Birthday Day..

Write up to follow…..  yesterday was pretty messy.  We did a Pattaya in 12.

Hooters (good!)

Soi 6 (shite)

LK Metro (can’t remember)

Walking Street (o.k)

5 Hour taxi ride

Anyone see where Kiwi Mike went?

Jonas stayed awake (well almost)

No hangover this morning!  Wahoo!



5 thoughts on “Birthday Day..”

  1. It was a fun day..Can only agree..Hooters ( good ) , Soi 6 ( bad ) LK Metro a blurr..
    Walking street ok.

    1. Heading into HH again tonight to have a wee drink with Lomeo & Juliet.

      Hang over now totally gone!

      1. Now in the lounge in Bangkok waiting for my flight back to Dubai.

        Been a great weekend. Ready to sleep now.

        Airport is absolutely jam packed. Guess it’s all the Chinese heading home for their New Year?

  2. Happy Birthday G…..wait until you are 50….hehe
    I am in a resort in Chakron Chai….RC and me got totally rat arsed last night talking to teachers from Scotland.
    Fell off the bike on the way back….good night.
    On my second beer now…..We call it a Heart Starter in Oz.
    Visa run today if I can reanimate RC

    Meanwhile….rock on fuckers

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