The Pursuit of Happiness.

2016 will be a year of change for me I think. I am loving my time in Dubai.  Great job, fantastic apartment, great bunch of friends, nice cars on my driveway and more beautiful women than I’ve ever seen in one place.

I ‘should’ be happy but I can’t say I am 100%.   And the reason for this?

Well, there are certain people here who spoil it for the rest of us. Not a particular race – so lets just call them the Smelly people.

These Smellies make my life unhappy here.  Yes, they stink, they gob into the sinks and the pavement, they drive 2 inches off your bumper and have no respect for anyone else.

They are, for the want of a better word –  ‘fucking animals’

I love Dubai – but hate a lot of the people here.  I am short on patience (aswell as height)

For most of the time I can avoid the smellies – until I have to get in my car or go to the Mall.  I sit in the traffic, glaring at the smellies in the car behind being so close that my rear sensors start beeping.

And why is it none of these ignorant, impatient twats don’t stop at pedestrian crossings to let people cross the road?  Assholes… the lot of them.

Each week at my apartment block I come across a shopping trolley which someone has used to cart their shopping back from the local supermarket – and then just abandoned it in the corridor.  Why?  Why so fucking lazy that they can’t be arsed to return it.  Ignorant twats.

Should I really be getting annoyed at that?

The time is fast approaching where I am going to call time on it and move on.  But where do I go next?

I have asked Miss Tim to find us a house, with pool –  away from people, but close to town.  I don’t want to go native.   Only thing with Thailand is that Petrol heads like myself can’t really enjoy our pleasures.  The roads are shit and the drivers are not as good as shit.

So I am now thinking it’s time to head back to the UK.  I can drive in safety – on roads where others know how to drive.   I can be in the company of people who know how to wash. – I just wont have the weather and the beautiful people around me.

I don’t know the answer – and I don’t know how I can have it all.  Going to have to compromise, but don’t relish the thought of that.

Better start weighing up all those pros and cons.

Preferably with a pool...
Preferably with a pool…


6 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

  1. I can tell you the weather here in southern Cali is pretty fantastic year round. Infact right now is the coldest it ever gets with the night time lows in the 40’s (4.5 C) and rain, but we’ve got it pretty bad with our idiots, imports and domestic! I would dare to say we actually get more of them because of the hospitable weather and strong economy…I’ve always wondered what Australia or NZ is like long term? Seems kinda like the States as far as lay out and general population, but maybe a bit less over built? If your still thinking SEA how about Singapore? Might be a little too orderly 😉

  2. The roads in the UK are so congested that driving is no fun no matter what car you have got. I am with NRon on this one, try Singapore. Very livable but not cheap. Then again neither is Dubai. At least at lot less Smellys …

    1. UK congested? In the major cities maybe.. but out in the sticks where I live, the roads are pretty good. Good for riding my bikes.

      Singapore you say. Might just have to try that place then. Anywhere to get shot of the smellies….

  3. Singapore?….Lived there for a while. Super clean, super expensive but good food and nice pubs, super regulated (you probably get a fine for letting one rip in public), girls…yes…Orchard Towers, stuck up Singaporean Chinese, don’t bother driving (especially you G ;-))
    Nice city until you leave Orchard and Scots Rd, small and prone to getting bored quick….I ended up spending a lot of week ends in Indonesia.
    Nice spots: Sentosa Island, Golf Course, Zoo, those new tree tower thingies, Sate Club, Newton Circus…..there are prob more that I can’t remember.

    Not everyone’s cup of tea, but give it a go.
    I liked it.

    Rock on

    R.I.P Lemmy


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