Heading to Bangkok

It’s been a few months since I was in Thailand. I need to get back.

Unlike Stickman who wont stop talking about how happy he is that he is back in NZ and doesn’t miss Thailand – I shall say right now that I sure as shit do miss it!

So… I have my birthday coming up at the end of the month so figured now is a good time to head back and refresh myself why I moved there 11 years ago!?

Only for a long weekend – I shall hit Bangkok at 7am on the 28th.  Will spend the day there and get a taxi to Hua Hin around 3am the next morning.

Which leads me to think about what I can get upto for the day/evening/night…?!

Of the Rats…. Jonas is in.  As is Gamblin Man. Hopefully catch up with Lomeo at some point.

Can’t wait to get back to Hua Hin.

Birthday plans?   Totally different to my previous years…  Think a nice meal with Miss Tim is I want this year.    After all,  I will be 41.   Getting on a bit.


19 thoughts on “Heading to Bangkok”

  1. 41 .. I think a ‘Pattaya in 12’ would be appropriate! Happy birthday young man, give me a shout when you get to HH.

    1. Not a bad idea that Lomeo.

      Land… Chicken and beer breakfast at Hooters… Wait for the boys… hit Patts. Peter? Jonas? What you think?

      1. In principle a good idea but wondering about the effect of travel on you G and me for that matter? I guess a sleep in the van until woken up for KFC will do.

        I am in. Jonas????????

        1. Not really fancy Pattaya..but I wont miss the chance to hang with guys this time. Up to you ! 🙂

    1. Jonas – we usually lose about 3 hours of fun each time you fall asleep at (on) a bar.

      Peter – I shall be on an overnight flight at the pointy end of the plane. So I shall be fresh and ready for action! Your flight is only 25 mins, so no excuse for you being tired.

      How many passengers can the Devils Den van take?

      1. Hahaha. I was about to suggest the Devis Den bus. Just make sure the seats are cleaned extra well. Am in Cha Am at present,the weather is quite pleasant, I assume Hua Hin is the same.BTW Pattaya seems to be pretty quite, I am pretty sure you and your mates wallets will be most welcome.

        1. I like Patts when it’s quiet. Less scumbags to deal with.

          In my old age, I have gone off people!

          GM, Jonas…. Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on!

  2. I am sitting on my balcony on Soi bus stop in Cha Am,one of the bars below has just played Frank Ifeild’s “I remember you”. I am 49,tomorrow I must leave. The old coots here make me feel young again. But fuck me,Frank Ifeild! Holy shit..now it’s Cilla Black. I have a horrible vision,this is where my future lies,the place where you come to have a viagra fuelled death.
    I suspect realistically it could be worse. The old coots do seem to be having fun.

    1. Enjoy it man!

      Better than a couple of early twenty something s listening to Justin fucking Beiber!

  3. Hi Graham

    I’m french so please excuse my badly english..

    I don’t really want boring u but i send to you email about a review in bkk in 2010, if u can answer me..

    Thank you a lot for give me your time.

      1. Hi Graham

        So i send to u e-mail about à review in 2010 (if u remember what u do at this time)

        If u cannot answer, it’s ok, it’s too long ago now.

        Have a Nice day

        1. Hi Tom,

          I think I understand what you are saying… you sent in a review in 2010?

          Sorry, I wasn’t in the seat of the website then, so have no idea where that would have gone. If you find it, please do send it in again!

          1. And I’m getting ready to go to work in the cold and wet UK. Guess where I would rather be. Many happy returns.

  4. “Unlike Stickman who wont stop talking about how happy he is that he is back in NZ and doesn’t miss Thailand – I shall say right now that I sure as shit do miss it!”

    I think the Thailand you miss, and the Thailand that he DOESN’T miss, are two different places. Or rather, eras. If we could keep the early 80s/turn of the 21st century Thailand somewhere, people would be making a beeline to it. Unfortunately, time marches on. And we all grow older, so our tastes in good times change. Nothing wrong or special about any of this, I know. Just throwing my thoughts up here. Sorta like on a Sunday morning. :o)

    Happy B-Day, by the way. Do you have a gofundme.com site open yet for the rats who can’t make it but want to buy a round anyways?

    1. Debtstar – very nice offer, but I dont have a gofundme site. I don’t expect the rats to buy me a drink. Just want them to make sure they don’t leave me in some gutter somewhere.

      Just going to be a quiet little trip to Pattaya. Getting too old for all that gallivanting these days!

      1. Umm… do the words “quiet little trip” and “Pattaya” even go together like that?

        If you do go there, check and see if the Great Wall of Pattaya is finished. I’ll pay you 1,000 Baht to stand on top of it and yell at the top of your lungs, “Mr Prayut, tear down this wall!” 😀

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