The Countdown has started…

Time is pressing on….   my time here in Dubai is soon to end.    I was planning to be here until the end of August, but am thinking of bringing it forward a few months.

Been looking on the interwebnet at properties to rent in Hua Hin.  A budget of 60k per month was given to Miss Tim to hunt something down.

Have the price of housing/rentals gone to shit?  It seems I can get a lot more for my money these days.  In fact,  for under 40k I can get a pretty nice 3 bed house with private pool.  Not bad at all me thinks.

So, Miss Tim is doing the rounds this week… checking out the houses.

I have given Miss Tim this task – as I get pissed off with Thai Estate agents.  I found a number of houses on their websites, only be told they’re no longer available – but they have something ‘similar’.  And when they say similar – they actually mean nothing like what I was originally interested in. Assholes. Miss Tim is more tolerant than me, so she has the job of dealing with these numpties.

I want to be fully moved in by June 1st.  June is when I’ll be back for a few weeks to catch up with all I’ve missed.  Looking forward to it.

Until then,  I am getting things cleaned in the apartment,  giving away TV’s, bean-bags and all kinds of other shit I dont want to take back to Thailand… and selling off my fleet of cars.

I think I’ll keep my little BMW convertible here – for when I visit.  My friends wife has said she’ll look after it – so I expect that to be battered and dented when I return.