Back in the groove

The 4 big suitcases in my spare room which I brought back from Dubai had to remain unpacked on Thursday when Miss Tim and I arrived in HH.

Queuing up to board the plane in the Business Lounge in Dubai – some tall guy asked me if I was the previous owner of the Big Mango…  I recognized him as AndyUK. One of the old guard.  Glad to see his is doing well.  I told him I was meeting Jonas at 2pm on Friday – he should join!

The 3am flight got us into BKK around 13:30 and we got to HH around 5pm.  No time to waste.  The food (breakfast) on the Emirates flight is the worst I have ever had.  I told them not to wake me for it – which meant by 5pm I was starving.  Off in to town we went for dinner – via Village Market to pay some bills.

It’s been a few weeks since Miss Tim had eaten Thai food, so we went to one of our regular Thai restaurants directly opposite the Hilton.  Good food and it feels great to not pay way over the top for food (and everything else).  The 2 years in Dubai has now put me in the habit of comparing prices and working out the exchange rates.  I need to stop as it pisses me right off.  Dubai is such a rip-off.

Around 8pm we had finished stuffing our faces.  What to do?  I suggested to Miss Tim that we go bar hopping for the rest of the night.  She replied that I am too old for that and should go home and have a nice cup of tea.  Must admit – she was right.   Home it was!

She also reminded me that I was off to Bangkok the next morning – so should save my energy.  Good point.

I woke up in the morning to find several text messages, skype messages and e-mails – all asking if I was caught up in yesterdays bombings.  I knew nothing about it?  I had Miss Tim make some calls to find out the skinny.  Where it all went off.. was where we hang out.  I am glad we made the decision to go home when we did.

Seems like its a good time to get out of HH and at 10am our driver picked us up.  I was going to Bangkok and dropping Miss Tim off at her parents on the way.

Arrived in Bangkok at 13:30.  Staying at the Grand Swiss Hotel on soi 11.  And very nice it is too.  Very impressed so far with the rooms.  Three nights for under 10k.  Not bad at all.

Jonas was already in Morning Night.  Probably since the night before.   We met up and headed to the Stumble Inn that Dave raves about.   10 mins later, AndyUK showed up!

Dave has been here a long time.  I have a lot of time for him and listen to what he has to say.  However,  his position of Marketing Manager means he has to promote the bars in a positive way.  Totally understand that.  But I do wonder if Dave has something in his job description whereby he can receive feedback and channel that back to the bar owners to make improvements?  Dave?

First of all.. I never knew the Stumble Inn was being called a British Pub.  Apart from dark colored furniture – I wasn’t seeing much that resembled a British Pub?

I was expecting the place to be full of people playing Pokemon Go… as the bar was full of monsters.   Typical bar/service girls.  All sitting around chatting – not keeping an eye on customers levels of drinks in their glasses.

Speaking of glasses – Jonas and I were drinking Grey Goose and Coke.  A premium drink at 180bht (happy hour) and 220bht (unhappy hour).  I don’t have a problem with this – but I do however have a beef about it being served in what I can only describe as a lady drink glass!  Come on…  please serve drinks in a proper Tumbler.     After 3 sips the drink was gone.

Next up was the food.  Lots on the menu, but we just wanted a snack.  Jonas went for Bangers and Mash and I went for a Sausage sandwich.

Jonas didn’t rave about his – and I was disappointed to receive the sandwich as ‘toasted’.  WTF?  In Britain, a sausage sandwich is served on fresh soft bread.  Toasting the bread just tells us the bread is not fresh!

Sorry, but it wasn’t a patch on Chequres.   Room for improvement me thinks.

To be brutally honest – the Stumble Inn is no different to any of the other bars along the street front.  To me they all seem like the same generic bar – only separated by walls.  Maybe they should think of ways to make it a little different – if the theme is indeed a British Pub?  This thought was shared by Jonas AndyUK and myself.

Moving on…   Off to Soi 20 or 22… I forget.  Too Easy bar.  Or little friend Ya is a partner there and I met up with PRP and another pal.  Great service in there.  Good crowd.  Grey Goose in big thick Tumblers!

The host ‘Ya’ is a nice girl.  I bought her a drink and she insisted on buying Jonas and I one back.  I told her not to as we are 2 people and she is 1.  Business is Business.  I rang the bell.  For a small bar – they have 9 girls working there.  Business must be good?

In the toilet – they have little (fresh) clean flannels to dry your hands.  A nice touch that.  Who in their right mind has ever dried their hands on the scabby looking pink tea-towel that is found hanging in most bars?

After Too Easy – we headed to the Robin Hood.  Very busy when we entered.  After an hour it was dead.  I am guessing that people are following the Happy Hours these days?

We were pretty drunk by this time.  We headed to Soi Cowboy.  Stopped in some bars on 23.  Don’t remember too much about it.. other than there is no shortage of ugly women in Bangkok.

We all bailed around midnight.  After throwing up in Crazy House – I thought it was time to go.

Miss Tim is arriving shortly – so time to be on best behavior.   Eat and then hit the cinema.

Tonight.. I’ll have an early night with a cup of tea.











10 thoughts on “Back in the groove”

  1. So Graham is that you semi-retired and back in Thailand for awhile? What’s happened in Hua Hin wouldn’t put me off. The world is a dangerous place where ever you are. Soi 80 is as safe a place as any.

    1. I wish I was in the position to be semi-retired! I am now back on a 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off rotation. Been doing that for the last 15 years. It’s not a bad life, just needs some understanding from the other half – being away for 4 weeks at a time.

      I now have my days planned out. Get up.. have a swim. Breakfast by the pool, read the paper. Pop to the local Mall to buy Miss Tim some new shoes, then back home to relax in the sun, sipping on Martinis. Then into town in the evening for dinner and some nice vino.

      Pretty much what I’d hope to be able to do when I do retire!

  2. Pretty sure the events of the last few days won’t scare the French off Hua Hin.

    1. Speaking of the French… I am off to France next month with Miss Tim. She reckons there are shoes there which she doesn’t own.

      Anyone have any recommendations for things to do in Paris?

        1. I wasn’t asking so as to stay alive… I was asking to go somewhere so i wont kill myself!

          1. Nige.. I don’t follow? Running away?

            And as for a Security expert? I lock my front door if that’s what you mean?!

          2. How much longer am I going to have to put up with assholes coming to a complete standstill when walking along the side-walk… all because of that stupid (kids) game of Pokemon Go?

            From now on – I am just going to bash into them and hopefully knock the phones out of their hands and stamp on them.

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