Time on my hands…..

Now into my last few days in Dubai and to be honest, I cant get out of here soon enough. In fact, I have changed flights to get out of here 4 days earlier than planned.

As I am no longer working in Dubai – I find myself at a bit of a loss.  I’ve walked around the Mall, sat in the park and visited the pool.  What else is there to do?

Having always been in the office during the daytime – I never got to fully appreciate the fucking noisy bastard construction site going on outside my window where they are building a bridge across the Business  Bay.  For 18 months they’ve been pile driving.  Can’t see much in the way of progress.  Lazy basts.

Some friends and I went to a Brunch the other day at the Marina.  Ruth Chris Steak House.  It has to be one of the best brunches I’ve been to with regards to quality of food.  Really good.  Atmosphere was non-existent and there were only 4 tables out of the 20 which were occupied.  Not sure why that is?

Anyway, with the free flowing Champagne – we were all pretty well wasted.   Ended up at a local Irish Bar after which was absolute carnage.  Don’t remember too much about it – but Miss Tim and I ended up home by 9pm.  One of us was throwing up everywhere and talking gibberish.  O.k.. that may have been me.

Now just twiddling thumbs and waiting to get the hell out of here.

I’ve some pals visiting Hua Hin next week – so that should be good.  But before that – I am heading to Bangkok for the weekend while Miss Tim goes to see her Mother on Mothers Day.

With GM now in Manilla and Lomeo is in training for the Iron Man competition – it’s down to Jonas and I to drink our bodyweight in booze.

Roll on Friday…









5 thoughts on “Time on my hands…..”

  1. All that shit happening down south never bothered me. Thais bombing Thais,not my problem. Don’t go to Hua Hin much,but usually spend a few days in Cha Am when I’m in country. Bombing Hua Hin getting a little close for my liking. I am not a religious person,but those effected will be in my thoughts today. Fuck me,what more can I say. Stay safe G.

    1. Just arrived back in HH last night. Was in town for dinner. Home at 9pm. This is terrible news.

      I have friends arriving this week with their kids – so rightly so they are now concerned.

      The world has gone to shit. I hope they catch the people responsible. We chose HH because it was a quiet little sea-side town. Might have to have a re-think.

    1. I had people in Iraq contacting me to see if I am o.k.

      Just doesn’t seem right.

      The world is broken.

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