Joooooooooonas (said like a bar girl)

Farewell to Arms…

Everyone knows Jonas.  Whether you follow the blog, are an old customer of the Mango, are a bar girl in any bar in Bangkok, work at the abortion clinic, are a traffic cop or are my parents -you’ll have come across Jonas.

You can read all the books out there about life in Thailand – and you’ll still only know a fraction of what Jonas knows.

Jonas is like a Brother to me.  I know I can always rely on him to help me out if I need it – and have done on many occasions.   There isn’t much Jonas doesn’t know about Thai living in Bangkok.  He’s been there.. he’s done it all.  But now it’s time to move on.

Jonas is heading West.  There are many reasons to stay in Thailand, but at the end of the day, he has a Daughter who he doesn’t want growing up in Thailand.  The education system, the health system – are all better back home.   As I’ve said many times before,  our Countries have Law and Order.  They have systems.   That might not mean much to many of you, but it means a lot when you want a life style to a particular standard.

I for one shall miss him.  For more than 10 years we have been hitting the streets, bars, clubs and jacuzzi s together.   We’ve partied in Thailand, London and Dubai – and I look forward to partying in Sweden.

There are so many stories I can think of – involving us getting upto all sorts.  This isn’t the place to speak of them – but anyone sitting near us at a bar will be able to hear us recall them over many hours.  Usually in fits of laughter spilling of drinks.  Even as I type this, I am chuckling as I remember him turning up in my apartment one morning after I had farted – causing him to throw his guts up there and then.

There are so many stories.  Many of them are on the blog somewhere.  Many of them were in Pattaya and many we can never share.   Many of them have been forgotten – but only because we were so drunk at the time.

It’s no secret that when Jonas goes out for a drink – he will drink until he can drink no more.  Then he’ll continue to drink and fall asleep at a bar.  We shall miss him.

In a few weeks, we are going to hit lower Sukhumvit for a farewell tour for the Man at Arms.. Friday 16th.  One last round. Who’s in?

As per usual,  I’ll see you in the Morning Night bar at 8am for the 1st beer….

Godspeed Jonas.

A younger, innocent Jonas... sort of.
A younger, innocent Jonas… sort of.
Hangin in Hooters....
Hangin in Hooters….
Jonas straining one out...
Jonas straining one out…
Sleeping in the bar...well, on it...
Sleeping in the bar…well, on it…
In the restaurant.. when the Bill came.
In the restaurant.. when the Bill came.

Bars to visit on the farewell tour… (so far)

Queen Vic (Breakfast)#

Morning Night

Big Dogs

Bar 4

Jersey Bar


Shadow Bar

4 thoughts on “Joooooooooonas (said like a bar girl)”

  1. With a tongue like that no wonder he’s popular with the ladies!

    I can finally understand what he’s saying and .. he’s off. Now I’m the only fool left in Bangkok.

    Wish you the best JJ, see you for the farewell shindig.

    1. Nice post bro’,
      During all this years here in Thailand a lot of people been going in and out in my life, but you Graham,you have always been there.
      Darn we been through some crazy much fun, so many laughs even some tears.

      Bars we been there bars we not been to??

      Good thing is that England is not far away from Sweden and cheap to fly to..we will still keep partying togheter now and then,for sure.

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