Visa Run……

It’s that time again.. time to do a visa-run.   No.. not for me,  but for Miss Tim.   It’s UK visa time.

Her last 2 year visa expired last month – so time to apply for a new one.

Now, we’ve never used an agent.  I personally think they are a rip-off.  I have a pal who used an agent to facilitate the visa for his gf – at the cost of around 40,000 – and he still didn’t get it.  Maybe it’s because she was more than 30 years younger than him?

Anyway,  I am unsure of what an agent does exactly?   It’s not like they can ‘create’ information / documents for you – as surely you are the ones with the information in the first place?  Surely, all they can do is collate information which you give them in the firstplace?

I can understand the first ever application can be a bit of a learning curve, but if you are to follow the instructions on the Visa Application form – then there is nothing you can’t do yourself.

I have heard horror stories of people having to provide bank statements and flight tickets as accompanying documentation needed for their application.   I have NEVER included any of these – and never refused a visa.

The first application can take upto 2 weeks – as they need to conduct all their checks.   This is fine.   Visa applications after this can be ‘fast-tracked’ (for a fee) as they can waiver the checks as they’ve already done them.

This again, seems to me to be a bit of a rip off.   I am paying extra money for them to do less work?    Who am I to argue.

This time,  we opted for the 5 year visa.  I wrote a letter of invitation stating Miss Tims 2 year visa has just expired and we wanted to renew it.   We go to the UK several times a year to see family and friends.  None of our other circumstances have changed.

Filled out the application form – appended our house lease (showing both our names) and that was more or less it.  No bank statements… no flight tickets… no DNA samples.

Submitted on Monday morning at a cost of just over 30,000.    Tuesday afternoon we received a message saying a decision has been made and we can collect the passport within 48 hours.

On Wednesday we got another message telling us to come get the passport.

This morning we got yet another message – telling us we have not yet picked up the passport!

Miss Tim collected it at lunchtime – with shiny new 5 year visa stuck to it.










10 thoughts on “Visa Run……”

  1. That’s good and that’s Miss Tim sorted for a real UK Curry for the next 5 years anyway.
    How’s Hua Hin? Everything back to normal now?

    1. Hi Dan.. yeah… 5 years is a good chunk of visa!

      HH is getting back to normal. Was out the other night – still quiet, bit not as quiet as before.

      Out again tonight… hopefully Thursday will be more lively.

    1. Fancy a bit of Prime steak tonight. They opened a new restaurant about a year ago – real nice location opposite the Hilton. We do like to relax and have a bottle of vino while watching the (few) people go by!

  2. I challenge you to get a Chinese visa without hotel bookings and flight details. Thai travel agents love it, it’s another income stream for them @ 500 THB a throw to print out a copy of a dummy booking to submit with your visa application.

    1. If the Chinese Embassy want to see you have fights / hotels and to see you will be leaving their Country.. then I’ve no issues with that.

      – The UK embassy doesn’t require such detail – so I refuse to go to the extra effort to compile such information.

      My ‘beef’ is with these Thai ‘Visa’ Agents – who charge a whopping 30-40k to ‘compile’ your info – for your visa application.

      The scumbags are preying on the vulnerable who think their visa will be more or less guaranteed – which it can’t be.

      I can’t fathom what these agents can do which you or I can’t? It’s not about saving you time, as YOU still have to provide them YOUR information.

      Maybe they provide the (unnecessary) flight and hotel booking without you having to actually use them – but again, that takes all of 10 minutes if you have half a brain.

      The whole thing is a scam.

      Another thing that pissed me off yesterday is trying to tax one of the bikes. It takes DAYS to get issued a new little certificate!!!

      Why is this no electronic or done on-line?

      This is just a software program. Think of the money they’d save. OOps.. what am I thinking. That would make the system more efficient and no longer require the need for all those people filling out bits of paper…

      I bought a computer from a store here once.. and watched them WRITE out a receipt and fill out a form with a pen!

      Why is it they don’t do all this on a computer? It’s not like they don’t have them… as I just bought one from them!!

      I shouldn’t rant.. I have to remember this isn’t the Western world….!

      1. Good point. Even though they use computers here, you get the feeling that it is just to print out paper. With the exception of the immigration system, not much seems to be ‘computerised’

        30-40K? I’ll talk to the mrs tonight about opening a visa agency pronto.

        1. A pal of mine paid a Visa agent approx 40k to ‘facilitate’ his visa application. Not sure what they did (that he couldn’t) – but it wasn’t enough to get him the visa. His girlfriend was rejected.

          Apparently they didn’t provide enough evidence that they were in a serious relationship.

          He is in his 60’s and her in her late 20’s. Surely that is pretty fucking serious?!!

          She is ‘different’ though. I think he said she works a Solicitors office. – Because all girls who work in professional offices hang out at beer bars on Walking Street and shag you on the first night. – That’s how he met her.

          I’ve spoken about him before.. building her and her family houses. Her ‘Brother’ moved in while my pal was working away. When I asked if he’s sure he’s the ‘Brother’ – my pal replied that he must be.. as her kid even looks like him!!

          – he’s not my friend anymore.

          1. What !!!

            I believe we met him for a few drinks a while back.

            There are some good ones around. We’ve used one twice, once for Oz visa and once for Schengen. Both times we paid 2.5 – 3K total.

            She would interview prospective customers first over phone and only take clients where she felt the likelihood of them obtaining a visa was reasonable. (i.e no ‘just met her last week’ candidates)

            Sometimes it just comes down to ‘time’ vs ‘money’. I know guys who outsource their Thai retirement visas and 90 day reporting so they don’t have to do it. I always do my own because I have more time than money.

            Good she got the 5yr so you don’t have to worry about it for a while (hang on – don’t Thai passports only last 3 years, or can you get a longer one?)

          2. yep.. that was the numpty.

            I think we maybe talking about different (types of) agencies.

            The ones I refer to are the ones that advertise UK visa help – with the 30k+ pricetag.

            – The time v’s money argument doesn’t hold up there, as you still have to put the time in by producing the documents in the first place.

            My ‘pal’ had to do all the leg-work, produce all sorts of documents to the agent who, as far as I could see, filled in the application form and put it all in an envelope.

            3-4k visas doesn’t sound like something I’d get bent out of shape about. 30k+ is a different matter.

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