Burgers & Beers & Babes at Stumble Inn * update.. party tonight.

I don’t mind supporting those that make the effort to promote a good thing.  I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of the Stumble Inn (soi 4)  – as I find it a little ‘generic’.  All those bars in a line seem to be all the same.  You could mistake it being one big Hilary Bar.  You could even take the dividing walls down and no one would notice!

However,  Dave is a good guy – and wouldn’t recommend places to us if he didn’t think it was worth it.  I’ve always got time to listen to Dave – so next time I am in town, I shall give this place a go.   I just hope they have Grey Goose Vodka!

From Dave…..

Hi Guys,
As most of you know, I now represent the Stumble Inn Group as Marketing Manager. I was quite shocked at how little is known about the delicious food is at Stumble Inn on Soi Nana. This week we are promoting what I have boldly renamed “The Almighty Stumble Burger” and you will see why in the photo attached below. Words can lie but photos can’t! 
Thanks for your continued support and do not be shy to contact me if you want to visit any of our venues – Stumble Inn, Big Dogs, Lucky Lukes Tiki Bar, Playskool, Mercury, Temptations, Hollywood Hotel & Balcony Bar and Nana Plaza Beer Garden. We are also friends and partners with Spanky’s, Cockatoo, Queen Victoria Pub and Crossbar Pub. 
Always remember guys, Stumble Inn Group has plenty of Burgers, Beers and Babes!
Best Regards,
** update **
Hello Gents,
Today we have two events for you from Stumble Inn Group. Firstly, the best drinks deal on Soi Nana is at Stumble Inn Bar, which I call “TTIF” which stands for “Thank Tiger It’s Friday!” we are offering Tiger Pints for just 100 baht every Friday until 2:00 AM. If this is not the best draught beer deal on Soi Nana, then what is?
Tonight we are hosting a Birthday Bash for Mama Yeaw at Mercury GoGo Bar (Middle Level Nana Plaza near Mandarin). There will be sexotic shows and all beers are only 100 baht until closing time. Come along and join in the fun.
If possible please post on your websites and/or “share” on your social media. Cheers! 
Best Regards,
Almighty_Stumble_Burger mama-yeaw-birthday-party stumble_inn_soi_nana_104 Stumble-Inn-018

BKK Fun Card

You’ve heard DavetheRave talking about it..


Check out the website for a list of venues where the card gets you discount…

Is there no Platinum card?
Is there no Platinum card?


From the pages of Stickboy….

Stickboy is a daily read for me.   Saw this one this morning.  Makes me sick and angry.  I hate these fucking uneducated fucking mini-van drivers.  Anyone that crashes, causing harm to others should be banned from driving for life. (like that would stop them?)





Sixteen passengers, both Thai and foreign, going from Bangkok to Pattaya were injured when the minivan they were travelling in was rear-ended by a cement truck in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The accident occurred just after midnight when the driver of the minivan stopped on highway 7 after missing a turn off and whilst reversing the vehicle was hit from behind at speed by a truck leaving all those on board needing medical treatment.

The driver of the truck also required hospital treatment with the minivan driver only slightly injured.

There were no reports of what, if any, charges will be brought against the driver of the passenger van.






Bangkok’s Best British Breakfast?

Never been one to advertise on here.. that’s not what this is about.  However, I am all in favour in  helping the quest to find a great breakfast in Bangkok.   Lets face it, all hotel breakfasts are shite.  The best I have found so far is the Queen Vic.  However,  now that DavetheRave has sent this – I shall have to give them a try….
This week DavetheRave is promoting Stumble Inn’s excellent bang-for-baht breakfast.
They are proudly presenting it as the Big B’s “Bangkok’s Best British Breakfast” due to quality and value for money at only 199 baht net. It is served at Stumble Inn from 9:00 AM until 1:00 AM. Stumble Inn also serves delicious Thai food at competitive prices.
In addition, with a Bangkok Funcard you can save 10% off what is already a great deal.
Could this be the one?
Could this be the one?

There is no information about what you get with the breakfast – but they did give this photo. So I assume this is a real pic?

No tea/coffee??

Bye Dubai

Time is now fast approaching when I hand back the keys to my landlord and demand my 170k bht deposit back.  I hear that most landlords in the UAE rarely give you the full deposit back and dream up excuses.  So.. Miss Tim and I are going to Dubai for a few weeks to go over the apartment and give it a good thorough clean.  And by that, I mean I am going to point at dirty marks and tell her she’s missed a bit.

I was starting to feel a little sad about moving out of my place in Dubai – but then I thought about the 2.2m bht rent per year – and the 9,500bht per month water/electric bill and then the monthly internet fee of 4500bht.   The more I think about it, the more I realise what such a bloody rip-off Dubai is.

I then got to thinking that after a few days of cleaning the place, what I are going to do?  Everything has changed now that I no longer work in Dubai and can go to the office every day to amuse myself.

We can’t do too much shopping as we’ve filled the suitcases with all my crap to take back to Thailand.  We don’t really want to go outside as we’ll fry.   Don’t really fancy going to the pool as we’ll boil.  Can’t really think of what we’re going to do.   Of course, we can go out and visit some cool bars for the last time, but as hangovers seem to last 3 days now, I am not so sure this is appealing.

Done all the Touristy stuff – although there is still Ferrari World.  But I have been avoiding that incase I get caught up in the  moment and go buy a Ferrari.

I think I might have to look at the itinerary again and cut it down to a week instead.

Mixed feelings about leaving
Mixed feelings about leaving

The opposite of Stickman.. I am actually looking forward to returning to Thailand once again.

For those that don’t know my situation,  I (once again) work on rotation.  One month on and then one month off.  Great.  A full month off (or 6 a year) to do nothing other than relax.

Not quite Dubai.. but it's home..
Not quite Dubai.. but it’s home..

Having said that, Miss Tim and I have a Europe trip planned for September – and then the Rats and I are heading to the Philippines to see GM – who has just landed a job there.  Hopefully he has found all the good places to visit before we arrive.   A bar with a comfy sofa would be good for Jonas as he does like a little nap when drinking.

I am looking forward to that little visit, having heard many positive things.  The place is much cheaper that Thailand for a start.  That probably isn’t the correct word to use – ‘cheaper’.  Maybe I should say ‘better value’.

I like the Filipinos.  I’ve several working for me and they are nice people.  Their English is near perfect – except for the daft American accent they seem to have all adopted.

I am sure GM will enjoy his time there.











Getting back to normality

Living in Dubai,  owning a couple of Porsches,  drinking champagne on yachts, eating at fancy restaurants and paying way too much for virtually everything,  one does become a little complacent.  Every now and then I need to pull my head back in and remind myself of the real world out there.

Last week, sitting in Robertos Italian restaurant in Hua Hin,  I watched tourists walk up and down the street – showing off their new sunburn and looking at all the holiday ‘tat’ being sold on the streets.

For many people, they get one holiday a year from Farangland and head over to Thailand for a few weeks.   Staying in hotels,  eating out each night and drinking cocktails which they never would back in their home country.

Looking at them… it brings home to me that I am one of the lucky ones that gets to live in Thailand.

Thailand is still the place I want to be right now.   Until my eventual return to the UK that is.

I don’t want to be one of those old bastards in their 60’s that are propping up bars, wearing Singha vests, speaking pigeon English/Thai and following all the happy hour offers around town.  Not  for me that.

So right now.. I am enjoying what I have in Thailand.     Miss Tim and I have moved into a new house away from any riff-raff where we can just sit by the pool and bathe in the sun.  Well,  I can.  Miss Tim sits in the shade or under a blanket.

I still have a few gripes with Thailand, but I am getting used to them.  I still don’t understand why it is the power goes off when it rains?  I still don’t know where they get their (lack of) driving skills from and I will never believe that rubbing money (1st sale of the day) over items in a shop will bring the shop-keeper good luck?!?!

But anyway… the last few weeks have been busy…..

I flew from Dubai to Thailand with several suitcases filled with all my crap.    The move is almost complete now.

The new house is great and the 1st task on the agenda was to have a BBQ by the pool.  I wanted some burgers and hotdogs.. the usual.   Miss Tim then asked if I would like to invite someone to my ‘sausage party’.   I told her not to refer to it like that ever again.

Jonas, his lovely wife and Sprog attended my ‘Sausage Party’.   Was good. Ate loads and drank loads.  Pity there was not much sun.  Damn that rainy season.

One day of rest and it was then off to the UK to see the folks and give my motorbikes their annual clean and start them up.  One day I’ll get to ride them.

From a 911 to this.....
From a 911 to this…..

The UK was nice and sunny for a change.  Miss Tim and I went on an eating mission – trying get our fave  foods down our necks in the 4 days we were there.   Indian, Chinese, Kebabs and whatever else we could fit in.  Who says you can’t have Crispy Chilli Beef for breakfast?

Miss Tim helping me clean the bikes. By pointing at them.
Miss Tim helping me clean the bikes. By pointing at them.

Just a short trip and we were back on the plane to Thailand, stopping off in Dubai for a few hours to connect flights.   Anyone been in the Dubai Business lounge recently?  Apart from the free-flowing booze – there is not much to offer.   There are more available seats elsewhere in the airport.  The place is just too packed these days.   I am hoping to get my Platinum status back next year – so I can then use the 1st Class lounge.  Less people in there to piss me off.

It seems funny to me that the only reason to go to the Business lounge in the Emirates is for the booze – as the food is shite and it’s too busy.

Back in Thailand and into town to meet up with a young Cousin of Miss Tim.    She is an 18yr old studying at Uni.  He subject is Hospitality Management or something like that.   Currently, she is at hotel gaining work experience.  She was telling me how her class mates are all at hotels in various departments, getting an understanding of the goings on in the hotels.  They are not paying jobs – but each of them are given some bucks by the hotel.  Great.  I do like hearing of these places helping the youth of today.

That is… all except Miss Tims Cousin!  The poor cow  is at a hotel in the middle of Hua Hin and they have put her in House Keeping for the last 5 months!!  So while her pals are learning about Customer Service, Food & Beverage, Reservations and Reception – this girl is making beds and cleaning toilets. What’s more… they don’t even give her any salary.   They are just using her as free labour.

I am not going to name the Hotel, but I for one will make a point of never staying in one.  Assholes.

I felt sorry for the poor kid so Miss Tim and I took her for dinner at the Prime Steak Restaurant opposite the Hilton Hotel.     After Robertos Italian restaurant,  Prime is our next favourite.  The food really is outstanding.  The restaurant is nice and clean and the staff know what they’re doing.  If I were rich and wanted to invest in Thailand, I’d certainly think about buying that place. It’s a goldmine.

That'll be the 'carb' diet then?
That’ll be the ‘carb’ diet then?

Several steaks down our next, a bottle of plonk polished off.. we headed off to the bars.  The Cousin hadn’t been around the town before as she just worked and had no money for going out.

Miss Tim was a good guide and we visited many bars.  One in particular had a pool table where a bargirl (waitress, not hooker) showed the Cuz how to play pool.   I did chuckle at the only time I’ll ever see a Thai girl, in a Thai bar, playing pool for the very first time.

As the night went on… we got drunk and headed to the Beer House.  Can’t say we were impressed.  Then again, it was a Monday night and around 11pm.   Every other time I have been there it’s been way busier.

Drunk in HH
Drunk in HH

A few more drinks, we were done.  Off we headed home.

The next day Miss Tim spent the next morning on the sofa with a hangover.  Amateur!

In the afternoon, we headed to ‘D Cat Cafe’.  For those cat lovers out there.. this is a cafe that is full of cats.  I was expecting a cafe where cats just walk around and knock stuff off tables and then walk off, but they didn’t.   The cats just mainly slept all the time.  A great place if you like cats.  I put 200bht in the tip box as they can’t be making much money with all the fees that go along with so many cats.  I’ll certainly be going back here again.. just because its a nice relaxing environment.  – and I hate dogs.

Best behaved cats ever.
Best behaved cats ever.

Later that night I was taken to the airport where I headed back to my place in Dubai.    A few more things to tidy up in the office before starting my new assignment in Iraq.

I am now working one month and then having one month off.   Just like I’ve been doing for the past 16 years – except my little stink in Dubai.   Working 6 months of the year is great – as I get 6 months off.

This year Miss Tim and I intend on popping over to  France and Spain in a few months to see some pals.   After that… I’ll be spending most of my time back in Thailand.

Still thinking I might need some kind of hobby to stop me getting bored of sitting by the pool drinking margaritas and dry Martinis all day.