is anything like 2015, then it’s going to be just great!

Happy New Year all!

*** Update ***

Went for a little walk yesterday afternoon. Fire crew were still hosing the place down – trying to cool it. Lots of smoke still and lots of the windows were gone.










However, yesterday evening when I drove past – I took a picture of the other side. With many of the lights on still. Could even be mistaken for thinking there was no fire!










It’s my thinking that the fire was caused by some A.Hole having a bbq or cigarette on his balcony.
– which are strictly not allowed.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year to Miss Tim, Graham and all the readers. A very quiet one for me but I’m glad to miss out on all the madness.

  2. Guys…a bit late, but Happy New Year from RC and myself.
    Lost my phone over the silly season and we all know what a pain in the arse that is….anyway, back on line….

    Rock on…

    1. You married yet?

      Was the ‘missing phone’ really down to RC making you burn it (and all numbers and photos) so that you are fully committed to her?!!


  3. Update on the fire…

    Few theories coming out now… An external heater or a flicked cigarette but somehow caught some curtains alight.

    A guy I work with had just moved in the day before and has now lost his apartment (1 years lease) and his car!
    – as far as he is aware – he is not covered for any losses! (except his car insurance)

    Don’t know what he’s going to do now? He literally had to fly back to the UK the day after as he only had the clothes he was wearing. Sucks.

    Also – we know of 3 girls who have had their visas terminated and fucked off out of the country for taking very close selfies (why everyone around them is running for their lives) – drinking champagne and laughing!

    They then posted them on Facebook. Idiots!

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