10 Things……

10 Things I love about Dubai

  1. The cars
  2. Beautiful women everywhere
  3. Low crime rate
  4. Very clean
  5. Lovely weather
  6. The social life
  7. My apartment
  8. 6-7 hours flight to the UK or Thailand
  9. Cheap fuel
  10. The ability to buy booze and bacon

10 Things I HATE about Dubai

  1. Smelly people
  2. The public/work toilets being left in a disgusting state by smelly people
  3. Smelly people driving like fucking idiots
  4. Smelly bastards emptying their noses into the sinks when I am washing my hands
  5. The road network – total chaos
  6. The metro (BTS) –  fucking stinks
  7. People not queuing
  8. Normal people driving like fucking idiots
  9. It’s expensive
  10. Smoking in bars and restaurants


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